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m/o 2559880 viewsOn Saturday 29th November a tour was held using STA's Mercedes-Benz O305G artics. 2559 was photographed at Collaroy Plateau. It has since become TV 5759 ex m/o 9209 at Hawkesfords Mosman Charter Buses and then TV 7640 at Bankstown Coaches.

m/o 3170750 viewsSTA Mercedes-Benz O405/PMC Mk V 3170 is nicknamed the 'Pumpkin Bus' and is in a special livery advertising the late night services out of Manly.

WJM 986988 viewsTorrens Transit (1347) MAN NL202/PMCA which is not wheelchair accessible.

m/o 8637 593 viewsBaxter's Bus Lines (28) 8637 is an Express bodied Csepel 613.05. It was displayed at the 2001 Bus Show, but was only registered this year. It was sold to Howard Murrurundi as MO.0999 and then 3205 MO.

MO 53381433 viewsBusways (719) MO 5338 is a Renault PR100.3/CC 'CB50’ acquired with the acquisition of the King Bros Bus Group. Seen here in Pitt St, Sydney operating route 735 to Kellyville Ridge, a route they no longer operate. Later reregd m/o 5153.

RFS 358702 viewsForest Coach Lines have been trialling [VIC] RFS 358, a Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Volgren 'CR228L'. Photographed at Terrey Hills.

m/o 5682670 viewsSTA (3560) 5682 is a Volvo B10B/CC which was acquired with the purchase of North & Western Bus Lines where it was m/o 5682 - ex m/o 9193. This vehicle features a variation of the standard STA livery on the front of the bus.

MO 1986766 viewsTransit First MO 1986 is a Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC, recently acquired from Jones Bros, Lithgow. The vehicle was initially STA Mk II 2471. It later became (633) with Veolia Transport - It was withdrawn by 8/11.

VTI 931771 viewsTransit Plus (1969) MAN SG280H/PMCA Commuter artic seen here still in Transit Plus livery but since repainted into Admet livery. One of the few buses with Transit Plus in the one thousand series fleet numbers.

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