Bus Australia Photo Gallery

BUS 108901 viewsAction PR100.3/Austral Denning (108) at the City Bus Interchange Civic working a Route 56 service to Gungahlin Marketplace. In all over ad for Heineken Beer.
BUS 319736 viewsAction Irisbus Agoraline/CC CB60 (319) at the City Bus Interchange Civic working a Route 312 service to Spence. Fitted with a trial bike rack.
MO 9716365 viewsBlue Mountains Bus Co Hino BG300/PMC MO 9716 since reregd 3706 MO parked off Mulgoa Rd, Penrith
4115AO489 viewsCrown Coaches (15) 4115AO Mercedes Benz OC1617/Newnham ex Hawthorn Bus Service, Vic. Seen at Royal Park Zoo, Melbourne with Z3 172 on an Inbound Route 55 from West Coburg.
1027AO644 viewsDriver Bus Lines Volvo B10B/Austral Denning at Oakleigh Railway Stn?? on Rail Replacement between Oakleigh and Dandenong.
MO 5840488 viewsGundagai Buses MO 5840 Autobus bodied Hino RG230. Departing Gundagai High School. Since reregd 3928 MO.
MO 1786642 viewsMercedes O305/PMC MO 1786 Jones Bros, Bathurst (ex STA 2717 Mark IV prototype). On a Route 522 service at St Vincent's Hospital on Gormans Hill Rd, Bathurst. Written off after an accident 9/08. Later re-entered service with Fleetpro, Prestons.
MO 5852426 viewsExpress RG Hino RG230 MO5852 for J&B Oldfield Dubbo. Bus is parked in Bathurst. Was included in the takeover by Ogdens.
MO 0232316 viewsMakehams Nangus M0 0232 Mercedes OC1617/CC ex Newcombe, Gloucester at Gundagai High School. Since reregd 3948 MO and sold by 11/10.
2607AO & 2445AO794 viewsNational Bus Co Fleet 456 & 445 Mercedes Benz LO812/CC at Westfield Doncaster. 456 being transferred from the Ventura side of the operations. 445 has since been withdrawn. Note the different destination arrangements.
TV 504596 viewsSilver City Tours (Mintbeat Pty Ltd). Ex Tiger Tours Denflex BG Hino at Broken Hill Railway Station operating an Indian Pacific off train tour around town.
WJP 543671 viewsTorrens Transit MAN SL200/PMCSA (903) on a Route 209 service from the City to Tea Tree Plaza Interchange. Seen at Victoria Square in the City.
m/o 8332652 viewsTransit First Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Bustech has been leased to Vodafone for 6 months for promotional work for their new Vodafone Live! services. The bus has been completely decked out in Vodafone signwriting, and interior, resembling a Vodafone store. Another unit is based in Melbourne for the duration of this promotion. The buses travel along major Public Transport corridors picking up passengers and letting them try out their services.
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