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349 IDG968 viewsSoon to be rebranded as Greyhound Australia, this Greyhound Pioneer Denning Landseer (349) runs an Express service to Toowoomba after departing Dreamworld. It is ex Richmond Coaches TV 342; ex RV 872 and has since been sold

m/o 544967 viewsVeolia Transport (628) Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC ex transit First, Bankstown (27) m/o 544 1/2/07; ex Bankstown-Strathfield Bus Service, Greenacre m/o 544 5/5/03; ex STA Mk II 2116 4/00. Withdrawn 10/2009.
3616AO964 viewsUS Bus # 16 Volvo B6FA/Volgren seen at the Ventura Oakleigh depot shortly after the take over by Ventura, after being cleaned up in preparation for disposal.
TV 4429964 viewsAustralian Luxury Travel Denning Landseer. Photo by Ben O. Sold for a motorhome 21/1/11.

m/o 2301961 viewsSydney Buses (2301) Mercedes O305/PMC Mark II - since withdrawn.
7084 MO960 viewsPBC Goulburn Iveco Delta/Custom Coaches SB50 in Goulburn 26/2/2015. It was displayed at the 2011 Sydney Bus Show, Rosehill Racecourse and purchased at the 2011 BIC auction.
1565 MO956 viewsNew in TNSW livery (with no waratah logo) for Blue Mtns Bus Co is this Scania 270UB with CB80 body seen here at Valley Heights.
m/o 2557956 viewsSydney Buses (2557) Mercedes O305G/PMC running special into the City at Roseville 2/3/2007.
1181 8-10.jpg
m/o 5432955 viewsBusways ex Hawkesbury Valley Bus & Coach Volvo B7RLE/Bustech VST (1181) is passed at Mount Druitt Stn by ex CDC Volvo B7RLE/ Volgren "CR228L" m/o 6002 (1075).
m/o 792955 viewsFrom Blue Ribbon (111) Leyland Tiger with PMC Progress body. This bus previously belonged to (associated operator) Glenorie Bus Co still in their livery, and Busways before that. Since reregd 3649 MO.
m/o 1317953 viewsSydney Buses (1317) Mercedes O405NH/CC in advertising livery for Heinz
m/o 9760952 viewsInterline’s Volvo B7RLE 2 m/o 9760 with Volgren body is seen here in Minto on route 870 to Liverpool.

2646AO952 viewsVentura (146) 2646AO Scania L94UB(Ethanol)/CC 'CB60' operating on former National Bus Co route 250.
m/o 8675950 viewsBaxters Renault PR100.2/Ansair ex ACTION 753 is seen operating route 930 on the southern side Bankstown Station. This bus and Route passed to Transit First on the 1st of January and a couple of years later to Veolia Transport.
MO 5290947 viewsFrom Busways Macarthur is 527 Mercedes O405 / CC '510' registered MO 5290. This is one of many ex King Bros bus now used on Busways' Sydney route service. Since reregd m/o 5224.
m/o 662947 viewsThe first Punchbowl Bus Co bus in Transport NSW livery, a Volvo B7RLE with possibly the last Custom CB60 body, seen here on its first day out on a 945 trip to Centro Bankstown showing via Mortdale. Olympian photo.
570 3-7.jpg
m/o 570944 viewsWestbus Girraween Mercedes O400/P&D ex (12) m/o 570 Baxter's Bus Lines (Holroyd Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Girraween, N.S.W.-ex MO 8857-ex (17) MO 8857 Bega Valley Coaches, N.S.W.-ex MO 3439 OJ"s Bus Service, Kempsey N.S.W. and was a plush charter vehicle with TV Screens etc. Today, it is resigned to local school and route services. And Baxters acquired the plates with the Bass Hill operastion in 1995.
m/o 2558944 viewsSydney Buses (2558) Mercedes O305G/PMC seen at Chatswood 28/2/2007.
m/o 2332941 viewsSydney Buses (2332) Mercedes O305/PMC Mark II since sold. It spent its whole time with Sydey Buses at the Ryde depot.
XAM 184941 viewsFrom Southlink is 2801 Scania L94UB with Volgren CR224 body. This is the only Articulated Volgren vehicle in the Southlink Fleet. The bus features High Back Seats, and Television Monitors and is marketed as the Zone Cruiser by the South Australian Govt and Southlink, as a trial for future buses with similar specs in Adelaide.
1135 6-10.jpg
m/o 9928935 viewsBusways - on it's way from Glendenning to Mulgrave, Scania K230UB/Volgren/CR228L (1135) stops to get some sun, with Riverstone township in the background, on the first day Busways operated the full region 1 services 6/10/2013.
Rouse Hill Town Centre932 viewsThe rear of a Hillsbus bus at the Rouse Hill Town Centre.
BUS 777931 viewsThe sole 4 axle Scania K113TR from Premier Motor Service is seen here exiting their Figtree Depot (which operates Premier Illawarra services) for the overnight service to Brisbane from Sydney. This bus has an Austral Pacific Body and formerly belonged to Sid Foggs Coachlines.
AF65WL931 viewsThe latest Coach in the Ogdens of Wellington fleet is this Autobus/Autobus Countrylink coach photographed by Denair.
ACTION Nationals929 viewsShown here in 1981, are two Leyland National's from ACTION's once extensive fleet of these vehicles. At the same time, ACTION would've been taking delivery of their MAN SL200 buses.

