[ADEL]Omnicity Scania O'Bahn Testing

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Post by Ryan »

not a big fan of that colour..
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Post by Alex on the Bus »

Windy wrote:Heathrow Airport has a batch of Omnicity artics. Omnidekkas are becoming more popular over there as well, I think because they have the largest motor in the market. The engines are in a horizontally opposed orientation, but without as much insulation as the N113 series buses. The chassis itself is the CN94UB/CN94UA/CN94UD (depending on the chassis use).
(Welcome to Pedant's Corner...)

As possibly mentioned in the General Discussion forum, the CN94UB/UA/UD are supplied as fully-built vehicles by Scania, while the N94UB/UA/UD are supplied as chassis for others to body. However, the former aren't 'integrals' in the classis sense: Scania simply sends the chassis to their Omni coachbuilding division, who then construct the bodies to turn them into OmniCities.

Meanwhile, the OmniDekka double-deck bus and OmniTown midibus are actually bodied by East Lancs, using the OmniCity dash. Scania Omni have developed a fully-built double-decker (the CN94UD OmniCity double-deck), although it has been put on hold while a Euro IV version (CN260UD?) is developed.
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Post by T1200 »

I think the back end looks nice - if you're not in Australia, that is.

Nice strobe light up the back.
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Post by Norbert »

Love it - great shots! Hope to see some more.
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Post by The Inspector »

LTB_Enterprises wrote: Really? http://www.cardiffbus.com/news/press/190506.htm
Thanks for that LTB, I hadnt got to Cardiff and none of the places I went to had the artics, atleast I now know a few places to go to see them next time I go to the UK.
Alex on the Bus wrote:while a number have also been used for the Heathrow T4 tube replacement service (while the line to Heathrow T5 is built).
I only saw the Citaro bedies on the "Pink Elephant" carpark shuttles, now I'm peeved that I was at a location where I saw the Omnicity rigids but not the bendies.

Thanks again for correcting me guys. :wink:
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Post by LTB_Enterprises »

The Inspector wrote: Thanks again for correcting me guys. :wink:
Thanks for taking it graciously. :-)
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Re: [ADEL]Omnicity Scania O'Bahn Testing

Post by Community Accesser »

Will wrote:Image
This photo was taken on the North East Road-Golden Grove Road junction!
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Post by howlerbus »

Yes, and don't quote pictures.

I saw it just around the corner from there on North East Road outside TTP about 30 mins after I made my last post in this thread...
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Post by Volvo B12BLEA »

Any chance of you guys keeping it in Adelaide at least until September 12th?
I want to get pics when I get over there in just over 1 weeks time.
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