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MO 6625712 viewsPremier Illawarra BCI PK6120AG/BCI which was displayed at the BCA NSW Exhibition & Conference, Novotel Pacific Bay Resort, Coffs Harbour 20/04/08. Since reregd 4761 MO.
MO 6625717 viewsrear view of Premier Illawarra BCI PK6120AG/BCI which was displayed at the BCA NSW Exhibition & Conference, Novotel Pacific Bay Resort, Coffs Harbour 20/04/08. Since reregd 4761 MO.
m/o 2832788 viewsSydney Buses (2832) Mercedes O305/PMC Mark 4
m/o 34261177 viewsSydney Buses (3426) Scania L113TRBL/Ansair NSW at Rockdale.
m/o 3493884 viewsSydney Buses (3493) Scania L113CRB/Ansair.
m/o 3628921 viewsSydney Buses (3628) Scania L113CRB/Ansair at Rockdale.
m/o 430756 viewsVeolia NSW (147) Mercedes-Benz O405/CC "510" ex transit First / Westway (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (91) m/o 430 1/2/07; ex m/o 7141. Seen here at Rockdale.
m/o 4591097 viewsVeolia Transport (61) Mercedes O305/PMC ex Southtrans (Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd) (61) m/o 459 9/99; ex STA Mk II 2420. Seen here at Rockdale. Since withdrawn.
m/o 7647771 viewsVeolia Transport (682) Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3R/CC ex transit First (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (46) m/o 7647 1/2/07; ex Baxter's Bus Lines (Holroyd Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Villawood (47) m/o 7647 1/1/05; ex Delwood Coaches, Villawood m/o 7647 4/92 - Body rechassised from Roman; ex RC49F.
m/o 7621722 viewsVeolia Transport (100) Volvo B10M Mk I/PMC ex transit First / Westway (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (44) m/o 7621 1/2/07; ex Milperra Bus Service m/o 7621. After having been used as a driver training bus for some years, it was sold to Paradise Tours as CA48WK in 2014.
Admet 110131 viewsAdelaide Tram (110) Flexity Classic in a new AOA for Rundle Mall 24 November 2007.
WTS 176203 viewsEx Torrens Transit (1850) WJP 883 MAN SL200 Overwidth/PMCSA Commuter seen 4 November 2007 with this green stripe used in a TV commercial for Ikea.
Tram 38081 viewsAdelaide H Tram 380 outside the Railway Station 24 November 2007.
TV 3693231 viewsAll Stops Minibuses, Granville Volvo B10M-5600/PMCSA Commuter ex Woods Transport, Wetherill Park; ex Adelaide seen near Sydney Town Hall in November2007. It was -ex (2402) WJP 443 SouthLink, Adelaide, S.A.-ex (1439) TA 1439 TransAdelaide, Adelaide, S.A.-ex (1439) STA 439 State Transport Authority, Adelaide, S.A. and later became a preserved bus in South Australia.
0595SO122 viewsThis is a P & D MAN of Ballarat Grammar School seen here at the Arts Centre November 2007.
m/o 7857229 viewsMercedes-Benz O305/PMC ex State Transit Authority of NSW m/o 7009 8/00 (stored at Tempe); ex Riverside Bus & Coach Services Pty Ltd t/a Parramatta Ryde Bus Service, Ermington m/o 7009 28/2/00; Reg 13/7/92 ex UTA Mk I 1903 4/91 (Withdrawn 11/90), November 2007.
TV 377156 viewsBankstown Coaches Mercedes O305/PMC ex TV 5013; ex STA Mk II 2276. Deregd by 5/9/09. Seen departing the Optus complex at Macquarie Park November 2007.
m/o 101233 viewsBeechwheels Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches ex Westbus, at Milsons Point in November 2007.
5820AO121 viewsBerwick Bus Lines (4) Mercedes OH1418/Ansair Orana seen here at Scienceworks November 2007.
m/o 9231293 viewsBusways (792) Scania K230UB/Custom Coaches CB60 near the Rouse Hill community centre in November 2007.
