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QSG 12152 viewsCardwell’s Numurkah Metrotec Delta 16.210/Express on a morning school service in 2003.
4941AO52 viewsCDC Eastrans (95) Volvo B10B/Volgren on route 630, nearing Monash University despite showing Huntingdale Station on the Desto.
CPH752 viewsCPH Railmotors 7 leads railmotor 1 going through Gerringong 18/1/2009. Photographed at the Fern St Level Crossing.
256 PTB52 viewsDoyles Bus Service, Camira Elwood HCA-Cummins/PMCSA in 1987.
ETB 73152 viewsA Grice bodied Bedford OB now owned by Driver Buslines (2), was part of the late John Masterson fleet at display at Sandown 25/11/2007.
6198 MO52 viewsEdwards, Armidale AEC Swift 760/Domino ex 3402 MO,, ex MO 1513, ex Shorelink (22) m/o 5008, returning to Sydney in the summer of 1990, at a rest stop in the outskirts of Tamworth.
6779AO52 viewsExcellent Coaches Fuso Rosa on the Monash Freeway 23rd October 2016.
9599AO52 viewsFallons, Shepparton Transit Volvo B9R/Coach Design in Melbourne on V/Line replacement 16th April 2016.
m/o 945852 viewsForest Coach Lines Volvo B12BLEA/Custom Coaches CB60 Evo II. This was one of two which had a larger upsweep window in the rear section where the floor rises. Seen heading up the Warringah Expressway at the end of the AM peak.
MO 938752 viewsFuller, Couts Crossing Mercedes OH1418/Custom Coaches in Sydney working at the Olympics in 2000.
CFX 02952 viewsGrenda Bus Service (12) Volvo B10M/Volgren with Santa hanging on for his life.
WTT 57652 viewsHarris Coaches, SA Scania K93CRB/Newnham ex (3) TV 226 K & N Pye t/a Gosford City Coaches, West Gosford, N.S.W.-ex TV 226 Peninsula Bus Lines. Central Coast, N.S.W, in 2007.
m/o 785052 viewsHillsbus Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches 510 on the Warringah Expressway.
img124 - Volvo B58 [CAC] Lovells Coaches [DI 1403] [ex MTT 58] @ Sandy Bay c_2000.jpg
DI 140352 viewsLovell’s Coaches, Tasmania Volvo B58/CAC ex MTT 58 at Sany Bay c 2000.
img198 - Leyland Atlantean [MCW] Gregory & Co [DZ 4499] @ Elizabeth St_ Hobart c_2000.jpg
DZ 449952 viewsGregory & Co Omnibuses Leyland Atlantean/MCW at Elizabeth St, Hobart c 2000.
img884 - EDSA Hino AK176K 1368 [UQP 368] [PMCSA] @ Mt Compass.jpg
UQP 36852 viewsEDSA (1368) Hino AK176K/PMCSA at Mt Compass.
img885 - EDSA Hino BX341 1424 [PMCSA] [UQY 424] @ Seacombe Rd_ C_2001.jpg
UQY 42452 viewsEDSA (1424) Hino BX341/PMCSA at Seacombe Rd. c.2001.
img887 - EDSA Hino AK176K 1428 [UQY 428] [PMCSA] @ Victor Harbor.jpg
UQY 42852 viewsEDSA (1428) Hino AK176K/PMCSA at Victor Harbour.
IMGP0204 - Goolwa Bus & Coach No_26 Hino BX341 [PMCSA] [XDA015] ex EDSA 1261 c_16Nov06_JPG.jpg
XDA 01552 viewsGoolwa Bus & Coach (26) Hino BX341/PMCSA ex EDSA (1261) c 16 November 2006.
IMGP3599 - Leyland Titan OPD2 [Clyde] ex UTA mo2490 Capt_ Fell's [EO 1166] @ Brooke St_ Pier c_09Feb2008.JPG
EO 116652 viewsCaptain Fell’s Hobart Leyland Titan OPD2/Clyde ex UTA Sydney (2490) m/o 2490 at Brooke St Pier c 9 February 2008.
BS 66 WX52 viewsActivus Transport (3) Mitsubishi Rosa in Nullaburra Road, Caringbah 11/10/2015. This is a rename of Sutherland Shire Community Transport.
SB21LV52 viewsKangaroo Island Tours/Sealink (57) Scania K360IB/Coach Design at the Seaside Inn, Kingscote, Kangaroo Island 9/8/2017.
TV 787352 viewsAustralian Bus and Coach Service (Revline Auto Tech) – Luddenham Mitsubishi Rosa ex TV 6501, on a shopping tour at factories off Taren Point Road, Taren Point 23/11/2014.
IMG_4993 - Transperth 1784 Volgren CR225L Mercedes-Benz 0405NH CNG [TP 1784] @ Mounts Bay Road c_28Mar2016.JPG
TP 178452 viewsTransperth (1784) Mercedes O405NH CNG/Volgren CR225L at Mount Bay Road c 28 March 2016.
IMG_5079 - Transperth 1366 Volgren CR228L Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG [TP 1366] @ Kings Park c_30Mar2016.JPG
TP 136652 viewsTransperth (1366) Mercedes O500LE CNG/Volgren CR228L at Kings Park R S c 30 March 2016.
