Articulated buses

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Articulated buses

Post by LeylandLad »

I'm a new member, thanks for the add.
I live in the UK and worked for Leyland Motors for 49 years and I'm a member of the Leyland Society, made up of owners and enthusiasts of Leyland Motors vehicles.
I help maintain an index of photographs that appear in the Society quarterly publication and I'm looking for information on an articulated bus operated by the Metropolitan Omnibus Co in Perth.
The vehicle I'm interested in is a Leyland Tiger OPS1 (shortened wheelbase) pulling a trailer. If possible I'd like to know who provided the body for the tractor unit and trailer. Unfortunately I don't have a registration number for the vehicle but the photo is dated 1948.
Thanks in anticipation.
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Re: Articulated buses

Post by Bus Suggestions »

Hello, and welcome to the board LeylandLad! As it is quiet on this board nowadays, it's nice to have a new user from time to time. I wonder if this is the image you are talking about:
In this case, it was bus T3 with Metro Buses, then 75 when the government Metropolitan Transport Trust took over. It was rebuilt into a full-length bus in 1952 and was subsequently stripped for parts in 1960 by the MTT. It hauled trailer T3. The body of both the trailer and prime mover was built by Campbell & Mannix, the mover in '49 and trailer in '45, originally hauled by old WA20 mover no. 75. Hope all this information helps!
By the way, the WA bus fleet info site is, a standard site for us WA bus enthusiasts. If you click on the photo, you will get to the prime mover's page (75), and if you click on the second T3, it will take you to the trailer's page. Hope more helps!
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