XOF 395149 viewsCarbridge Adelaide (C105) MAN 10.155 HOCL/Ansair Orana ex YBW 735 by 25/6/03; ex Brisbane City Council, Virginia, Qld (615) 615 DRU carries advertising for the Long Term Car Park shuttle it provides November 2007. Sold to Mandurah Bus Charters (Buswest, ATG Group), Mandurah, WA as TC 6517 11/10. On-sold to Glasshouse Country Coaches (Cavbus Group), Beerwah, Qld by -/14 as (32) 756 TOX (reg 3/2/14).
5018AO158 viewsCardinia Transit (564) MAN 10.180/Volgren seen here at the Arts Centre, an unusual bus to see in the City, November 2007. It also became (564) with Ventura and has since been withdrawn.
m/o 4360259 viewsCasula Bus & Coach Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches "Euro Mk II" ex Westbus outside the Entertainment Centre in November 2007.
MCIMC-7111 viewsDriver MCI Challenger MC7 ex Pioneer/Gray Line on display at Sandown 25/11/2007.
1018AO98 viewsDriver Ansair Flxible Clipper at display at Sandown 25/11/2007.
516 JUN232 viewsConnections, QLD Mercedes O500RF2/Coach Design at McMahons Point in November 2007.
4118AO248 viewsCrown Coaches (18) Mercedes Benz 0500RF/Northcoast on display at Sandown 25/11/2007.
4122AO222 viewsNew November 2007 for Crown Coaches is (22) Mercedes Benz 0500RF-2/Northcoast seen here departing the Arts Centre for the Races on Oakes Day.
6498AO254 viewsCrown Coaches(98) Mercedes Benz OH1225L/Northcoast on display at Sandown 25/11/2007.
TV 5051251 viewsThe immaculate Cumberland Coaches Volvo B58H/PMCSA at Taronga Zoo in November 2007. It was ex TV 4965 6/07; ex Southlink, Adelaide, SA (2308) WJP 462 (AB71FR) by 3/07; ex Transadelaide (1374). Sold to Adams Coachlines, Redcliffe, WA as (BB1) TC 6573 8/10; then to Horizons West Bus & Coach Lines, Welshpool, WA as TC 6573 c12/12.
MO 6837460 viewsDion's Bus Service, Fairy Meadow Volvo B12BLE/Volgren "CR228L"
1004AO141 viewsDriver (4) Denning Denair at display at Sandown 25/11/2007. Was still in active service at the time but since reregd 11936H in the heritage fleet.
AT 045101 viewsDriver Bus Lines (2) Grummet/Federal at display at Sandown 25/11/2007.
ETB 73199 viewsA Grice bodied Bedford OB now owned by Driver Buslines (2), was part of the late John Masterson fleet at display at Sandown 25/11/2007.
HHS 805119 viewsDriver Bus Lines (5) Bedford SB/Comair at display at Sandown 25/11/2007.
KP 495103 viewsDriver Bus Lines (3) Bedford OB/CAC at display at Sandown 25/11/2007.
PT 031104 viewsDriver Bus Lines (1) Pontiac 29-6 with a Holden SA body at display at Sandown 25/11/2007.
PT 03195 viewsRear shot of Driver Bus Lines (1) Pontiac 29-6 with a Holden SA body at display at Sandown 25/11/2007.
0080AO146 viewsDysons (184) Scania L94UB/Volgren/CR227L awaiting its next turn on rail at Clifton Hill on Sunday in November 2007.
4293AO147 viewsDysons (141) Scania L94IB/Northcoast Primero whilst its passengers were doing a tour of the MCG, wearing school livery for Gippsland Grammar in November 2007.
MO 5600202 viewsFisher, Cowra MO 5600 Mercedes ? / Coach Design ex Hamilton Island, seen here in November 2007.
MO 6937262 viewsForster Coaches MO 6937 Autobus 14.5m ex LTD Coaches, Gold Coast; ex Busways / Great Lakes, seen here in November 2007.
u/r121 viewsThis GMC PD 4107 was the next candidate for restoration at Drivers, Shown at display at Sandown 25/11/2007.
m/o 7249220 viewsGood Az Gold Charters, Maraylia Volvo B10M/CC ex Westbus, in Darling Harbour in November 2007. Sold for conversion to a motorhome at Penrith 1/15.
