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Re: Transdev Melbourne News 2018

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I would think they would be kept largely as they are, as the fleet and depot structure would fundamentally stay the same with a future contractor.
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Re: Transdev Melbourne News 2018

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B10BLE wrote:
Heihachi_73 wrote:If "property back" means depots randomly getting Designlines or CB30s to replace the older (but infinitely better) buses, let Transdev keep them! :lol:
I'd imagine the Gemilangs, Designlines, CB30s would be either sold, buggered off to France along with Transdev or allocated to rail fleet and the CB80s and 550 bodied O405NHs be kept as route buses :wink:
Umm, the contract fleet has been updated, with the MAN Mk2s and the ex Ventura (ex Grenda) hand-me-downs replaced by Gemilangs, along with those added recently for peak-hour service upgrades to the Fishermans Bend & DART timetables. The Gemilangs are going nowhere if/when Transdev depart.

Other than age, the Custom 550 bodied O405NHs are on their last legs mechanically and structurally (these were among the biggest culprits to be taken off the road in the fleet crisis) and will be among those replaced as the 2019 arrivals enter service. Some of the older MAN CB30s and Scania CR222Ls are also likely to be withdrawn, in a bid to lower the fleet age and reduce breakdowns.

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Craig :-)
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