Semi Trailers & Double Deckers Of Parramatta B. Co.

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Dave Wilson
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Re: Semi Trailers & Double Deckers Of Parramatta B. Co.

Post by Dave Wilson »

The old Leyland at McGraths Hill was actually one of Kirkpatricks (ex DGT 1378). It was decapitated in Windsor C 1964 and then replaced by another pre war Leyland (ex DGT 1610) direct from the Government.At the rear of the property where 1378 was derelict, was another prewar Leyland (ex DGT 1565) that had been bought by Black and White Sandgate (Brisbane) for parts.That wasn't a lowbridge, however it was ex Newcastle. I think Kirkpatrick was taken over by Clarkson.
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Re: Semi Trailers & Double Deckers Of Parramatta B. Co.

Post by Leopard_071 »

Red and Cream wrote:I would like to set the record straight regarding the registrations of the Parramatta double deck buses and their trailer buses as i photographed and recorded redgos in the period of the late 1950's up to the late 1960's. As a matter of fact the colour photo of m/o 584 is one of my photos and the reason i do not post photos on the ATDB anymore.
The double deckers operated during this period were all AEC - m/o 122 ex m/o 1533 - m/o 123 ex 1590 and came from Nevilles - m/o 276 ex m/o1497 broken up in the depot 1966 - m/o 298 ex m/o 1374 unreg. by 11/65 - m/o 584 ex 1540 - m/o 753 ex 1577 sold to Chapman and m/o 829 ex 1591.
The semi trailer shown as a White Scout Car m/o 973 is actually m/o 932 and was a Gardner powered Reo and was sold to Stanton then Johnson and the trailer portion of the bus was converted to a normal bus powered by a Chev motor.
The trailer bus at the museum has the trailer section from one of the Parramatta semi's ( m/o 352) but the White prime mover was never a bus but came from a private motor home.
Re the colour photo Mo 584. It may be your photo but I can asure you that the photo I posted came from Carol Bosnjak when I was the Manager of P'matta Bus Co 1982-83. Carol gave me heaps of photos belonging to her husband tghe Late John Bosnjak.
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Re: Semi Trailers & Double Deckers Of Parramatta B. Co.

Post by GM »

Leopard 071, ref the last seven photos:-
Photo two, AEC Hastings Deering body was m/o 360 renumbered m/o 4033 when door moved forward, bus is turning from Darcy St into Church St.
Photo three is an AEC Syd Wood reistered m/o 459.
Photo four m/o 217 was Reo , replaced by Albion Chassis.
Photo five m/o 459 again. So is Six. GM
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