First trial of air suspended trucks in Australia

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First trial of air suspended trucks in Australia

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I'm attempting to locate any publication relating to the stated particularly the findings from same. I was informed, by a most knowledgable truck owner/driver, that some six to ten selected drivers test drove a small fleet of air suspended vehicles for evaluation prior to release to the Australian market. The estimated period of the trial occurred was 1965 - 1970. Can any one confirm or elaborate? Were the trial findings published in say the magazine Truck and Bus Transportation? If so would any members please forward a copy of the article/s or at least provide the reference for same. Namely year and month or issue and if possible the page numbers?

Any member who currently holds hard copy of Truck and Bus Transportation over the stated period please review in the very least the content page of each issue over the period and inform if appropriate. Alternatively it will be my pleasure to conduct this investigation at the hard copy source. Unfortunately the State Library will only facilitate review of 10 issues at a sitting hence this open request to big wheel enthusiasts. Obviously the writer is kicking himself for not keeping the T & B T magazine issues which were keenly received and read when a teenager.

Thanks in anticipation.
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