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ACTION, Canberra

NorthSydney TV5643.jpg

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Admet, Adelaide.


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Bass Hill Bus Service June 1995


Photos relating to fleet list at the time the operation was taken over by Baxters.
Some photos show buses in their new Baxters livery and also some in subsequent Bowmans Goulburn livery.

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Bathurst Coaches


Tribute to the late Warren Bremner. Photos with keyword bathurstbus will also be included.

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Bentleigh Coaches


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Baxters Bus Lines


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Brisbane Transport


A division of the Brisbane City Council, Brisbane Transport operates buses in Brisbane and its suburbs.
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Busabout, Sydney and Wagga


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Busways NSW


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Caboolture Bus Lines


Most photos in this album were taken in 2004 with a couple from the 2003 bus show,.
Photos from other albums with keyword caboolturebus will also be shown.

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Canterbury Bus Lines/Greenacre Bus Co/Tribute to Eddie Hayman

2016-08-26 14_03_33.jpg

This gallery is a tribute to the late Eddie Hayman.
His last operation was Canterbury Bus Lines in the blue and cream livery.
The initial Canterbury Bus Lines under Highway Tours was a different operation (Orange Livery.) Some of the buses shown may never have operated with Eddie Hayman.
Previously he operated various other operations such as Greenacre Bus Co, Cremorne Bus Service and others.

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Caringbah Bus Service/Tiger Tours


This contains photos of Carngbah Bus Service - their routes were taken over by Veolia Transdev 1/10/2011. The Tiger Tours charter operation was taken over by Telfords in 2015.

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Random files - Bus Company Galleries
Macquarie Towns 134 001.jpg
m/o 7538 or m/o 7543.373 viewsMacquarie Towns Bus Lines – one of two MAN 10.136/Nambucca units. They were originally bought for the Artarmon runs but they were not much good and they were used for off peak around Windsor and Richmond. m/o 7538 became MO 7159 with Ryan, Cudal and m/o 7543 MO 1183 with Hall, Numulgi and then TV 1169 with Jim’s Tours.
m/o 9241835 viewsOne of Premier Illawarra's new MAN 18.280/CC CB50's on route 33 at Cowper St West Wollongong.
MTT Comair Bedford 525 @ Burnie.jpg
MTT 525960 viewsMetro Tasmania (525) Bedford/Comair at Burnie. It was originally purchased new by Buchanan's of Launceston for their Riverside service. When they sold out to MTT it received new livery and transferred to Burnie where it was used on charters and TAA's airport service between Burnie and Wynyard airport.
KBL 36869 viewsKangaroo Bus Lines MCA/MCA

UQB 474722 viewsSeen on St Georges Terrace on 30 April 2007,Transperth Southern Coast Transit (474) Mercedes Benz O305G/JWBolton - both bus and route no longer in service, the bus being withdrawn in June 2008.
m/o 5421408 viewsSt Ives Bus Service Chev-Maple Leaf / Syd Wood (3/2/47). It was new as m/o 082, rereg 5421 1/11/68 (the day the whole fleet was reregistered into a running number sequence), then m/o 5567 in 9/70.
m/o 3292226 viewsSydney Buses (3292) MAN SL202/PMC at Circular Quay.
Metro Volvo B10M No_709.JPG
GV 2828977 viewsMetro Volvo B10ML/PMCSA (709) later regd MET 709, at Sandy Bay. It went to Hobart Coaches as (14) EN 5879 and has since returned to Metro Tasmania retaining that fleet number and rego.

Last additions - Bus Company Galleries
m/o 11288 viewsTransit Systems (1128) Mercedes O405NH CNG/Custom Coaches Citaro ex State Transit (1128) on display at the Sydney Bus Museum in 2020 during the Mercedes Day event. It has since been scrapped.Aug 01, 2021
m/o 41187 viewsHunters Hill Bus Co Leyland Leopard/PMC. Sold to Coomera Bus Lines Qld 29/2/2000. From Andrew Potts or Ken Magor collections.Jul 31, 2021
m/o 7568 viewsHunters Hill Coaches Leyland Leopard "Moocooboola". From Andres Potts or Ken Magor collections.Jul 31, 2021
m/o 12107 viewsState Transit (1210) Mercedes O405NH CNG/Custom Coaches Citaro. This bus spent some time back in Germany in 2011 for repairs. Seen here at Parramatta while at Ryde depot in April 2019 four months before its withdrawal. Jul 31, 2021
m/o 6405 viewsHunters Hill Bus Co Leyland Viking/Custom Coaches. From Andrew Potts or Ken Magor collections.Jul 26, 2021
m/o 457612 viewsHunters Hill Bus Co REO/Syd Wood. The last Syd Wood bodied bus for Hunters Hill. From the Ken Magor collection.Jul 25, 2021
m/o 5899 viewsHunters Hill Bus Co Leyland Leopard/Coachmaster. Swapped plates to m/o 7297 before being broken up and remains disposed off. From Andrew Potts or Ken Magor collection.Jul 22, 2021
m/o 0749 viewsHunters Hill Bus Co Leyland Leopard PSU3E/2R PMC ex m/o 4178. Sold to Coomera Buslines, then Surfside Buslines. From Andrew Potts or Ken Magor collectionJul 20, 2021