Kanga Coachlines

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Kanga Coachlines.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
SB 17 KJ Fuso RosaJLFBE649JOBE00707 MMC - 2007C24C
ex Grant's Coach Lines, Woodville North, S.A.
SB 20 NQ Volvo B11RYV32S921GA177184 Coach Concepts 290 10/2016C50DTKanga
ex SB 34 MC-ex Adelaide Crows livery.
SB 21 NQ Volvo B9RYV3S5P722HA184164 Coach Concepts 318 1/2018C57FKanga
SB 36 MH Volvo B9RYV3S5P728HA180779 Coach Concepts 296 1/2017C48DTKanga
SB 48 LF Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RF10053 MMC - 2010C24C
ex (27) Adelaide Star Bus, Smithfield West, S.A.
SB 59 LV Volvo B9RYV3S5P725GA178423 Coach Concepts 288 9/2016C49DTKanga
Signwritten for Australian Road Journeys.
SB 67 JJ Fuso Rosa DeluxeJLFBE64DJ0RH10334 MMC - 7/2014C24CKanga
SB 72 FM Fuso Rosa DeluxeJLFBE64DJ0RG10331 MMC - 4/2012C24FFarnham
Returned to Kanga with sale of Adelaide Star Bus
SOLD to Farnham Roadlines, Mawson Lakes, S.A. as (19) SB 72 FM and returned to Kanga with sale of business.
SOLD to Adelaide Star Bus, Edinburgh North, S.A. as SB 72 FM.
SB 75 MT Volvo B9RYV3S5P723HA181645 Coach Concepts 305 3/2017C57FTKanga
ex Volvo Stock.
XS 00CL Volvo B8RYV3T7V723KA196639 Volgren 'Endura' VM0487 12/2019C57FKanga
XS 01FF King Long XMQ6911AYLA6A1EAE9MB402172 King Long MB402172 2022C39FKanga
XS 02FF King Long XMQ6911AYLA6A1EAEXMB402505 King Long - 2022C39FKanga
XS 03FF King Long XMQ6911AYLA6A1FAH9MB402088 King Long - 2022C45FKanga
XS 05FJ King LongLA6A1FAH5MB401309 King Long - 4/2022C43FKanga
XS 06HH Fuso Rosa0776 MMC - 2023C24C
XS 07HH Fuso Rosa0774 MMC - 2023C24C
XS 08HJ King Long2638 King Long '6102' - 2023C75F
XS 09HJ King Long2980 King Long '6102' - 2023C75F
XS 10FL Volvo B8RYV3T725NA206804 Maropolo 'Audace 1050' 6/2022C57FKanga
XS 12HK Volvo B8R1692 Marcopolo 'Audace 1050' - 2023C57F
XS 13DX Volvo B8RYV3T7V726LA201690 Maropolo 'Audace 1050' 30192 2020C57FKanga
XS 14BF Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RK31180 MMC - 11/2018B28FKanga
XS 15BF Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RK31175 MMC - 11/2018B28FKanga
XS 18GO King Long2713 King Long - 2023
XS 27FK Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RG10060 MMC - 2011C24C
ex (1598) S598 AQG DECS, S.A.
XS 31CA Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RK31430 Fuso - 2019C24CKanga
XS 33GM Volvo B7RYV3R6G92X6A109640 Coach Concepts 042 10/2006C44FTL
SOLD to Des's Transport, Whyalla, S.A.
ex GCC 007 Greenock Creek Charter, Greenock, S.A.-ex (47) 4098 MO-ex MO 6819 Sunstate Coaches, Eagle Farm, Qld.
XS 35GA Fuso Rosa0555 MMC - 2022C24CKanga
XS 38FW King Long1783 King Long - 2022C45FKanga
XS 39FF King LongLA6A1LBK4MB401259 King Long - 2022C57FKanga
XS 40ER Volvo B9RYV3S5P725GA175215 Coach Concepts 269 2/2016C53FTKanga
ex SB 51 LG.
XS 41CE Volvo B8RYV3T7V726JA189294 Volgren 'Endura' VM0438 10/2018C57FKanga
ex Stock.
XS 42GV Volvo B8R6342 Volgren 'Endura' - 2023C57F
XS 47BI Volvo B11RYV3T2S929JA192412 Coach Concepts 357 1/2019C50FTKanga
XS 53BG Fuso Rosa0132 MMC - 2013C22CKanga
ex Department of Defence, Australia.
XS 55EZ King Long2544 King Long - 2023
XS 64EC Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RJ30047 MMC - 2016C24C
ex ?? via Manhiem Auctions.
XS 66GG Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RK30651 MMC - 2017C21CKanga
ex SB 88 MY.
XS 73GC Fuso Rosa0577 MMC - 2022C24CKanga
XS 74GC Fuso Rosa0578 MMC - 2022C24CKanga
XS 78GQ Fuso Rosa0645 MMC - 2023C24C
XS 79GQ Fuso Rosa0644 MMC - 2023C24C
XS 80GQ Fuso Rosa0686 MMC - 2023C24C
XS 84BS Volvo B11RYV3T2S920KA195278 Coach Concepts 367 6/2019C48FTKanga
XS 84CI Fuso Rosa0273 MMC - 7/2007C24C
ex XS 84 CI, Corston Coaches, Two Wells, S.A.-ex Enjoy Adelaide Tours.
XS 86AZ Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RK31287 MMC - 12/2018C24CKanga
XS 88GA Fuso Rosa0563 MMC - 2022C24CKanga
XS 89GL Volvo B8RYV3T7V725MA206610 Volgren 'Endura' VM0594 1/2023C75FKanga
XS 90GR Volvo B8R6608 Volgren 'Endura' - 2023C70F
XS 90HI Volvo B8R Volgren 'Endura' - 2023C24C
Rego TBC.
XS 91HF Volvo B8RYV3T7V729PA210812 Volgren 'Endura' VM0603 2023C75F
XS 92EO Volvo B7RYV3R6R725EA165935 Marcopolo 'Audace 1050' 30043 6/2014C57FKanga
ex BS 01ZV JPT Tour Group, Airport West, Vic.
XS 93HF Volvo B8RYV3T7V720PA210827 Volgren 'Endura' VM0606 2023C75F
XS 94HF Volvo B8RYV3T7V729PA210813 Volgren 'Endura' VM0604 2023C75F
XS 96AA King Long - Cummins ISLLA6R1MSK2JB109064 King Long '6130AS' HVAB 18-012 28/3/18C75FKanga
? Volvo B8RYV3T7V729PA210826 Volgren 'Endura' VM0605 2023C75F
Total buses in fleet = 56

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