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Adam Peters photos.
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Photos from the late Colin Gray.
Photos uploaded during 2012 and earlier and also 2 BCC photos uploaded in 2013 were from the Leon Batman collection.
Other photos uploaded during 2013 are from the Colin Gray collection and scanned by Leon Batman during 2013.
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Random files - Gunzel Photos
img050 - SB Bedford [CS3398] @ Freycinet National Park c_2003.jpg
CS 3398109 viewsBedford SB/CAC at Freycinet National Park in 2003.
m/o 4238463 viewsBosnjak’s, Edensor Park Albion Chieftain/CCMC.
MO 9766239 viewsState Rail Authority Denning Denair, Sold to George, Guyra as MO 1394 and then 3389 MO.
Yarra 3514114 viewsYarra Trams (D) 3514 in AOA for Slurpee.
UQD 884182 viewsWestern Australia Government Railways (88) ?
656 - 01 Adjusted (3).jpg
m/o 656358 viewsPunchbowl Bus & Coach Co Mercedes-Benz 0302/PMC ex LSP 780, taken at Forster in 1977. It was one of three such coaches acquired on m/o plates which were not reused after the coaches were reregd to other plates – others were m/o 143 and m/o 4034. This one became PB 2718 and then TV 813.
3320 AO125 viewsSunbury Coaches (20) MAN 18.280/Coach Design in 2007.
m/o 7167440 viewsHopkinsons AEC Swift/Smithfield ex ACTION, Canberra, ACT (335) ZIB 335. Sold to AM Murray, Oakwood, QLD as 897 ALE 17/4/89 (converted to B52F).

Last additions - Gunzel Photos
TV 0097 viewsAAT Kings TV 009. Fleet 321. Denning 'Phoenix Midi' of 2018 build. Seen here early 2000.Oct 14, 2021
TV 0008 viewsAAT Kings TV 000. Fleet 491. Denning 'Silver Phoenix' of 2018 build. Seen here early 2000.
Oct 14, 2021
m/o 81079 viewsTransit Systems Leichhardt m/o 8107. BYD K9RA eBus with Gemilang body of 2019, at Darling Street Wharf. Electric bus in TfNSW livery. Seen here early 2000.Oct 14, 2021
TV 626111 viewsMarshalls from Moruya brought their TV 6261, a 2019 Mercedes-Benz O500RF-2 with Coach Design bodywork to Maitland in 2019 for a local Netball Tournament. Oct 08, 2021
TV 86565 viewsOxley Explorers TV 8656, 2017 Bonluck with Cummins ISL fitted with Bonluck President 2 bodywork is also parked nearby on a quiet street not far from other coaches. Visiting Maitland in 2019 during a local Netball Tournament.Oct 03, 2021
TV 748810 viewsFrom Premier Motor Service Nowra, a 2014 Scania K440IB fitted with Coach Design Bodywork. Visiting Maitland in 2019 during a local Netball Tournament.Oct 03, 2021
TV 52428 viewsA very long way from home, mind you estimated to be 556+ Kilometers from their Nangus Depot to Maitland is Makeham's Coaches TV 5242, a 2009 BCI PK6125 fitted with Explorer series bodywork by BCI. This coach is otherwise known as Eliza. Visiting Maitland in 2019 during a local Netball Tournament.
Oct 03, 2021
AVIARY10 viewsThe Aviary Leyland Titan ex Perth TC 5541 ex London T79. It has been renovated in Sydney after travelling across Australia. Seen here in Botany in April 2020.Oct 01, 2021