4708AO143 viewsNew November 2007 for Grenda's is (238) Mercedes 0500LE/Volgren Malaysia CR228L, seen here prior to entering service. It went to Ventura with same fleet number and rego in PTV livery.
5013AO126 viewsNew November 2007 for Grenda's is (250) Mercedes 0500LE/Volgren Malaysia CR228L, seen here prior to entering service. It went to Ventura with same fleet number and rego in PTV livery.
m/o 1024257 viewsHawkesbury Valley Leyland Tiger/Custom Coaches ex Busabout (still in their livery); ex North & Western, seen at the depot November 2007. Sold to Surfside Bus Lines, Tweed Heads as (798) m/o 1024 5/08, reregd 5295 MO; Withdrawn by 12/11.
MO 2341232 viewsHawkesbury Valley Mitsubishi / Centurion ex HEC, Tasmania seen departing Chapman's Store heading towards North Sackville, after picking up kids from Windsor schools off m/o 1013 Volvo B10M November 2007. Sold for a motor home at Albury by 1/10.
m/o 8596242 viewsHawkesbury Valley Volvo B10M/Centurion ex Army seen turning from Galston Road into Old Northern Road, Dural November 2007. Withdrawn from service & temporarily transferred to Busabout Wagga Wagga 9/11. Later returned to Sydney for parts. Shell noted at West Hoxton depot 3/14.
m/o 8720178 viewsHawkesbury Valley Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches 310 ex Liverpool Transport on Old Stock Route, Oakville November 2007.
m/o 9197286 viewsHawkesbury Valley Leyland Le Dart/AB Denning seen at the depot November 2007. Ex Busabout (Neville's Bus Service Pty Ltd), Casula m/o 9197. Sold to Koumala Motors, Koumala, QLD as 783 KWU 4/08.
3529AO148 viewsInvicta (57) Scania K93CRB/PMCA 160 - the only "160" bus in the Invicta Fleet - on display at Sandown 25/11/2007.
5624AO133 viewsInvicta (44) Dennis Dart SLF/Volgren CR221L in a special livery to celebrate 30 years of Telebus operation, on display at Sandown 25/11/2007.
HJ 49980 viewsA Ford owned by Invicta Buslines of Lilydale, at display at Sandown 25/11/2007.
0234SO128 viewsThis is a Mercedes Benz 1316/Ansair of Kardinia International College of Geelong, seen here at the Shrine, November 2007.
TV 4894209 viewsKillalea Tours Denning Denair recently acquired seen in Bourke St, Alexandria on shopping tours in November 2007. It was ex BMC t/a Gold Bus, Ballarat, VIC (53) GOLD 53 by 11/07; ex FMJ 476; ex RM Thege, Ballarat, VIC (36) FMJ476; ex DL & SG Perry, Orbost, VIC FMJ 476; ex AAT-Kings Coach Co. Pty Ltd, Spotswood, VIC (5) m/o 770 (NT); ex CUQ 090; ex Australian Pacific Coaches, Sandringham, VIC (66) CUQ 090; ex URG 598. Sold by 5/08 & noted in use 2009 for S Newsway, Wherrol Flat as BC60PV. For sale 11/11.
MO 8130168 viewsKingsgrove Bus and Coach (7) Volvo B10M/PMSCA ex Hawkesbury Valley at Monterey November 2007. It has been reregd m/o 602 and no longer shows it Hawkesbury heritage livery. Withdrawn by the end of July 2015.
m/o 364165 viewsKingsgrove Bus & Coach Volvo B10M / PMCSA ex Hawkesbury Valley m/o 8118 showing its Hawkesbury heritage livery in November 2007, replacing former m/o 364 which was sold to Sydney Coachlines. Sold for a motorhome at Macksville 24/5/14.
m/o 4818170 viewsKingsgrove Bus & Coach (2) Hino CG277/CC ex Harris Park m/o 7798 at Monterey November 2007.
MO 3171186 viewsKurnell Bus Lines Mercedes O305/PMC (originally STA 2072) immaculately refurbished to seat 63, in November 2007.
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