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m/o 9114407 viewsVeolia Transport (702) Volvo B10M MkIII/Volgren ex Grenda Corporation (Peninsula Bus Service, Seaford VIC) (429) 4429AO; ex (29); ex EZT595, on a route 901 service into Liverpool.
VolvoB7RLEvolgrenOptimusToombul21 1 2014.JPG
034 TMZ407 viewsBrisbane Transport (2090) VolvoB7RLE/Volgren Optimus at Toombul Bus Interchange 21 Jan 2014. Received from Derek Orford
m/o 8937406 viewsVeolia Transport (316) Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Volgren "CR228L" ex Transit First (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (11) m/o 8937, seen here after an accident Victoria Road near Mitchell Street in Marrickville on a Nightride service in March 2007 about a month after the takeover and still in Transit First livery. Photo from Sydney Morning Herald files.
m/o 9275405 viewsDions Fairy Meadow's 2008 Volvo B7RLE/Volgren "CR228L" an ex Demonstrator at North Wollongong Station.
m/o 9482404 viewsVeolia Transport (318) Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Volgren "CR228L" ordered by Transit First - delivered to Veolia Transport, seen departing Hay Ave, Caringbah for a route 969 trip to North Caringbah on the first Sunday Veolia was operating the ex Caringbah routes 2/10/2011.
m/o 6195403 viewsTransit Systems (1516) Mercedes O500LE/Volgren CR228L ex Brisbane Transport, Carina, QLD (618) 618 HOE 9/13 (withdrawn 9/13), at Liverpool
7414AO403 viewsNuline Charter (14) Volvo B7R/Volgren Malaysia "SC222" seen 5/9/2011 at Old Melbourne Gaol.
TV 5181402 viewsCarbridge (14) Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Volgren "CR228L" in T-Bus livery.
058 GJT400 viewsThompson Bus Services, Joyner Volvo B9TL/Volgren Malaysia "Optimus Decker" (58) Upper deck. Photo 31 Aug 2017.
NDB 605399 viewsWestrans Altona (83) Mercedes O405/Volgren in 1997.
UQB 662, TP3000 and TP3001398 viewsUQB 662 Path Transit (662) Mercedes Benz O305G/Porter , TP3000 Veolia Transport (3000) Scania L94UA CNG/Volgren "CR228LA” and TP3001 Path Transit (3001) MAN NG313F CNG/Custom Coaches “CB60 Evo II” at Booragon Bus Station on day 2 of the Perth Tours.
BS00SO397 viewsVentura Group (1064) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren Optimus in PTV livery.
777 LXN397 viewsBrisbane Transport (1020) Man 18.230/Volgren CR228L on its first day on lease to Hornibrook Bus Lines. This is one of six such buses which replaced the six Mercedes O500LE’s which had been on lease to Hornibrook but now withdrawn from Brisbane Transport like all buses of that type.
m/o 9114397 viewsVeolia Transport (702) Volvo B10M Mk III/Volgren ex Grenda Corporation (Grenda's Bus Service, Dandenong VIC) (4298) 4429AO; ex EZT595, on emergency rail at Lidcombe pm 24/9/2012.
m/o 1636397 viewsSydney Buses (1636) Volvo B12BLE Euro 3/Volgren_CR228L photoshopped into Foleys Bus Service livery.

m/o 9272397 viewsDions Fairy Meadow's 2009 Volvo B12BLE/Volgren "CR228L" nearing the end of its run.
5994AO396 viewsVentura/Pennisula Buslines (217) Volgren CR228L, Mercedes 0500LE, on Metro Regional Rail.
9041AO396 viewsMelbourne Bus Link (441) Scania K280UB/Volgren CR228L seen on the BCSV Sunday tour 14/10/2012.

BS00SM395 viewsVentura Group (1055) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren Optimus in PTV livery.
7956AO395 viewsGrenda (8397) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren Malaysia CR228L now in Ventura Smartbus livery at Dandenong.
6035AO395 viewsWestrans 6035AO is a Scania L94UB with Volgren CR228L bodywork. Seen here at Footscray.
