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School bus driver collapsing after school run

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 5:30 pm
by baby38
Where u work 3 weeks ago this woman school bus driver who 80 years old, about 15 minutes after finishing her school went to a local school to watch her grand son play sport on arriving there she collapsed and past out, lucky for her there was a doctor there, the doctor called an ambulance and she went to the local hospital, I believe the hospital some problem with her heart she was released the next day a couple days later she was referred to her own doctor where her doctor order some special test and put her off work for 1 month, the test came back yesterday this woman driver saying nothing wrong with her, her heart ok and her health is perfect, the doctor now has put her off for another 3 months because the book says so
This woman is complaining now how is she going to survive financially she getting bored at home, I saw her today to be honest she look like XXX, she says she feels real good and cant understand why the doctor says she got to take another 3 months off, unless she not saying the truth, or her doctor not telling her the correct story regarding her condition, I heart from someone in management she had that she had a heart murmur, I am certain if my kids were travelling on her school bus i be concerned about her age, and if she has a medical problem i would not want my kids ok her bus
This woman been driving school bus for 40 years now, I been told she only get a small wage compared to what other bus drivers get, she tells everyone she gets lonely got nothing to do and shes happy to drive for next to nothing, for many years shes never declared what shes earn to centrelink, and centrelink has told even if you earn $5 a fortnight you got to declare it.

Re: School bus driver collapsing after school run

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 6:51 pm
by boronia
If her doctor says she is unfit to drive, she has to abide by that decision, or go through proper appeal channels..

I don't think it is a matter to discuss here, because we don't know the facts.

Re: School bus driver collapsing after school run

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 8:19 pm
by captainch
you should be sure of your facts and not hearsay as legal action can be used for false infomation these things are not designed for a bus chat page what people do with there lives is ni one elses business unless lives you are personally effected then there are proffessional people who are trained to help.