Registration Formats

The following explanation relates to initiating searches when using the Search Facility.

Registration Formats
MO - m/o conventions.
New South Wales country dddd MO - where MO is upper case.
ACT are recorded as MO - upper case.
Sydney Metropolitan/Regional m/o - lower case letters.
Northern Territory - mo - lower case.

Single Bus search - input registration, fleet number or at least 4 characters of the VIN of bus required.

Registration Range Search
Any number of characters starting with TV or m/o may be input which will list any registrations starting with the characters input and are two characters longer than the characters input - as above any blank or . is ignored.
The characters input may be followed by two asterisks which will be ignored
eg m/o 4 will list all m/o 4XX registrations while m/o 45 will list all m/o 45XX registrations.
Output in this case is in registration sequence and will show a link which will provide the full information for the bus concerned.
Some items may nor show any link - these are additional items which are not present in any public webpage.

In any search more than one item may be provided for any value searched for is present in more than one webpage eg buses which have moved from one operator to another.