Townsend's Bus Travel Pty Ltd, Renmark

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Townsend's Bus Travel Pty Ltd, Renmark.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingDepot
Previously operated vehicles
1UEH 304 Hino RC320PT46762 PMCSA 4042 3/1978RC41FT
ex (1) UEH 204 Renmark Bus Service, Renmark, S.A-ex UEH 304 Explorer Coachlines, Mile End, S.A.-ex UEH 304 Lyndoch Valley Coachlines, Lyndoch, S.A.-ex (29) SHV 234 Murton Staff, Broken Hill, N.S.W.
2SDS 020 Leyland Terrier556581-256 PMCSA 6511 12/1979SB66F
ex (2) SDS 020 Renmark Bus Service, Renmark, S.A.-ex SDS 020 EDSA
3SXX 192 Bedford SB3-330DJ573122 PMCSA 6324 4/1978SB66F
ex (3) SXX 192 Renmark Bus Service, Renmark, S.A-ex SXX 192 EDSA.
3UPS 977 Denning - GM 6V71 Denning SA 038 5/1974RC45F
ex LUX 550 Dysons, Bundoora, Vic.
4VAD 155 Hino RC32041442 Smithfield SB628 9/1977C45F
ex Department of Defence.
5VAO 147 Leyland Terrier502117-1875 PMCSA 6420 2/1979SB66F
ex (5) VAO 147 Renmark Bus Service, Renmark, S.A.-ex EDSA.
5VFK 172 Hino RC32040564 Freighter A4275 2/1974C37FV
ex 223.618 RAAF
6VPN 022 Ford R1011 (R192)273974 Ansair F1123 5/1979C45F
ex (6) VPN 022 Renmark Bus Service, Renmark, S.A.-ex (922) BUR 860 Mildura Bus Lines, Mildura, Vic.-ex (922) BUR 860 Ansett Airlines, Melbourne, Vic.
7VRB 899 Toyota Coaster Arakawa - 1986
ex (7) VRB 899 Renmark Bus Service, Renmark, S.A.
8VOA 664 Hino BX340E40018 PMCSA 4061 11/1978DP48F
ex (8) VOA 664 Renmark Bus Service, Renmark, S.A.-ex MO 8490 Coomealla Bus Lines, Dareton, N.S.W.
9S748 ABD Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter Arakawa - 1993B13CRenmark
9VUL 942 Toyota Coaster Arakawa - 1993Renmark
ex (9) VUL 942 Renmark Bus Service, Renmark, S.A.
10VHK 571 Toyota Coaster Toyota - 1987Renmark
11SUX 029 Bedford SB3 Freighter 1975SB66F
ex (11) SUX 029 Renmark Bus Service, Renamrk, S.A.-ex EDSA.
12WVE 737 Mercedes-Benz OH1418382-004-61-798404 Custom Coaches 89-79 7/1989RB57FRenmark
ex (352) MO 0190 King Bros, N.S.W.-ex MO 0190 Jessup, Bellingen, N.S.W.-ex MO 0190 Forder, Bellingen, N.S.W.-ex MO 0190 Forster B.S. Forster, N.S.W.
SOLD as camper.
14WVE 738 Mercedes-Benz OH1418382-004-61-842140 Newnham 89-246 2/1991B57FLoxton
ex (287) MO 4245-ex MO 1166 King Bros, N.S.W.-ex (34) MO 1166 Port Macquarie Bus Service, Port Macquarie, N.S.W.
15WYH 610 Isuzu LT1-11P300084 Custom Coaches 91-158 27/01/1992RB57FLoxton
ex 538 FYW Coolum Coaches, Coolum, Qld-ex MO 2166 King Bros, Macksville, N.S.W.-ex MO 2166 Newmans Bus Service, Macksville, N.S.W.
16XBU 774 MCA-Cummins L106F9300C01LB004153 MCA B081 1/1990C57FRenmark
ex 1022 AC ABC Bus Lines, Kilsyth, Vic-ex 1022 AC-ex PWA 527 Bayswater Bus & Coach, Bayswater, Vic-ex m/o 8009, Great Lakes Coaches, Heatherbrae, N.S.W.
17XGJ 937 Isuzu LT1-11PJALLT111PG2508411 P & D Coachworks 025 3/1994B53FRenmark
ex (10) MO 2861 Brunswick Valley Coaches, Billinudgel, N.S.W.
18WMX 976 Isuzu LT1-11PJALLT111PG2511834 PMCSA 'Commuter' 4807 9/1989B57FRenmark
'Thomas'-ex WMX 976 Southern Star Tours, Glossop, S.A.-ex m/o 634 Pioneer Coaches, Bexley, N.S.W.
19WMX 977 Isuzu LT1-11PJALLT111PG2511835 PMCSA 'Commuter' 4806 7/1989B57FRenmark
ex WMX 977 Southern Star Tours, Glossop, S.A.-ex m/o 4994 Pioneer Coaches, Bexley, N.S.W.
23VCG 518 Toyota Coaster HZB30R Arakawa - 1992B22CRenmark
ex (6).
241645 NV Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter Arakawa - 2003B8CRenmark
25WCP 397 Mercedes-Benz LO8129BM688177MB902423 PMCA 4899 9/1991C25FRenmark
ex (1)-ex WCP 397 Romanelli, Adelaide, S.A.-ex (38) BART 04 Barts Coaches, Littlehampton, S.A.
