Tasmanian Bus Observations - JAN > JUN 2021

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Tasmanian Bus Observations - JAN > JUN 2021

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Well, it has been a while since the Tasmanian scene has been updated. Most information is being relayed on Facebook.

2020 saw quite a few arrivals of new buses as well as collection of second-hand units, different to the mainland trend.
Metro Tasmania has almost completed their bus acquisition program of 100 Bustech XDi units (built in TAS) and have ordered an additional 26 (Ver.1:1 as they're called) How they'll vary from the current 100 units, is anyone's guess.
Merseylink in Devonport have purchased 9 brand new Mercedes Benz O500LE / Volgren Optimus, (6 delivered Jan 2020, 3 Dec 2020).
O'Driscoll Coaches (New Norfolk) have bought 3 Mercedes Benz O500LE / Express (2 early 2020, 1 Dec 2020) plus numerous second-hand units from Victorian operators.
Manions Coaches (Beaconsfield) also have 4 MB O500LE / Express (most recent two delivered Nov.2020) along with an ex Reef 'n Hinterland MAN with "wedge' body, enabling all passengers (including those at back) uninterrupted views forward.
Oakleys Coaches in Snug have purchased a couple of second-hand Higer RoadBosses, likewise Calow Coaches of St Helens.
Redline (as they are now known) also had acquired 10 Higers late 2019 and all now on the road (numbered 130 > 139). Tasmania's own Redline have rebranded themselves (as at 20 Dec 2020) to Redline, with new logo, livery, website AND introduced a new express service from Spirit of Tasmania to Hobart via Launceston (a service State Growth discontinued back in Feb.2020)
RD & FH Sainty have bought two brand new wheelchair-lift BCI Classmasters for their NE Bus services to Bridport and early in 2020 (off memory) Wells Waggons in Smithton acquired Greg Fenton's operation at Boat Harbour.
So, quite a bit happening on the Apple Isle. If you'd like photos of some of the new vehicles, scroll to the photo page and there shall be some new posts featuring the new additions.
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Re: Tasmanian Bus Observations - JAN > JUN 2021

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Thanks Neil for this update.

With the North West changes from the 17th January, will Burnie have sufficient buses for the service improvements?

Very pleasing news about the extra 26 buses for Metro.
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