Hopgood, Mt Gambier (P.R.& L.G.)

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Hopgood, Mt Gambier (P.R.& L.G.).

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Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
Previously operated vehicles
RBM 271 Bedford SB3 Freighter
SOLD as camper.
RED 446 Bedford SB3 Freighter 4828 29/09/1970SB65F
ex RED 446 Lee, Mt Gambier, S.A.
SB 24 FM Hyundai AT220KMJNA18KPBC900205 Chiron/UBC 'CS100' 110388AF 1/2012B43F
Traded to Asia Motors Australia on a new Daewoo due to passenger numbers 12/2013.
SBU 292 Bedford SB5NFM2BFJ603887 PMCSA 6160 1976SB66F
ex SBU 292 Northern Charter, Adelaide, S.A.-ex SBU 292 Jaisman, Willunga, S.A.-ex SBU 292 Addicoat, Aldinga, S.A.-ex (782) SBU 292 EDSA, South Australia.
SHW 806 AEC Reliance Domino Hedges
SOLD as camper.
SJX 030 Bedford SB5 PMCSA 6265 5/1977SB66F
SUX 021 Bedford SB5 Freighter 6024 1974SB66F
SXA 761 Bedford Freighter
ex (8) SXA 761 Willunga Charter, S.A.-ex Education Department of South Australia (EDSA)
WLW 941 Volvo B6FAYV36A6B17GD001120 Newnham 87-6 5/1987B49F
ex Warragul Bus Lines, Vic
WOT 479 Mercedes-Benz OH1316345-202-61-718175 Ansair TL6027 4/7/1988B49F
ex (219) MET 219 Metro, Launceston, Tas-ex (219) GV 5928 Metropolitan Transport Trust, Launcestion, Tas (B42D).
WOX 790 Mercedes-Benz OH1316345-202-61-717854 Ansair TL6022 13/4/1988B49F
ex (214) MET 214 Metro, Launceston, Tas-ex (214) GV 5752 Metropolitan Transport Trust, Launceston, Tas (B42D).
WPL 317 Mercedes-Benz OH1316345-202-61-712701 Ansair TL6007 29/7/1987B49F
ex (356) MET 356 Metro, Burnie, Tas-ex (356) GV 4643 Metropolitan Transport Trust, Burnie, Tas (B42D).
WPL 489 Mercedes-Benz OH1316345-202-61-718025 Ansair TL6025 1/6/1988B49F
ex (213) MET 213 Metro, Launceston, Tas-ex (213) GV 5833 Metropolitan Transport Trust, Launceston, Tas (B42D).
WWY 855 Mercedes-Benz OH1316WDB34520261663966 Centurion 172 1986B49F
ex 0382 SO-ex CRV 709 Corbett, Rochester, Vic-ex CRV 709 Kellett, Rochester, Vic
XAZ 434 Isuzu ECR570JALECR570F2509006 Centurion 223-179 1/1987B45F
ex 0339 SO R. & J. Magor, Horsham, Vic
SOLD to private owner, Bexley, N.S.W.
No of withdrawn buses listed = 15

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