'Big Red' Wellington Volvo Trolleys

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'Big Red' Wellington Volvo Trolleys

Post by LocoLes »

In 1986 I photographed a few Volvo B58 WCT trolleybuses at the Wakefield Street depot in their original 'Big Red' livery. IMO this livery was best suited as the buses later received a wide white band below window level then Stagecoach livery before most were stripped of electrics etc. before the bodies were broken up. I know of 3 only that survived and are in the care of museums - Foxton has #268, the last of the Coach Works built bodies, Wellington Tramway Museum has #233, the last of the similar Hawke built bodies and Christchurch's Transport Museum at Ferrymead has #258. TB 259 was the latest Volvo delivered at the time of my visit and is included in my pics. Volvos 260-268 joined the WCT fleet later that same year [1986]. Also attached is my only photo of an Volvo Ansaldo #121 with Hess bodywork at Miramar terminus. Thanks to the Wakefield St. depot manager that Sunday for permission to photograph the fleet. I was restricted to these few photos as I overlooked having a backup roll of film. :roll:

#258 @ Ferrymead added to text [8Feb17]
Loco Les
http://www.busaustralia.com/gallery/dis ... pos=-17137
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