TP 202929 viewsTransperth 202, an ex-WestRail Volvo B12R with Australian Autobus bodywork, is seen at the new Mandurah Bus Station picking up passengers prior to departing for Perth on the popular 867 CityLink route.

m/o 9471926 viewsRear view of Busabout Volvo B12BLE Euro V/Bustech "VST"
MO 5031924 viewsMaking an appearance with new Busways Signage is 580 MO 5031 a Mercedes O405 with Custom Coaches 510 series body at Blacktown Station. This bus is from the Former Kings Bros (North Coast) fleet. Since reregd m/o 5148.

2006-02-07 16-52-56_0106.JPG
781 IOJ923 viewsSurfside 706 (781.IOJ) is a Volvo B12BLE with Bustech VST body, seen leaving Pacific Fair in February 2006. The bus still carries the advertising for the 2005 Gold Coast Indy 300.

MO 0601923 viewsWarrigal Charters Volvo B6FA/CC ex Busways North Coast Pty Ltd, Laurieton (390) MO 0601; ex Gosford; ex Peninsula Bus Lines; ex Davis, Ourimbah; ex Western Road. Since reregd TV 4797 then sold to Townsville for non-PSV 8/09.
m/o 2347921 viewsSydney Buses (2347) Mercedes O305/PMC Mark II at Circular Quay followed by similar unit m/o 2476.
3714 MO921 viewsThis is the original TNSW liveried vehicle in Blue Mountain Bus Company's fleet a Volvo B9R with CC SB50 body.
2006-02-15 10-51-09_0534.JPG
410 ITX919 viewsConnex Qld – now Veolia Transport as (310), is a Volvo B12BLE with Bustech VST body, photographed at Capalaba Interchange. Operators in Queensland are encouraged by the state government to purchase locally completed buses, as part of the Government's partial funding of new bus purchases.
TV 6384918 viewsTelfords Volvo B9R/Coach Concepts on rail duties at Central 5/2/2012
m/o 9471917 viewsBusabout Volvo B12BLE Euro V/Bustech "VST"
TV 4913917 viewsBronzewing Tours TV 4913 MAN 18.360 13.5m/Coach Design at Wollongong 3/2/10.
m/o 8258915 viewsOperating the last route 932 service from Bankstown for Baxter's Bus Lines is this Mercedes O305 Mk1/PMC ex STA (1899). This is one of the last Mk1 Mercedes operating route service in Sydney. This bus is ex Delwood and subsequently also operated with Westbus before going to Select Coaches.
m/o 3043911 viewsSydney Buses 3043 Mercedes O305/PMC Mark IV at Greenwich Wharf 26/2/2007.
m/o 5365910 viewsHillsbus Volvo B7RLE/Volgren CR228L Metrobus seen laying over between trips at Parramatta on a miserable day weatherwise.
m/o 452908 viewsVeolia Transport (158) Mercedes-Benz O405NH/ABM "CB60" ex transit First (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (3) m/o 452 1/2/07; ex m/o 8619; ex King Bros undelivered.
MO 1318908 viewsThree older photos this month from Andrew MacGee showing Busways Scania K93/CC’s ex Peninsula Buslines. (419) is in Busways livery with black around the headlights.
m/o 2558908 viewsSydney Buses (2558) Mercedes O305G/PMC artic at Frenchs Forest 28/2/2007.
