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Darwin Bus Service Volvo B10ML (Fujis)

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2019 4:55 pm
by Merc1107
I've been doing a little bit of research as I was aware that Darwin Bus Service operated at least two of the imported "Fujis" for a period of time. The results I came up with were a tad confusing.

First was 77 (mo 8.077, VIN YV31MEE10EA008447), which I believe was operated until late-2001 or early-2002 based on a post I saw on a South-Australian enthusiast's FB group. This vehicle is the front of MYT004 and the trailer of MYT008. I'll note this isn't the source of my confusion, but have included it here for completeness.

The second vehicle was 78 (formerly mo 8.078, VIN YV31MEE18EA008731). I do not know its history with DBS. This vehicle is recorded as being MYT003, however, notes for this vehicle elsewhere (see attached screenshot) indicate it was MYT002. I have a very low-quality image of a Fuji partially in DBS livery with a green side (MET livery?), the number "02" appears on the side and the registration appears to be mo 8.078 (the low quality of the image means it could also be mo 8.073). This is where the confusion arises.

Finally, on the MET 1993 (Under Construction) fleet-list, MYT002 (VIN YV3B10M5500008442) is listed as being "Sold to Darwin Bus Service." Searching its VIN turns up a note of "Ex (94)," but I am unsure whether or not this could have been a fleet number with DBS or not.

From this I have three questions:
- Was MYT03 subsequently renumbered MYT02 before it moved to the NT?
- If it was renumbered - then which MYT02 became mo 8.078 with DBS?
- Was there ever a third Fuji at DBS?
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