Bottroff's Bus Service, Mannum

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Bottroff's Bus Service, Mannum.

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Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeating
Previously operated vehicles
143 756 Bedford SB3 Freighter B41F
ex Bowmans Bus Service, St. Agnes, S.A.
595 709 Austin 5.60FYJBHR4V233006 Freighter 1/1966SB52F
ex EDSA, Adelaide, S.A.
RVB 721 Hino RC320 Freighter 4901 2/1971C45F
ex (8317) RVB 721 State Transport Authority, Adelaide, S.A.-ex (17) RVB 721 Briscoes Motor Service, Adelaide, S.A.
SB 61 GU Fuso RosaJLFBE64J0RH10131 Fuso - 6/2013C22C
SOLD to M Bus Co, Mannum, S.A. as SB 61 GU.
SB 62 GU Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RH10070 Fuso - 6/2013C22C
SOLD to M Bus Co, Mannum, S.A. as SB 62 GU.
SB 90 DC Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0PF01311 Fuso - 12/2009C24C
SOLD to M Bus Co, Mannum, S.A. as SB 90 DC.
SDJ 886 Hino BX340E40006 PMCSA 4046 6/1978C48F
ex (7) SDJ 886 Dial A Tour Bus, Adelaide, S.A.
SOLD as camper.
SHY 471 Bedford SB5NJM2BZ624087/NJM2BFJ578482 PMCSA 6328 1978SB66F
SOLD to Valley Tours, Maitland, S.A. as SHY 471.
SKP 650 Hino AM100 B28F
SOLD as camper.
SOJ 278 Hino AM100 1979B28F
ex (4) SOJ 278 Dial a Bus, Adelaide, S.A.
SOLD as camper.
SOK 548 Hino AM100 40571/K13205 1980B28F
SOLD as camper.
SPC 004 Hino AM100 40082/K15058 4/1993B27F
ex (9) SPC 004 Transit Regency, Reynella, S.A.
SOLD as camper.
UBO 494 Hino AC140 B28F
SOLD as camper.
USS 426 Mazda T3500
SOLD to Roudabout Charter, Eden Hills, S.A. as USS 426.
UTW 864 Hino AC140 B28F
UTW 865 Hino AC140 40241/K24312 1985B28F
VGD 612 Scania K82SR1806510 PMCSA 4413 11/1984C45F
CKR 149 Swan Hill Bus Lines, Murray Downs, Vic-ex CKR 149 M.V.E.T., Swan Hill, Vic.
VNB 613 Toyota Coaster Arakawa B19C
VNF 938 Toyota Coaster Arakawa B22C
VYW 551 Mercedes-Benz LO812910863 PMCSA 4953 4/1993B27F
ex (9) VYW 551 Transit Regency Coaches, Reynella, S.A.-ex (315) STA 315, State Transport Authority, Adelaide, S.A.
SOLD as motorhome, Waikerie S.A. as SB 27 FM.
WPU 936 MAN 16.2906AB4790105MX00242 Ansair M2308 12/1992C49F
ex WPU 936 Woodside Coaches, Woodside, S.A.-ex Royal Australian Air Force, Canberra, ACT.
SOLD to M Bus Co, Mannum, S.A. as WPU 936.
WTO 235 Hino AC140 B28F
? Nissan Civilian Nissan B21C
No of withdrawn buses listed = 23

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