26SB 30 GX MAN 12.190752.0060.00251 Volgren VG525 9/1993B33DRenmark
ex XDR 085-ex (12) MO 1790 Bathurst Coaches, N.S.W.-ex MAN Demo Also trialled by STA, N.S.W. (Sydney Buses) and a number of private operators including Holroyd Bus Lines, N.S.W. and Crossley Bus Lines, N.S.W.
27XLI 366 Hino Ak176K40546 Centurion 398-773 1/1989B48FRenmark
ex 0049 SO M. & J. Tizjani, Wonthaggi, Vic-ex 0049 SO-ex DPQ 498 Slavin, Wonthaggi, Vic.
SOLD converted to motorhome Broken Hill, N.S.W. as BZ 82 UC.
30UUV 460 Scania K112TR1814370 PMCSA 'Apollo' No plate 3/1989RC46FTRenmark
ex (1)-ex (S8) UUV 460 Holidaymakers, Mildura, Vic.
31UYR 575 Scania K112TR1809519 PMCSA 'Apollo' 4591 8/1987C46FTRenmark
ex (2)-ex UYR 575 L'Dace Coachlines, Adelaide, S.A.-ex UYR 575-ex SV 91 AL Holidaymakers, Mildura, Vic.
L1WMG 799 Isuzu ECR570AJ864793 Custom Coaches 84-41 10/1984RB57F
ex (L1) WMG 799 JH & LJ Formby, Loxton, S.A.-ex MO 0005 Blue Mountains Bus Co, Katoomba, N.S.W.
SOLD to Renmark Backpackers, Renmark, S.A.
L11W 7 Isuzu ECR570AJ854090 Custom Coaches 83-308 2/1984RB57F
ex (L11) W 7 JH & LJ Formby, Loxton, S.A.-ex MO 5770 Blue Mountains Bus Co, Katoomba, N.S.W.
de-reg and used as office at Loxton Depot.
L2WLP 697 Isuzu ECR570AJ854091 PMC 84-1386 1/1984B53F
ex (L2) WLP 697 JH & LJ Formby, Loxton, S.A.-ex MO 1565 Blue Mountains Bus Co, Katoomba, N.S.W.-ex Unknown operator, Qld-ex MO 9723 Williams, Muswellbrook, N.S.W.
L3WTN 496 Mercedes-Benz OH1316345-202-61-658490 Centurion 160 8/1985B49F
ex (L3) WTN 496 JH & LJ Formby, Loxton, S.A.-ex COI 763 Pellegrino, Lockington, Vic-ex Fielding, Lockington, Vic
L4WRK 237 Isuzu ECR570JALECR570F2508560 Centurion 1986B49F
ex (L4) WRK 237 JH & LJ Formby, Loxton, S.A.-ex
L5WXE 419 Isuzu ECR570AJ895864 Newnham 85-66 10/1985B41FLoxton
ex (L5) WXE 419 JH & LJ Formby, Loxton, S.A.-ex (41) 3185 AO-ex RAL 507-ex COB 467 Reservoir Bus Co, Reservoir, Vic (B37D) via Stone, Keith (dealer).
L6XGA 612 Hino AC140KJHDAC140KXXX40441 Hino K30382 1989B28FRenmark
ex (L6) XGA 612 JH & LJ Formby, Loxton, S.A.
Spare bus
L7WSW 310 Isuzu ECR570SAJ954334 Centurion 170 7/1985B49F
ex (L7) WSW 310 JH & LJ Formby, Loxton, S.A.-ex 0637 SO-ex CRA 154 Gutteridge, Sale, VIC-ex CRA 154 Sellings, Sale, Vic.
L8XLT 601 Isuzu ECR570JALECR570F2509008 Centurion 213-1879 7/1986B44F
ex (L8) XLT 601 JH & LJ Formby, Loxton, S.A.-ex FVQ 538-ex CWG 476 DJ Phelan, Barinsdale, Vic- ex CWG 476 PJ & MJ Perry, Bruthen, Vic- ex CWG 476 Warragul Bus Lines, Warragul, Vic
L9WOW 906 Isuzu ECR570 PMC 84-1435 9/1984B57FRenmark
ex (L9) WOW 906 JH & LJ Formby, Loxton, S.A.-ex MO 0011 Barrett, Dubbo, N.S.W.
RAC 061 Mazda Parkway Mazda B18C
RCK 233 Albion VK41L Freighter 4781 20/04/1970C45F
ex RCK 233 Thredgold, Berri, S.A.-ex RCK 233 Birdseye Motor Service, Pt Lincoln, S.A.
RRL 937 Volvo B57-602815 Freighter 4471 12/1973RC39FV
ex RRL 937 Briscoe, Regency Park, S.A.-ex (8217) RRL 937 State Transport Authority, Adelaide, S.A.-ex (17) RRL 937 Thomas Tours, Daw Park, S.A.
SOLD to Buscoach (Dealer), Glynde, S.A.
RVF 798 Albion VK43L Freighter 4934 2/1971
ex RVF 798 Birdseye Motor Service, Pt Lincoln, S.A.
SLB 924 Austin Mee
SPB 164 Domino DC122 - GM 6V92TTA REB148-6-80 Domino B148 6/1980RC49F
ex (211) SPB 164 Bus Australia, Glynde, S.A.-ex (71) SPB 164 Quest Tours, Glynde, S.A.
SOLD to L'Dace Coachlines, Adelaide, S.A. as SPB 164.
UBJ 940 Nissan Civilian Nissan B21C
VTM 535 Toyota Landcruiser Arkana C14C
ex Brits Australian Tours, Preston, Vic
No of withdrawn buses listed = 46

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