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609 DRU1239 viewsFrom Brisbane Transport Bowen Hills is (609) MAN 10.155 Midi with Ansair Orana body. Seen in Queen St? on the old City Loop service.
m/o 7921108 viewsFrom Blue Ribbon (111) Leyland Tiger with PMC Progress body. This bus previously belonged to (associated operator) Glenorie Bus Co still in their livery, and Busways before that. Since reregd 3649 MO.
MO 5669625 viewsBlue Ribbon MO 5669 is a Bedford with Isuzu Engine and Custom Coaches body. Seen arriving back at the Blue Ribbon depot at Thornton. Sold to Revline Auto Tech Pty Ltd, Luddenham as TV 5310 9/08.
m/o 9064831 viewsBusabout have received a number of Volvo B12BLE/Bustech 'VST's. m/o 9064 is seen here at Liverpool Stn.
MO 47301100 viewsBusways (465) MO 4730 Mercedes O405/CC in Busways "Temporary" livery on the Central Coast of NSW.
MO 6290403 viewsCoastal Liner MO 6290 is a Hino RG197K/CC which formerly operated for Harris Park Transport as m/o 8218.
Cranbourne Transit 18.jpg
5895 AO517 viewsCranbourne Transit (18) 5895 AO Scania L94UB/Volgren 'CR228L' on a coffee break.
m/o 7763415 viewsCrossley Bus Lines Leyland Leopard/PMC still in N & W livery, in the yard at Revesby. It was ex North & Western m/o 4816. Stored at Green's Helensburgh depot January 2002 after the Connex takeover. Noted at Dick White Motor Homes & Bus Sales, Alstonville 2/03 - used as storeroom 10/04

m/o 78811247 viewsFrom Crossley Bus Lines is this Mercedes O305/PMC, ex (63) FRW063, EWW063 Ventura Buslines, Oakleigh Vic.-ex STA Mark I 1796. It became Connex (145) and was withdrawn April 2004. Sold to the Parker family in 2006. Seen operating a rail bus service - obviously Fleet age wasn't a problem when Crossley's put this bus on Rail Replacement back in 2000.
GC 0897596 viewsIn the new Group Charters livery is GC 0897 an Autobus integral chassis/body since reregd TV 4586 and then TV 8045 before being sold to Greater West Buses Pty Ltd, Mount Druitt as TV 8045 by 10/14. It was ex TV 2251; ex C46FT; ex AA & AG Sutherland, Cootamundra; ex Keith Wales t/a Wales Coaches, Cootamundra TV 2251.
MO 8999484 viewsFrom Hawkesfords Pleasure Charter Buses is this MAN 16-240 with NCBC body operating rail replacement at Chatswood. This bus was previously owned by Pleasure Tours and Picton Coaches. Since reregd TV 5740. Sold to Cooma Coaches, Cooma via Auction 28/10/11 (reg 2055 MO 1/2/12).
m/o 9069813 viewsNew for Interline are a number of Volvo B12BLE/Bustech 'VST' vehicles, this one is m/o 9069.
RFS 368560 viewsOn trial for Metrolink is this Volvo B12BLE with Volgren CR228L body. This bus has also trialled for Transit First in previous months.
MO 6115507 viewsRed Bus MO 6115 is an Iveco-badged Irisbus Metro with low-floor Express bodywork, seen here at Gosford Stn. Since reregd 2580 MO.
5930 AO819 viewsSkybus (70) 5930 AO is a Scania L94UB/CC 'CB60', a departure from the usual Volgren bodied vehicles for this company.
m/o 87331242 viewsA blast from the past from A Peters this month is (17) Volvo B58 with Smithfield body seen operating for (the old) Southtrans. It was ex Hopkinson's, Smithfield m/o 4542, 3/89 ex Action, Canberra, ACT (344) ZIB 344. Scrapped at T & I Engines, Rutherford. The bus was photographed in Carrs Park which is now part of the 958 route.
m/o 1661617 viewsFrom the State Transit Authority, Mona Vale depot, is this Volvo B12BLEA with Custom Coaches CB60 body arriving back at Mona Vale depot.
m/o 5267772 viewsToronto Bus Service m/o 5267, a CC 'CB60' bodied Volvo B12BLE. Reregd 4376 MO since the CDC takeover.
MO 9615649 viewsToronto Bus Service MO 9615 Mercedes-Benz 815D/ Custom Coaches 'CB20' since reregd 4354 MO with CDC, on the Train Service from Toronto to Fassifern. This replaced a Mercedes-Benz LO814/Custom Coaches with same rego on this service in 2005.
WJP 897207 viewsTorrens Transit (1943) MAN SG280H/PMCA before its accident in June 2006, seen at the Surrey Downs terminus of the 543. This shot was taken 30/1/06.
m/o 8332753 viewsOn hire to Vodafone were both of Transit First's Bustech Mercedes O405NH's. These buses are fully laid out inside and out as per the style of a Vodafone store advertising their new "Vodafone Now" service. The bus supplements regular public transport services and offers passengers a free ride and to try out the Vodafone service. There are two Mobile Phones mounted next to each seat and passengers are encouraged to make as many calls as they want. At the time this bus was supplementing the Rail Replacement service operating all stations between Chatswood and Wynyard.
m/o 7243854 viewsWestbus Mercedes O405NH/Custom Coaches 550 at the old Westbus, Arncliffe depot being used for Ansett services at Sydney Airport and was B41D. This bus is now in the standard Westbus fleet, with centre door removed, canary yellow livery and was based at their Northmead depot before moving to Hillsbus Dural.
YFW 956636 viewsWestfields Sports High School YFW 956, Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC ex STA Mk II 2399.
SPK 121 & VSV 26710 viewsBoth ACE Coachlines International ACCO 1810B/PMCSA ex EDSA at Green Fields 27/1/20016.
VVX 4168 viewsAce Coachlines Leyland Leopard B21-1R at their Green Fields depot 27/1/2006.
XEY 87611 viewsAce Coachlines Hino BX341E/PMC ex EDSA 1171 at their Green Fields depot 27/1/2006.
BKD 66111 viewsBedford at Ace Coachlines depot in Green Fields 27/1/2006
BKD 6617 viewsBedford at Ace Coachlines depot in Green Fields 27/1/2006
VKX 5397 viewsOscar's Outback Tours Bedford MRJ 4 wheel drive at Green Fields 27/1/2006.
WJP 5006 viewsTorrens Transit (144) MAN SL200/PMCSA 'Commuter' in North Terrace, Adelaide 27/1/2006.
WJP 4917 viewsTorrens Transit (1890) MAN SL200/PMCSA 'Commuter' at Glenelg 27/1/2006.
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