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6682AO47 viewsHollands Adventure Tours, Maryborough Mercedes OH1830/Express in Melbourne on a V/Line service 16th April 2016.
img039 - TransHuon Leyland National [DC 4490] @ Huonville c_early 2000's.jpg
DC 449047 viewsTransHuon Bus Service Leyland National at Huonville c early 2000’s.
img081 - Ansair Mercedes-Benz OH1316 Lovell's Coaches [FA 8854] @ North Hobart Oval.jpg
FA 885447 viewsLovell’s Coaches, Tasmania Mercedes OH1316/Ansair at North Hobart Oval.
MMTB 21447 viewsMMTB V class tram (214) at Wellington Parade c 1982.
img093 - Leyland Atlantean PRD1A-1 [PMC] ex UTA 1014 Buses Galore, Pt_ Adelaide [VNJ 644] @ Diagonal Road, Marion.jpg
VNJ 64447 viewsBuses Galore, Port Adelaide Leyland Atlantean PRD1A-1/PMC ex UTA (104) at Diagonal Road, Marion.
img849 - Mercedes-Benz 0303 [Denning] Australian Scenic Tours No_53 [DN 2073] @ Strahan c_1998_.jpg
DN 207347 viewsAustralian Scenic Tours (53) Mercedes O303/Denning at Strahan c 1998.
img927 - Leyland PMC [SKO-375] Emmanuel College, Novar Gardens SA_ @ Oaklands Park, SA c_1990's.jpg
SKO 37547 viewsImmanuel College Leyland/PMC at Oaklands Park, SA c 1990’s.
SB21LV47 viewsKangaroo Island Tours/Sealink (57) Scania K360IB/Coach Design at the Seaside Inn, Kingscote, Kangaroo Island 9/8/2017.
2839 MO47 viewsRoadcoach (Kmet) Moss Vale Hyundai Aero City /Northcoast ex Noack (MJ) - Goulburn ex MO 6729, in the Wanda Beach parking area 30/8/2017.
TV 567547 viewsRoad Runner Tours, Wyong (5) Volvo B12R/Northcoast ex Australian Defence Forces, Canberra, ACT via Auction 11/09, in Bellingara Road, Miranda 19/9/2017.
m/o 658247 viewsSkennars Volvo B10M Mk III/Austral Metroliner ex m/o 6464, ex Brisbane Transport, Toowong, QLD (310) 310 BRU via auction, in Urunga Parade, Miranda 6/12/2017.
IMG_5132 - Transperth 1869 Volgren CR228L Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG [TP 1869] @ Roe Street B_S_ c_01Apr2016.JPG
TP 186947 viewsTransperth (1869) Mercedes O500LE CNG/Volgren CR228L at Roe St B.S, c 1 April 2016.
IMG_6423 - Volvo B10M [PMCSA] Franklins Tas [DD 7722] @ Queenstown c_20Oct2016.JPG
DD 772247 viewsFranklins, Tasmania Volvo B10M/PMCSA at Queenstown c 20 October 2016.
IMG_6429 - Volvo B10M [PMCSA] Franklins TAS [DD 7722] @ Queenstown c_10Oct2016.JPG
DD 772247 viewsFranklins, Tasmania Volvo B10M/PMCSA at Queenstown c 10 October 2016.
ATM 81947 viewsInvicta Leyland Leopard/Freighter with a home made front.
?47 viewsPreserved MMTB (422) Leyland OPS1 seen here at Preston Tram Workshops on an enthusiast tour.
Lineup47 viewsLineup of seven buses at the HCVA Rally, late November 2008.
711 PJO47 viewsMackay City Buses Bedford YRT3 – CAT3208/Custom Coaches on a charter in 1989.
JWE 93247 viewsMartyr’s Bus Service (26) was a Freighter bodied Leyland Royal Tiger Cub which came from Sinclair's Bus Service.
203 CBM47 viewsMcCafferty’s (203) Denning Landseer ex TV 260 Delwood Coaches, Sydney.
1850AO47 viewsMcKenzie's Tourist Services Volvo B7R/Irizar "Century 3500". Seen here resting up at Science works Melbourne.
MO 9347 viewsMurrays Coaches, ACT (311) IBC –GM 8V92/PMC in 1994.
TP 133247 viewsPath Transit (1332) Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Volgren on a 30T crossing the Narrows Bridge January 2013.
UQB 70647 viewsPath Transit (706) Renault PR180.2/JW Bolton ex Swan Transit on route 34 January 2013.
3041AO47 viewsPanorama, Diamond Creek (341) Mercedes O405NH/Volgren at the depot in 2010.
157 PMG47 viewsPark Ridge Transit (157) Leyland Panther/Hedges in 1987.
BCG 62247 viewsPreston Coburg Bus Service Bedford SB5/Newnham in service at Northland in 1987.
MO 036447 viewsPurtill, Deniliquin (22) Mercedes O303-2/Austral ex KP 2022; ex C42FT; ex Tolu Pty Ltd t/a New Wrights, Cheltenham, VIC DNO 783, in Melbourne on a theatre tour in 1991. Since reregd MO 6531 and then 2786 MO.