IMG_5118 - Transperth 1095 Mercedes-Benz 0405 CNG HPorter  [TP 1095] @ Mitchell Freeway c_31Mar2016.JPG
TP 109552 viewsTransperth (1095) Mercedes O405/H Porter at Mitchell Freeway c 31 March 2016.
IMG_6423 - Volvo B10M [PMCSA] Franklins Tas [DD 7722] @ Queenstown c_20Oct2016.JPG
DD 772252 viewsFranklins, Tasmania Volvo B10M/PMCSA at Queenstown c 20 October 2016.
MO 109252 viewsKane, Casino Scania F92HR-CKD/Nambucca at Grafton between school services in 1989.
?52 viewsThe MMTB had a fleet of Double Deckers that ran for a while in the 50's, they were replaced by trams (Sadly none are preserved in running order).
32296H52 viewsPart of Motorfest 2009 in January, but not carrying passengers was this Leyland National, ex Westlink, London KJD 513P (LS 13), ex (loaned) Blue Lake Buses, Chichester (on two separate occasions) KJD 513P, ex London Buses Limited KJD 513P (LS 13).
BS01ZO52 viewsNuline Charter, Moorabbin (13) Volvo B7R/Volgren at MSAC on a school charter 15th June 2016.
157 PMG52 viewsPark Ridge Transit (157) Leyland Panther/Hedges in 1987.
MO 893252 viewsPearce’s Coach Service, Goulburn Ford R192/Freighter in 1989.
CL 644752 viewsTasmanian Redline (5) Mercedes OC1621/Austral posed for a photo in 1988.
TV 130152 viewsSC Tours, Alexandria Toyota Coaster HZB50R in 1996.
OEU 21552 viewsSita Busa Lines, West Footscray (88) Volvo B10B/Volgren in 1998.
6705AO52 viewsInvicta Bus (205) Scania K230UB/Volgren Malaysia CR228L, in 2008 when Smartbus run 901 only ran between Ringwood & Frankston & was a shared run between Invicta & Grenda's. In 2017 (8905) with Transdev.
XHO 03652 viewsSouthlink (2819) Scania L94UA/ Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' in the Adelaide Hills for the Oakbank Racing Carnival 10 April 2007 about to enter the paddock whilst several other Artics have already arrived.
2248 ST52 viewsSydney Buses (2248) Mercedes O500LE (CNG)/Custom Coaches CB60 Evo II on route M52 to the City in 2011. Was reregd m/o 6383 by October 2014.
OU 10 GHA52 viewsStagecoach Oxfordshire Alexander Dennis Enviro 400H Hybrid DD (12012) in Oxford June 2017.
m/o 149452 viewsSydney Buses (3453) Scania L113TRB/Ansair along the Warringah Expressway near the North Sydney Oval. Its plates were lost and it was registered temporarily as m/o 1494.
HW 63 FHE52 viewsThames Travel Alexander Dennis Enviro400 (253) in Thames Travel livery at Oxford June 2107.
6519AO52 viewsTransdev Melbourne (917) Scania K280UB/Custom Coaches heading for Box Hill Interchange 6th July 2016.
m/o 844352 viewsShorelink (Transdev TSL) (21) Volvo B10M Mk III/Custom Coaches 200 seen at Wynyard on North Shore Rail replacement 31/1/2009.
WTZ 29152 viewsTransitplus (3220) Scania L94UB/Volgren CR221L. Seen on a charity run for disadvantaged children May 2007.
2649AO52 viewsVentura Bus Lines (1163) Scania L113CRL/Northcoast in Jasper Road, Bentleigh on metro rail 25th June 2016.
Yarra 102452 viewsYarra Trams (1024) W7 class in AOA seen here at the Glen Iris Terminus.
Yarra 95752 viewsYarra Trams (957) W Class in 2007 Christmas livery - probably the most elaborate of all the W's.
Melbourne tram 17551 viewsMelbourne Z3 class tram (175) in AOA for Seat Cars in 1995 at the northwest corner of Flinders / Swanston Sts.
2015-10-26 15_32_07.jpg
mo 307451 viewsTailormade Tours BCI at the Alice Springs Desert Park 26/10/2015.
2016-08-24 12_39_08.jpg
Louise Sauvage51 viewsSydney Ferries SuperCat arriving at Circular Quay 24/8/2016,
TV 473251 viewsOn Course Tours, Terry Hills BCI PK6127AT/BCI in Bellingara Road, Miranda 3/11/2016.
BS01TK51 viewsAutopia Tours Mitsubishi Rosa in Spencer St, Melbourne 2/9/2017.
Cruise Ferry51 viewsRhythmboat Cruises ferry on Sydney Harbour 9/12/2015
Seven Seas Navigator51 viewsCruise ship on Sydney Harbour 15/2/2018.
Borrowdale51 viewsSydney Ferries ferry in Circular Quay 10/11/2015.
3371AO51 viewsBerwick Bus Lines (24) Scania K280IB/Higer A30 at the Shrine on a school charter 15th April 2016.
7575AO51 viewsBerwick Bus Lines (59) Scania K280IB/Higer A30.
BJ 11 DTY51 viewsTower Transit Volvo B9TL/Wright Eclipse Geminii 2 (VN 36107) on route 69 in TFL livery at Stratford June 2017.
509 OYZ51 viewsBrisbane Bus Lines Leyland Panther/Denning in 2000.
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