Red Bus Ltd - Christchurch - Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Red Bus Ltd - Christchurch - Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
Company owned by Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, NZ.
● 1991: Christchurch Transport Ltd formed from Christchurch Transport Board to meet de-regulation legislation
● 1999: Christchurch Transport Ltd changes name to Red Bus Ltd
● 12/2020: Red Bus Ltd SOLD to Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, NZ by owner, Christchurch City Council
03/2021: Fleet begins amalgamation with Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, NZ
386BEY500 MAN 12.2237ABA800104AD00764 Designline 2003B39DWRed Bus
391BFG919 MAN 12.2237ABA800112AD00772 Designline 2003B39DWRed Bus
406CZZ664 MAN 12.2237ABA800401AD01061 Designline 2005B39DWRed Bus
407CZZ663 MAN 12.2237ABA800400AD01060 Designline 2005B39DWRed Bus
408ECN870 MAN 16.2237ABA800542AD01194 Designline 2007B41DWRed Bus
409ECN876 MAN 16.2237ABA800543AD01195 Designline 2007B41DWMetro
410EDE825 MAN 16.2237ABA800544AD01196 Designline 2007B41DWRed Bus
501MEK801 BYD K9LC04S44S6J1000004 Zhuhai Guangtong / ADL Enviro200 MMC 2019B36DWMetro
502MEK802 BYD K9LC04S44S8J1000005 Zhuhai Guangtong / ADL Enviro200 MMC 2019B36DWMetro
503MEK803 BYD K9LC04S44SXJ1000006 Zhuhai Guangtong / ADL Enviro200 MMC 2019B36DWMetro
710EDE850 MAN 18.2237ABA800547AD01199 Designline 2007B51DWRed Bus
711EDE851 MAN 18.2237ABA800549AD01201 Designline 2007B51DWRed Bus
900FBW777 MAN 16.2807ABA800712AD01363 Designline Enviroline 2009B37DWMetro
901FBW780 MAN 16.2807ABA800713AD01364 Designline Enviroline 2009B37DWMetro
902FDD181 MAN 16.2807ABA800714AD01365 Designline Enviroline 2009B37DWMetro
903FDD182 MAN 16.2807ABA800715AD01366 Designline Enviroline 2009B37DWMetro
904FDD183 MAN 16.2807ABA800716AD01367 Designline Enviroline 2009B37DWMetro
905FDD184 MAN 16.2807ABA800717AD01368 Designline Enviroline 2009B37DWMetro
906FDD222 MAN 16.2807ABA800707AD01370 Designline Enviroline 2009B37DWMetro
907FDD223 MAN 16.2807ABA800719AD01371 Designline Enviroline 2009B37DWMetro
908FDD232 MAN 16.2807ABA800720AD01372 Designline Enviroline 2009B37DWMetro
909FDD233 MAN 16.2807ABA800721AD01373 Designline Enviroline 2009B37DWMetro
910FDD234 MAN 16.2807ABA800722AD01374 Designline Enviroline 2009B37DWMetro
911FTY876 MAN 16.2807ABA800725AD01377 Designline Enviroline 2011B37DWMetro
912GBT973 MAN 16.2807ABA800726AD01378 Designline Enviroline 2011B37DWMetro
913GDK272 MAN 16.2807ABA800727AD01379 Designline Enviroline 2011B37DWMetro
914GFE884 MAN 16.2807ABA800729AD01381 Designline Enviroline 2012B37DWMetro
915GFE886 MAN 16.2807ABA800728AD01380 Designline Enviroline 2012B37DWMetro
916GFE895 MAN 16.2807ABA800730AD01382 Designline Enviroline 2012B37DWMetro
917GFE909 MAN 16.2807ABA800731AD01383 Designline Enviroline 2012B37DWMetro
918GGC212 MAN 16.2807ABA800732AD01384 Designline Enviroline 2012B37DWMetro
919GFE937 MAN 16.2807ABA800733AD01385 Designline Enviroline 2012B37DWMetro
950FAS903 MAN 18.2807ABA800601AD01339 Designline Enviroline 2009B45DWMetro
951FAS904 MAN 18.2807ABA800602AD01340 Designline Enviroline 2009B45DWMetro
952FAS905 MAN 18.2807ABA800603AD01341 Designline Enviroline 2009B45DWMetro
953FAS906 MAN 18.2807ABA800504AD01342 Designline Enviroline 2009B45DWMetro
954FAS922 MAN 18.2807ABA800605AD01343 Designline Enviroline 2009B45DWMetro
955FAS923 MAN 18.2807ABA800606AD01344 Designline Enviroline 2009B45DWMetro
956FAS924 MAN 18.2807ABA800607AD01345 Designline Enviroline 2009B45DWMetro
957FAS921 MAN 18.2807ABA800608AD01346 Designline Enviroline 2009B45DWMetro
958FAS937 MAN 18.2807ABA800609AD01347 Designline Enviroline 2009B45DWMetro
959FAS938 MAN 18.2807ABA800610AD01348 Designline Enviroline 2009B45DWMetro
960FAS939 MAN 18.2807ABA800708AD01359 Designline Enviroline 2009B45DWMetro
961FAS940 MAN 18.2807ABA800709AD01360 Designline Enviroline 2009B45DWRed Bus
962FBW729 MAN 18.2807ABA800710AD01361 Designline Enviroline 2009B45DWRed Bus
974GGC200 MAN 18.2807ABA800723AD01375 Designline Enviroline 2012B43DWMetro
975GGU881 MAN 18.2807ABA800724AD01376 Designline Enviroline 2012B43DWMetro
976GGU888 Scania K280UB6YS2K6X20001866122 Designline Enviroline 2012B47DWMetro
977GGU894 Scania K280UB6YS2K6X20001866137 Designline Enviroline 2012B47DWMetro
978GGU902 Scania K280UB6YS2K6X20001866131 Designline Enviroline 2012B47DWMetro
979GGU908 Scania K280UB6YS2K6X20001866134 Designline Enviroline 2012B47DWMetro
980GKA304 Scania K280UB6YS2K6X20001866125 Designline Aeroline 2012B47DWMetro
Total buses in fleet = 52

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