New bus network arising from CSELR (L2/L3) opening

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Re: New bus network arising from CSELR (L2/L3) opening

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Qantas94Heavy wrote: Sun Sep 12, 2021 12:42 am City of Sydney meeting papers have revealed a minor change to the proposed 304 route: ... sebery.pdf
TfNSW proposes to modify route 304 which operates between Rosebery and Circular Quay.
The route will no longer operate to Kimberley Grove via Rosebery Avenue but instead will
travel to Rothschild Avenue at Turruwul Park. Additionally, the bus route will no longer
operate along O'Dea Avenue and Bourke Street, but instead use Gadigal Avenue through to
Potter Street, Waterloo.
And in another note:
TfNSW is introducing articulated buses on route 343, therefore, they propose to extend the
length of the existing bus zones along Elizabeth Street and Dunning Avenue.
Route 304 will now terminate at Turruwul Park. Haven't been there since lockdown but suspect Zetland Ave won't be ready in time. The previous plan was for route 320 to terminate there, so it might continue running to Mascot shops instead.

Also, Bayside Council meeting papers seem show route 420 operating from Burwood to Mascot Station instead of terminating at Domestic Airport: ... 481_AT.PDF
With the intention to improve public transport connectivity and overall transport integration,
TfNSW in collaboration with Transit Systems and State Transit Authority (STA) respectively
are proposing the following changes to the existing bus zones:

Coward Street near Mascot Station (request by Transit Systems):
  1. Coward Street Eastbound – Mascot Station Stand A – Extend the current ‘Bus Zone’ by
    24m to cater for the 306 terminus Redfern to Mascot via Eastlakes, Rosebery & Green
    Square; and
  2. Coward Street Westbound – Mascot Station Stand B – Extend the current ‘Bus Zone’
    by 24m to cater for 420 terminus Burwood to Mascot via Airport & Rockdale.
I'm guessing that they'll only send every second 350 bus to the airport. Probably with reduced airport travel they've decided it's not worth it to run more buses to the airport.
That's interesting. That'll mean it's the same rubbish frequency for Maroubra Jn to the Airport - every 20 minutes off peak, if the 350 were to operate at a minimum 10 min all day frequency.
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Re: New bus network arising from CSELR (L2/L3) opening

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Opportunist downgrading of OUR bus services by the dictators who get chauffeured everywhere.
Global w̶a̶r̶m̶i̶n̶g̶ hoax.
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Re: New bus network arising from CSELR (L2/L3) opening

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Surely the 350 showing as a ‘Frequent’ on the map means 10 minute headway end to end?

There is a separate dotted version listed as ‘Frequent extension’ that says it operates at least every 20 minutes, and they don’t use this on the 350. ... %20map.pdf

(Unless things have changed since the time or the draft proposal - but I would doubt it)
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Re: New bus network arising from CSELR (L2/L3) opening

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I would be very surprised if the 350 did not run with a 10 minute frequency from end to end. I would think that keeping the 420 through to Mascot Station is a good idea, hopefully other good modifications have been made.
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Re: New bus network arising from CSELR (L2/L3) opening

Post by boronia »

What are the loadings like between Eastgardens and the airport?

Is the extension of the 420 for the benefit of workers coming from the west, or for the benefit of gate-fee avoiders? Seems strange that TfNSW would deliberately deny itself some lucrative income LOL
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