Less common sights in SEQ

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Less common sights in SEQ

Post by TheIlikeBusesGuy »

This photo thread is dedicated to less common Bus/Service combos seen in SEQ. Feel free to add other vehicles in the comments.

First up, this one is a regular for morning inbound peak services, but very rare at any other time. Tag axle buses still look a little funny on the 100.
tag 100.jpg
One of my personal favourites, the Mercedes Benz O405NH. Once the mainstay low floor in Logan, it is relatively rare to see them out and about in route services (excluding 73&74). The old square headlight models, and the short wheelbase models are quite uncommon indeed.
Old Merc 551.jpg
Midi Merc P581.jpg
Midi Merc 573.jpg
Whilst 73 and 74 can often be seen out and about during peak hour, it is rare to see them in the middle of the day on a 555. Was quite a treat indeed!
Merc 555.jpg
In fact, single door buses of any kind are fairly uncommon on the 555, so it was still a bit of a shock to see this B12BLE VST single door on a 555.
1 door 555.jpg
A personal favourite, is seeing funny AoA buses on services that they don't usually do. A classic case in point are the ones below:

A CityGlider livery 18.310 Diesel Volgren on a RBWH bound 66;
glider 66.jpg
A Free Loop livery 18.310 CNG Volgren on an inbound 111;
Free Loop 111.jpg
Occasionally, Toowong runs out of CityGlider liveried buses too:
Gas glider.jpg
And to top it all off, a one of a kind Mills-Tui Urban Edge, operating on the DFO/Skygate airport shuttle bus.
Mills Tui Edge.jpg
Still waiting for a MAN SL200 to catch to school. Might be waiting a while....
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Re: Less common sights in SEQ

Post by AirBusTrain »

I know this thread is almost 2 years old, but I feel it has some potential.
Here is 5069 on an Eight Mile Plains 999 (this is fairly normal, usually used for event shuttles) but what caught my eye with this one is the desto.

Eight Mile Plains
All Stops via Sth Busway 999
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