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m/o 1535, m/o 1614, m/o 10711336 viewsMarking 15 years since the last Leopards ran in STA service, 25 years since the last Waverley Atlanteans ran and 125 years of government road transport, Leopards 1535 & 1614 and Atlantean 1071 operated a tour on Sunday 31st October 2004.

MO 4828445 viewsBlanchs MO 4828, a Hino RG230 with Autobus body. Since reregd 3436 MO.

112 ERS1127 viewsFrom Brisbane Transport Carina depot is (112) MAN SL200/Denning exiting the Queen St Bus Station on a route 200 service.

MO 53511163 viewsBusways (706) is an Irisbus Agoraline with Northcoast bodywork acquired with the purchase of King Bros. Since reregd 5981 MO.

12 CBL601 viewsCaboolture 12 CBL is a Mercedes-Benz O500LE with Custom Coaches 'CB60' body. Seen departing Caboolture Station. 12 CBL was the second bus to get the new paint job (the one that it has now), and is the third wheelchair accessible bus purchased by Caboolture Bus Lines.

829 CYK717 viewsClarks 829 CYK ex Adelaide Volvo B59 operating a Route 8 trip to Kingston from Logan Hyperdome. It finished up with Koala Koaches, Burleigh Heads, Qld for parts.

661 DOG670 viewsGreyhound Australia (661) 661 DOG Scania K113TR/ QCC 'Majestic' in the company's new red livery.

096 BWH417 viewsHornibrook (96) 096 BWH is a Northcoast bodied Mercedes-Benz O405.

img041 - TransHuon Bedford BLP Isuzu [PMC] [CK 5369] @ Huonville c_11Nov2004.jpg
CK 3569163 viewsTranshuon Bus Service Bedford BLP2-Isuzu/PMC at Huonville c 11 November 2004.
img042 - TransHuon Bedford BLP Isuzu [PMC] [CK 5369] @ Huonville c_11Nov2004.jpg
CK 5369157 viewsTranshuon Bus Service Bedford BLP2-Isuzu/PMC at Huonville c 11 November 2004.
img048 - TransHuon Hino RG197K [Ansair - Busworks Orana] [EU 9755]  @ Huonville c_28Nov2004.jpg
EU 9755151 viewsTranshuon Bus Service Hino RG197K/Ansair Orana at Huonville c 28 November 2004.
img099 - Denning Denflex - GM [PMCSA] K&D Sims, Sprent 3 [DK 4462] @ Argyle St_ Hobart c_22Nov2004.jpg
DK 4462135 viewsK D Sims Coach Tours, Sprent(3) Denning Denflex GM at Argyle St, Hobart c 22 November 2004.
img948 - TransHuon 1981 Volvo B58-61 [Domino] [DI 1851] @ Huonville c_11Nov2004.jpg
DI 1851180 viewsTranshuon Bus Service Volvo B58-61/Domino from 1981 at Huonville c 11 November 2004.
m/o 8505538 viewsJones Bros, Bathurst m/o 8505 is a Custom Coaches bodied Isuzu LT1.11P which previously operated for Baxters and Bustrans as can be seen from its Lansvale destination. There are also two photos in the galleries in it subsequent guise as Paradise Tours TV 6024.

MO 3118603 viewsJones Bros, Bathurst MO 3118 is a Scania L94UB/Bustech acquired from Hope's of Gunnedah. Since reregd 2203 MO.

MO 3279588 viewsJones Bros, Bathurst MO 3279 is a Bustech bodied Volvo B7RLE ex Bathurst Coaches. Since reregd 2201 MO.

KBL 47852 viewsKangaroo Bus Lines KBL47 is a Mercedes-Benz O500LE/CC 'CB60'

546 CGO569 viewsNational 546 CGO is a PMC Commuter Hino RG197, seen entering Capalaba Bus Interchange, operating a Route 5 trip from Cleveland & Ormiston to Capalaba. It became (604) with Veolia Queensland.
579 ENA533 viewsNational 579 ENA MAN 16.290/Ansair returning to Capalaba Depot after operating a Route 1 City Service. Subsequently with Veolia Q as 613.

m/o 3540362 viewsOrange Buslines (18) m/o 3540 is a Hino RG230 with PMCA '160' body, still with Orange Coaches (the former operating name for the company) signwriting ex Shorelink, ex St Ives. Since reregd 3155 MO.

MO 3281489 viewsOrange Buslines (8) MO 3281 is a Bustech bodied Volvo B7RLE. Since reregd 3144 MO.

m/o 8383373 viewsShorelink m/o 8383 is a PMC '160' bodied MAN 16.240.

984 HUX516 viewsSunbus 984 HUX is a Bustech 'VST' bodied Volvo B12BLE.

MO 1186695 viewsSurfside Leyland Tiger / PMCSA SE2 at Broadbeach out the front of Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast Tourist Shuttle. Since reregd MO 7033 and then 3835 MO and then withdrawn.

689 DZV674 viewsFrom Surfside is Mercedes O405/CC (689) 689 DZV operating a route 2 service to Seaworld seen after departing Jupiters Casino.

Transit First510 viewsOne of two new Volgren 'CR228L' bodied Mercedes-Benz O500LE's for Transit First. Seen at their depot prior to being registered.

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