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m/o 76181439 viewsFrom Glenorie Bus is this Volvo B10M / CC ex Westbus, operating the Beach Bus. The Beach bus is a special service from the Hills District to Manly beach via the M2, which operates during most School Holidays.

MO 52771689 viewsBusways Sydney operations have recently received a number of Mercedes O405 / CC 510's from their North Coast operations, which were inherited from the Former King Bros. Bus Group empire. Seen here is number 570 at Blacktown Station operating a regular route service. Since reregd m/o 5150.

m/o 7910709 viewsAs of the 1st of January 2005 Connex took over the operations of Baxter's Bus Lines Granville network (comprising of mostly former Delwood and some Bass Hill and Bustrans services). Seen here is a Leyland Tiger from the Delwood Fleet, that Baxter purchased in the mid 90's. Connex has quite speedily repainted it, and given this Leyland Tiger fleet number 83 in their fleet.
m/o 8181372 viewsGlenorie have recently (2004) rebranded most of their fleet as 'Hillsbus' in line with other affiliated operations operated by Westbus in the Hills district. This may not continue, due to Westbus being placed into receivership in late January 2005. This bus is a Volvo B10B with Custom Coaches "230" body. The operation has since been taken over by CDC and by 2009 was in canary yellow livery with Hillsbus.
m/o 1140 and m/o 1203.1309 viewsFrom State Transit, Sydney Buses are these Mercedes O405NH-CNG/CC's. STA buses at Macquarie Centre are stopping opposite the interchange due to reconstruction works. 1203 and 1140 are seen here operating routes 295 and 545. Of these 1203 was at times used as a supplementary Tway bus.

5516AO685 viewsNew for Westran's Sunshine is (69) Mercedes Benz O500LE, Volgren CR228 at Westran's Sunshine Depot. Various Kefford group operations have received Scania and Mercedes buses in the last 6 months, in lieu of their usual Volvo dominated deliveries.
9572AO454 viewsDriver Bus Lines Iveco 17.215, Volgren CR228 operating a 623 at Chadstone
BUS 342675 viewsFrom ACTION of Canberra is 342 a Scania L94UB-CNG / CC CB60 at the time of this photo this was the newest bus in the Action fleet.
m/o 023727 viewsAlso new for Baxter's Girraween, is this Irisbus Agoraline, with Custom Coaches CB60 body, operating local route service at Merrylands Station. The rego is also from a Bus sold to Connex. This bus has the same history as bus number 8 which is also shown this month.

m/o 898739 viewsNew for Baxter's Girraween, is this Mercedes O405NH / CC CB60 m/o 898, and #8 in the Baxter's Fleet. This is the last displaced Mercedes O405NH from the fallen King Bros empire. The rego plate m/o 898 is off a Mercedes OH1418 which was recently sold to Transit First inline with Transit First's takeover of Baxter's routes in the Fairfield and Bass Hill area.
MO 47237 viewsBusways (468) Scania L94IB/Cusom Coaches 228 in Blacktown 15 Febrruary 2005. Still in service in 2021 as m/o 5171
MO 47236 viewsBusways (468) Scania L94IB/Custom Coaches 228 in Blacktown 15 February 2005. Still in service in 2021 as m/o 5171.
m/o 76047 viewsBusways (448) Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches 238 in Blacktown 15 February 2005. Still in service in 2021.
m/o 86627 viewsBusways (217) Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches Mk 88 in Blacktown 15 February 2005. Sold to JB Party Hire, Penrith as XN98RL.
m/o 8895777 views3 Volvo's were acquired from Baxter's by Connex. Seen here is Volvo B10M MkIV/CC number 116. Formerly Baxters 33.

m/o 9195646 viewsThe sole Volvo B10B/Custom Coaches 238 in the Baxter's fleet, m/o 9195 has became 117 in the Connex fleet. It was withdrawn from Veolia during 2011 after engine fire, de-reg 2/5/12 awaiting extensive repairs. It was reinstated in 2014 as m/o 6474.

m/o 8990648 viewsConnex also acquired several Mercedes O400's, number 136 m/o 8990 is seen here at Rockdale Station operating Rail bus services on the Illawarra Line. These follow on from similar Mercedes vehicles acquired from Crossley which were given fleet numbers from 131 onwards (excluding 133). This bus was formerly m/o 023 and number 8 in the Baxter's fleet.
m/o 8696784 viewsTo make way for the fleet numbers Connex intended for the Baxter's vehicles, a number of their current buses were renumbered into much more logical sequences. This former Southtrans Hino RG197K/Custom Coaches "210" was originally 73 but is now 47. Most Hino's are now in the 40 fleet number range.

m/o 8104726 viewsShown here is the sole Mercedes O405/PMC from the Baxter's fleet, though now operating for Connex as 133. Seen here at Granville Interchange.

BUS 7771044 viewsThe sole 4 axle Scania K113TR from Premier Motor Service is seen here exiting their Figtree Depot (which operates Premier Illawarra services) for the overnight service to Brisbane from Sydney. This bus has an Austral Pacific Body and formerly belonged to Sid Foggs Coachlines.
AB30ZR733 viewsAustralia Day, was time for the annual NRMA Motorfest. HCVA (and other preservationists) use their Historic bus fleet, based at the former Tempe Tram (and later bus) depot on a loop service around the Heart of the Sydney CBD. Shown here is ex UTA 1769 the oldest Mark 1 Mercedes left in Australia in Original condition, this was the 4th Mark 1 to be delivered. It is shown here turning for the Central Station stop just outside Sharpies Golf House. This bus is owned by the Parker Family.
TV 3792504 viewsNew for Marshalls, Moruya (formerly Tuross Bus Service) is what is thought to be a Mercedes O500RF with North Coast body work (NCBC). Seen here at Sutherland on Rail Bus duties. Since reregd 2242 MO
m/o 1564655 viewsPart of State Transit’s third order of Volvo B12BLE's is this unit with a Custom Coaches body. 50 Custom Coaches CB60 units will be delivered, alongside 50 Volgren CR228 units. These buses are an updated version of the Volvo B12BLE, part of State Transits ongoing Fleet Replacement. Note the lack of a red stripe on these vehicles.

TV 951828 viewsSeen here is the only Low Floor bus in the Premier group. This Volvo B7RLE / Bustech operates route service, and night Rail Bus services out of Nowra. Seen here displaying a Premier Illawarra Desto.
m/o 8657708 viewsFrom Premier Illawarra is this Mercedes LO812 / CC formerly from John J Hill, operating local route service at Stocklands Shellharbour on route 76 to Albion Park. This bus wears a new style livery for Premier Illawarra.
m/o 8509643 viewsAlmost identical to a STA Mark IV is this Mercedes O305 with PMC body from Transdev, Shorelink at Mt Kuring-gai. This bus is ex Kirklands (288) MO 2535, ex Simes Bros, ex Smekels, Gold Coast.
m/o 1563648 viewsAnother State Transit Volvo B12BLE/CC from the Nearside seen in the morning peak after getting off the Harbour Bridge.

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