9051AO394 viewsVentura/Lilydale Depot (855) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren CR228L ex Grenda on Metro Regional Rail.
1028AO393 viewsDriver Bus Lines Volvo B10M/Volgren ex FZP 028, ex DTL287 on the Monash Freeway Friday 27th Aug.
m/o 5235393 viewsBusabout Volvo B10B/Volgren at Liverpool taken on the last Friday of Busabout's Region 2 Operations. Acquired by Hawkesbury Valley by 5/13 ex LC Dysons Bus Service Pty Ltd, Bundoora, VIC (418) 0967 AO 10/12; ex Northern Bus Lines Pty Ltd, Glenroy (22) 0967 AO 1/7/08; ex RBK 323. Repainted into TNSW livery 3/14 for Busabout R15 contract commencing 1/6/14.
7692AO393 viewsVentura Smartbus (Grenda) (8390) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren Malaysia "CR228L" seen on the BCSV Sunday tour 14/10/2012.
MET-400 Scania L94UB [Volgren] Jackson St_ Wynyard_ c10Nov15.JPG
MET 400393 viewsMetro Tasmania (400) Scania L94UB/Volgren in Jackson St, Wynyard 10 Nov 2015.
TP3000 and TP3001393 viewsTP3000 Veolia Transport (3000) Scania L94UA CNG/Volgren CR228LA” and TP3001 Path Transit (3001) MAN NG313F CNG/Custom Coaches “CB60 Evo II” at Booragon Bus Station on day 2 of the Perth Tours
m/o 287392 viewsVeolia Transport (132) Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Volgren "CR221L" ex Crossley Bus Lines (Danastra Pty Ltd), Revesby m/o 287; ex m/o 7822; ex Carbridge Pty Ltd (15), at Munro Park Cronulla, awaiting its next rail replacement trip 9/10/2011 .
MET-401 Scania L94UB [Volgren] Jackson St Wynyard c_11Nov15.JPG
MET 401392 viewsMetro Tasmania (401) Scania L94UB/Volgren in Jackson St, Wynyard 11 Nov 2015.
2881AO392 viewsDavis 138, Volvo B10BLE with Volgren CR221L body in Davis Anniversary livery
059 GJT391 viewsThompson Bus Services-Joyner Volvo B9TL/Volgren Malaysia "Optimus Decker"(59) Rear View. Photo 31 Aug 2017.
OEU 257391 viewsWestrans Altona (Crown 32) Volvo B10M/Volgren in 1997
m/o 9125390 viewsVeolia Transport (708) Volvo B10M/Volgren ex Grenda Corporation (Grenda's Bus Service, Dandenong VIC) (85) 4685AO, ex FJX504, in TNSW livery on rail duties at Chatswood between Christmas and New Year.
0352AO389 viewsMelbourne Bus Link (352) 0352AO, is seen at Footscray depot in AOA for SNAP(Business Printing, Design & Marketing Services)
CBS25VolvoVolgrenOptimusinteriorBP18 5 2014.jpg
25 CBS387 viewsLogan City Bus Service (25) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren "Optimus" interior view.
5571AO387 viewsDriver Bus LInes Irisbus Metro/Volgren CR222L ex XBS 217 (SA) on the Monash Freeway Friday 27th Aug.
MET-400 Scania L94UB [Volgren] Jackson St_ Wynyard c_10Nov15.JPG
MET 400387 viewsMetro Tasmania (400) Scania L94UB/Volgren in Jackson St, Wynyard 10 Nov 2015.
12-5-2015 001.JPG
2128 ST386 viewsSydney Buses (2128) Volvo B12BLEA Euro 5/Volgren CR228L in Metrobus livery in Loftus St, Circular Quay 12/6/2015.
9250AO386 viewsMoorabbin (696) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren "CR228L" on Christmas duties at Fountain Gate Shopping Centre on a Cardinia run.
VolvoVolgrenOptimusE2123AdalaideSt 8 9 2014.jpg
730 TPO386 viewsBrisbane Transport Volvo B7BRLE/Volgren Optimus E (2123) in Adelaide St Brisbane 8 9 2014. Showing a white character destination display, followed by BT City Glider Volvo/Volgren T(1034) 374 LLU with usual orange characters.
