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Re: Brisbane Metro

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Cazza wrote: Thu Jul 16, 2020 8:23 pm They are talking about artics in this case.
Thanks, so it's artics (calling a spade a spade)!
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Re: Brisbane Metro

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daveeyh wrote: Wed Jul 15, 2020 2:34 pm
Do you know which terminus is the problem with HCV for the Blue Glider?
Both ends present different challenges.

Teneriffe is smaller than UQ Lakes but there will be a similar (maybe slightly less lol) frequency of bus movements into that area over a given time, add in the 199 and its a very busy space. So whether the terminus moves out of that location or the 199 moves to service another spot in the area remains to be seen.
West End, similar issue. Another concern is the size of the bus stops along the route and if passengers can safely be set down etc. around the West End area.
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Re: Brisbane Metro

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So I assume well see a fair few artics go E, as it seems like the perfect place to put them - large and plenty of routes that artics could service. Will certainly be instresting!

TransLink Route 385. Bus Upgrade Zone.

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Re: Brisbane Metro

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I am still very skeptical about the need for artics on the Blue Glider - before COVID, whenever I saw a full Blue Glider, the next one or two (which often would be a minute behind) would be near empty - I think TfB looked at the number of full Blue Gliders to make the decision to use artics rather than looking at the average patronage of all peak hour Blue Gliders.
The major issue with the Blue Glider, in my opinion, was keeping to timetable, not capacity.
I couldn't count the number of times I have seen no Blue Gliders for 15 minutes through the Cultural Centre in evening peak and then three or four arrive within two minutes - I remember one instance where CC Platform 2 had four Blue Gliders at the same time.
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Re: Brisbane Metro

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Hi all a Translink liveried bus bodied by Global Bus Ventures is on the move making its way to the ports of Auckland this morning.
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