m/o 8589908 viewsTelfords Renault PR100.2/Ansair ex Action Canberra 778 departing City. Later regd TV 5294.
m/o 1970906 viewsNew for Shorelink is (136) Iveco/Volgren CR228L in the new blue and white Transport NSW livery on Easter Show duties 24/4/2011. It was destroyed by fire December 2012.
m/o 3067904 viewsSydney Buses (3067) Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC Mk IV at Bondi Beach
u/r903 viewsKangaroo Bus Lines Denning Phoenix LF at the Melbourne Busvic Maintenance Conference July 2011.
WKL 243902 viewsAdmet Torrens Transit MAN NL202-CNG/ABM #760
598 FJT901 viewsSurfside Buslines unit 598 598-FJT Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Bustech heads back to Tweed depot after doing an afternoon school run.
m/o 3112901 viewsSydney Buses (3112) Mercedes O405/PMC Mark 5 in Eastern Valley Way, Northbridge approaching Castlecrag.
m/o 662900 viewsThe first Punchbowl Bus Co bus in Transport NSW livery, a Volvo B7RLE with possibly the last Custom CB60 body, seen here on its first day out on a 945 trip to Centro Bankstown showing via Riverwood. Olympian photo.

WJM 986899 viewsTorrens Transit (1347) MAN NL202/PMCA which is not wheelchair accessible.

m/o 8276899 viewsFrom Forest Coachlines is this Volvo B12BLE/Bustech VST.
MET 614899 viewsMetro Tasmania MET614 is a Scania N113/Ansair 'Orana'
TV 4442897 viewsIllawarra Escape Tours TV 4442 Denning Denair. Photo by Ben O.

m/o 2568896 viewsSydney Buses (2568) Mercedes O305G/PMC artic on its way to Avalon.
TV 5273896 viewsTelfords had most vehicles out on rail during a recent weekend, including vehicles in school livery - TV 5273 Renault PR100.2/PMC (ex STA 3304) has had its Scots College sign writing covered up for the holidays and was photographed at Macarthur Station.

202 AEF894 viewsFrom Greyhound Australia is this Denning Landseer, painted in Suncoast Pacific Livery, (an operation they just took over) preparing to operate an express service to the Sunshine Coast seen leaving their Brisbane depot. Fleet number 202. It was originally ex McCafferty. Since sold to an Adelaide Tour Operator.

XCP 744893 viewsRecent deliveries to the Adelaide Metro system are these Scania L94UA's with Custom Coaches CB60 Combo bodies. This is a unit for Serco and later Torrens Transit, given fleet number 950.
m/o 7205892 viewsOperating an AM Peak service is this Hillsbus (still showing Westbus on the desto) Volvo B10M Mk1/CC in Ray Road at Epping on an ex Harris Park route.
TV 6194891 viewsHawkesford's Airport Citybus Austral DC122 in Cremorne. It is ex (VIC) 1897 AO, ex Deluxe, Melbourne 11/09, ex TV 4463 by 6/07, ex Enfield operation 1/07, ex Hopkinson's, Smithfield TV 365, ex Deluxe (164) TV 365.
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