TV 5295385 viewsWarrigal Charters Volvo B10M Mk II/Volgren ex m/o 8643; ex Transdev NSW Pty Ltd, Mt Kuring-gai (40) m/o 8643; ex Driver Bus Lines, Mt Waverley, VIC (22) 1022 AO; ex FZP 022. It has since been repainted into Warrigal Charters livery.
0158AO385 viewsWestrans Werribee (88) a 2002 Volvo B12BLE/Volgren "CR221L" at Hoppers Crossing station.
m/o 5420383 viewsVeolia Transport (495) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren CR228L in Metrobus livery leaving the Bankstown Interchange turning into Restwell Street 30/9/2011.
3636AO383 viewsHere we see U.S Bus Lines (36) 3636AO Scania L113CRL/Volgren "CR221L"
0352AO383 viewsMelbourne Bus Link (352) 0352AO, is seen at Footscray depot in AOA for SNAP(Business Printing, Design & Marketing Services)
m/o 703380 viewsVeolia Transport (113) Volvo B10BLE/Volgren "CR221L" ex Pioneer Coaches Pty Ltd, Bexley m/o 703 15/1/01; ex m/o 7473 - Previously in Volvo's colours in 1998 and displayed at the Volvo stand in the 1998 Bus Show. This bus has been to India for demonstration for 2 weeks during mid-1998 with no seats fitted. The bus was first on the road on 27/2/1999. in Kiora Road, Miranda 13/10/2011.
m/o 6095379 viewsTransit Systems (1132) MAN 18.320/ Volgren "CR228L" in Liverpool 29/10/2013.
0352AO379 viewsMelbourne Bus Link (352) 0352AO, is seen at Footscray depot in AOA for SNAP(Business Printing, Design & Marketing Services)
m/o 8.122378 viewsDarwin Bus Service (122) ScaniaL94UA/Volgren “CR228L” doing route 4's between Casuarina and Darwin on Saturdays.
2412AO376 viewsVentura Group/Grenda Bus Service (312) Irisbus Delta 250/Volgren dating back to 2001 acquired with take over of Frankston Passenger Service, returning home to the Ventura/Peninsula Seaford Depot in the afternoon peak.
scania 725 GWU Cherm 16 12 12 (3).jpg
725 GWU376 viewsBrisbane Transport (725) CNG Scania L94UB/Volgren in all green livery advertising 100th Scania instead of the usual BT livery. Seen here at Chermside Bus Interchange 16/12/12. Received from Derek Orford.
BS00NS375 viewsVentura Group (1049) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren Optimus in PTV livery.
951 SPQ375 viewsBrisbane Transport new (Feb 2013) (2041) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren CR228L running on the second day of the new Brisbane Transport Maroon City Glider route. Shown here at Langlands Park bus station at the end of the Eastern Bus Way. Received from Derek Orford.
TP2119375 viewsVeolia Transport (2119) Mercedes Benz OC500LE/ Volgren "CR228L" the 1000th bus produced by Volgren Perth, seen at Hillarys Boat Harbour on the way to Joondalup after the Volgren visit, on the 3rd day of the Perth Tours.
3157AO374 viewsReservoir Bus Co (49) a 2006 Volvo B12BLE/Volgren "CR228L" 3/12/2011.
1558 MO374 viewsHunter Valley Buses Scania K230UB/ Volgren "CR228L" in Greta 12/4/14.
XLG 092374 viewsTorrens Transit (1641) MAN SL202 CNG/Volgren (Torrens Transit owned) ex (926) 926 EBC Brisbane City Council, Qld in North Terrce, Adelaide 10/11/2014.
NHM 342374 viewsWestrans Altona (86) MAN SL202/Volgren in 1997 Since reregd 4897AO.
4835AO374 viewsDavis 146, Volvo B10BLE/CR221L on route 13 to Delacombe
ECP 976372 viewsWestrans Sunshine (41) Scania L113CRB/Volgren in 1995
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