MO 829147 viewsRyan, Cudal Isuzu KS21/Nambucca between school services in 1990.
ORA 35347 viewsSeaforth Bus Service, Mackay Hino RC420/Stewart in 1986.
BS01WY47 viewsSkybus, Melbourne (106) Bustech CDi DD in Dudley St April 2016.
9970AO47 viewsSkylight Buslines (18) Fuso Rosa ex ACTION BUS 029, on the BCSV tour 20th August 2016.
m/o 256647 viewsSydney Buses (2556) Mercedes O305G/PMC possibly on its last day in service at Carringron St, Wynyard prior to beginning a route 180 service to Collaroy Plateau 5/11/2009.
m/o 894047 viewsTelfords Volvo B58-56/CAC Mk II ex Metro Tasmania, Hobart, TAS (343) GT 2569 (B39D) -/96. Seen here still in Hobart colours.
XNM 34247 viewsTorrens Transit (1241) Scania L94UB/Custom Coaches CB60A breaks its revenue service virginity May 2007, seen doing a 543X.
TA 130047 viewsTorrens Transit (1300) Volvo B59/PMCSA. Seen on a charity run for disadvantaged children May 2007, owned by Torrens Transit at that point in time.
WJP 69847 viewsTorrens Transit (139) MAN SL200/PMCSA Commuter seen posing at the old bus loop at Surrey Downs 15/7/2007.
WXJ 08747 viewsTorrens Transit (1515) MAN 18.280 HOCL-NL/ABM CB64A operating a 115N to the City on the last day of operation of this route 12/1/2008.
WRL 00747 viewsTorrens Transit (1775) MAN NL232 CNG/ABM CB62A carries a Short Term Fullback for Nokia.
WJI 62047 viewsTorrens Transit Mercedes O305/PMCSA, ex Serco, is about to begin a 271 at night April 2007. Withdrawn 2010.
WJI 621 and WJI 62447 viewsTorrens Transit (521) and (524) Mercedes O305/PMCSA at rest at TTP on the evening of 4/4/2007 – withdrawn 11/2010 and 12/2010 respectively.
WKL 34747 viewsTorrens Transit (758) MAN NL 202 CNG/ABM 160 with a Long Term Fullback ad for a housing estate(it's been advrtised for around 8 or 9 months in 2007). Ex Serco and later gone to Light City Buses.
WJZ 66147 viewsTorrens Transit (1664) MAN NL202 CNG/ASBM 160 in a new AOA for Malaysia in May 2007, purrs away from the Light Square intersection.
4516AO47 viewsTransdev, Melbourne (5160) MAN SL202/Volgren ex Ventura, ex Moorabbin Transit, arriving at Box Hill on a 279 service 6th July 2016.
3434AO47 viewsVentura Bus Lines, Moorabbib (572) Mercedes O405NH/Volgren in Jasper Road, Bentleigh on metro rail 25th June 2016.
Yarra 1647 viewsYarra Trams (16) Z1 class doing a route 8 (or 0008 as it was shown on the desto), and is sitting at the corner of Collins and Swanston Sts July 2008.
Yarra 351147 viewsYarra Trams D1 class (3511) on a 72 service to Melbourne University in 2003 still in the transition livery from M-trams.
Yarra 601147 viewsYarra Trams (6011) E class tram in St Kilda 18th August 2016 sporting the new PTV livery.
Yarra 85647 viewsYarra (856) W Class in 2007 Christmas livery seen here in Spencer St. [City Circle Trams now go via Docklands rather than Spencer St.]
Yarra 97647 viewsYarra Trams (976) W6 class in AOA outside Flinders St. Station (This Tram is preserved in Bendigo)
Melbourne tram 17646 viewsMelbourne Z3 class tram (176) in AOA for Toshiba.
Hop On/Off46 viewsCaptain Cook Cruises ferry on their Hop On/Off service on Sydney Harbour 9/12/2015.
Admet 10246 viewsAdmet Tram (102) Flexity Classic in AOA for Savings and Loans, rounds the turn into North Terrace 14/10/2007 the day the extension was opened.
Admet 11046 viewsAdelaide Tram (110) Flexity Classic in a new AOA for Rundle Mall 24 November 2007.
CH 015046 viewsPreserved MMTB (592) is a AEC MK3 short Version (commonly referred to as Bobtails) seen here at the Fitzroy Gardens one Australia Day.
21963H46 viewsEx DGT (2352) AEC Regent/Comeng ex (unused) Ku-ring-gai Bus Co, Gordon N.S.W., ex m/o 8618, m/o 7516 Midshore Busways, Gordon N.S.W. ex m/o 7516 Deane's Coaches, North Ryde N.S.W. on George ST for Motorfest 2009 in January.
Pacific Pearl46 viewsP&O liner heading out of Sydney 9/12/2015.
Freshwater46 viewsSydney Ferries ferry on Sydney Harbour 10/11/2015.
Lady Northcott46 viewsSydney Ferries vessel in Circular Quay 10/11/2015.
BS01PL46 viewsBayside Coaches, Moorabbin (41) Volvo B13R/Coach Concepts on a V/Line service on the Monash Freeway 1st March 2016.
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