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SB80AJ78 viewsRear shot of Torrens Transit (515) Mercedes O305/PMCSA ex WJI 615, ex Serco, back on the road and track after being rear ended by a car on the 7th of June 2007. It was written off, retired and bought by Torrens Transit to be returned to service. It now carries heavy vehicle plates in November 2007. It was withdrawn in 2011.
MO 7777125 viewsMcCosker's Bus Service – Inverell (5) Scania K94IB/Custom Coaches SB40 ex Buslines Group Pty Ltd, Tamworth MO 7777 5/08 (B61F); ex Perrett’s Coach Service Pty Ltd, Werris Creek (7) MO 7777 14/4/08 - Displayed at the 2003 Bus & Coach Show. It has been reregd 1355 MO.
MO 759164 viewsPioneer Motor Service, Nowra Denning GM. Withdrawn by Nowra Coaches -/00 and sold for a motorhome in Sydney.
m/o 3808252 viewsSydney Buses (3808) Scania L113CRL/Ansair "Orana" which has reverted from Olympic pates to black on yellow plates, in AOA for Channel 7 news, in Urunga Parade, Miranda 15/12/2011.
5850AO96 viewsVentura Bus Lines (155) Scania L94UB/Custom Coaches CB60 C-Max in a modified livery for the Tram Shuttle from Vermont South to Knox City. It has since become (886) and into PTV livery.
m/o 8486258 viewsVeolia Transport (297) MCA - Cummins L10/MCA ex Caringbah Bus Service still with the Caringbah stripes on the sides and back, in Prince St, Cronulla 28/5/2013. Withdrawn February 2015.
1319AO69 viewsFallons Group (19) Austral Tourmaster ex NDB615, repainted into the newer livery of Fallon's of Alexandra seen here in King St. by Flagstaff Gardens. It became TV 6734 with Cantys, Unanderra.
8015AO139 viewsWestrans Sunshine (89) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren/CR228L seen departing Footscray June 2011.

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24 CBS617 viewsLogan City Bus Service (24) Volvo B7RLE/Bustech "VST" in TransLink livery at Springwood Bus station 13 May 2018.
May 19, 2018
m/o 521361 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Scania L113CRL/Custom Coaches "CB60" in the Hurstville Interchange 24/4/2018Apr 24, 2018
m/o 8235299 viewsTransdev NSW Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Bustech "VST" ex (306), now at Kingsgrove depot, in the Hurstville Interchange 24/4/2018.Apr 24, 2018
m/o 3748304 viewsState Transit (3748) Scania L113CRL/Ansair “Orana” in McMahon St, Hurstville 24/4/2018.Apr 24, 2018
m/o 3810337 viewsState Transit (3810) Scania L113CRL/Ansair Orana back on black on yellow plates and now in version 2 of the corporate livery, in Jackson Ave, Miranda 19/4/2018.Apr 19, 2018
m/o 5327470 viewsTransdev NSW (167) Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Bustech ex (167), ex 1813 MO front rebuild with VST front after accident, ex m/o 8331, in Kiora Road, Miranda 19/4/2018 with driver side ad for Deadpool 2.Apr 19, 2018
m/o 5015307 viewsTransdev NSW Volvo B7RLE/Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" ex (437), ex Liverpool Free Shuttle, ex Metrobus, ex Growth Bus, turning out of Urunga Parade, Miranda 17/4/2018 with DSA for Laing and Simmons.Apr 17, 2018
2479 ST311 viewsState Transit (2479) Scania K280UB/CC "CB80" in Jackson Ave, Miranda 17/4/2018.Apr 17, 2018