ElecRail Farewell Hitachi Tour 12 April 2014

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ElecRail Farewell Hitachi Tour 12 April 2014

Post by system improver »

ElecRail is running a farewell tour for the Hitachi trains today.

Here is a picture of the set at Flinders Street before setting off to Sunbury:

These trains first entered service in December 1972. Locally, they were referred to as the "Silver Trains", following on from Blue (Harris) and Red (Tait) trains. Initially they began service on the St Kilda Line (since replaced with a light rail line) as seen in this photo:

They got their Hitachi name from their electrical equipment (supplied under licence by Clyde Engineering) but were constructed by Martin & King and Newport Workshops. Initially, they were constructed as fully walk through trains as it was thought this would be necessary for emergency operation in the soon to be built Underground Loop. Eventually, the Loop tunnels were constructed wide enough to allow for emergency side exit and so the doorways through the driving cabs were sealed off.

The interiors were of an open design compared to most of the rolling stock at the time, but the seats were hard in comparison. This was an early attempt to combat seat slashing vandalism. The padding on the seats was replaced over the years with better comfort pads reflecting the cloth used on newer stock. The original ribbed Italian flooring was very hard to clean and was replaced with carpet. This also had its problems (with odours) and was replaced with a composite vinyl material when the only significant refurbishment of the series took place in the late 90s. Here is a shot of the original interior of a trailer car:

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Re: ElecRail Farewell Hitachi Tour 12 April 2014

Post by Bedford-29 »

I was on a Hitachi and the train was at Kensingston I wondering why the train was leaving next minute the driver of the Hitachi came along and started kicking the crap out the door probably jammed.But is this the final curtain for the Hitachi trains after 33-42 years of service.
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Re: ElecRail Farewell Hitachi Tour 12 April 2014

Post by notch »

The shot shows the interior of a driving trailer car: note the window for the guard and the end door leading to another car. End doors only existed in the earliest Hitachis and most were built without them, the remainder aside from three driving trailers converted to D cars had the connecting door filled in.

I might be wrong, but the older cars (up to about 85M and 1937T onwards) were fitted with green carpet, the shade of which only existed in the 1970's. The older cars retained the rubber flooring until either an interior refit beginning in the middle of the 1990's and continuing until almost their withdrawal, with some remaining untouched internally until withdrawal.

Two of the unrefurbished cars remain preserved at ElecRail: 80M and 222M.

VicSig's list of their fates is pretty comprehensive: http://www.vicsig.net/suburban/train/Hitachi
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