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m/o 9520163 viewsHillsbus Scania K310UB 14.5m/Volgren CR228L at North Sydney on rail standby May 2008.
m/o 9574163 viewsHillsbus Scania K230UB/Volgren CR228L – a recent delivery – on rail standby August 2008 in McIntosh Street, Chatswood.
4238AO163 viewsDysons (183) Scania L94UB/Volgren CR227L on St Kilda tram replacement 14 June 2011.
3884AO163 viewsDysons (181) Scania L94UB/Volgren CR227L on St Kilda tram replacement 14 June 2011.
m/o 8352163 viewsTransdev NSW (108) Volvo B10M Mk IV/Volgren "CR221" - still branded Velia Transport - ex Southtrans (Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd) (108); ex MO 3417, in Kiora Road, Miranda 5/11/2013.
m/o 7316163 viewsTransdev NSW Mercedes-Benz O405NH /Volgren "CR221L" ex (168), ex Crowther's Cronulla, in Kiora Road, Miranda 21/1/2015.
6726AO163 viewsNuline Charter (26) Volvo B7R/Volgren Malaysia "SC222" ex CMV Volvo stock. in Melbourne November 2014.
TC5932163 viewsVeolia Transport [TransBunbury] (5932) Mercedes Benz OC500LE/Volgren CR228L, ex-TC5932 / SB62AU Veolia Transport [Bunbury City Transit]
3002AO163 viewsPanorama Coaches (2) Volvo B10M/Volgren ex (2) ODF869; ex TC2100, 9JE168 Fortesque Bus Service, Karratha, WA; ex (261) C49F Briscoe's, Adelaide, SA. Sold to Bus Buddys/ Laughter Unlimited, Sunshine, Victoria. Seen here outside the Botanical Gardens freshly repainted into the latest version of the Panorama livery 24/10/2007.
m/o 1642163 viewsSydney Buses (1642) Volvo B12BLE/Volgren CR228L at Parramatta Station, photoshopped into the livery of imaginary operator Ryde Transit..
AC 002.JPG
m/o 9485162 viewsTransdev NSW (320) Mercedes O500LE/Volgren CR228L ex (320), ex S Crowther & Sons Pty Ltd, Caringbah m/o 9485, in Kiora Road, Miranda 24/3/2015.
SB26ED162 viewsTorrens Transit (1303) Volvo B10BLE/Volgren CR222L owned by Torrens Transit, ex (363) 0363 AO-ex PLQ 081 Melbourne Bus Link, Sandringham, Vic (B42DW), at King William St 26/7/2016.
m/o 2009162 viewsVeolia Transport (476) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren ”CR228L" in Metrobus livery in Liverpool 11/2/2011.
620 HOE162 viewsBrisbane Transport (C620) Mercedes Benz O500LE/Volgren has just arrived in town and prior to entering the tunnel has changed his desto July 2007. This was is a Mercedes Benz O500LE/Volgren CR228L from a cancelled order of sorts. It was withdrawn in 2013.
3892AO162 viewsDysons (186) Scania L94UB/Volgren CR227L on St Kilda tram replacement 14 June 2011.
m/o 9116162 viewsTransdev NSW (701) Volvo B10M Mk III/Volgren ex Grenda Corporation (Grenda's Bus Service, Dandenong VIC) (53) 4653AO; ex EZT589, in the Bankstown Interchange layover area 23/5/2014. One of four South Granville buses captured with the new Transdev logo and accreditation.
TP 3009162 viewsSwan Transit (3009) Volvo B12BLEA/Volgren CR228L enters Warwick on a 442.
TP 2337162 viewsPATH Transit (2337) Volvo B7RLE / Volgren 'Optimus' on a 37 to Belmont.
1546AO162 viewsVentura Group, Moorabbin (1159) Scania L113CRL/Volgren at Moorabbin Stn on metro rail 14th July 2016.
m/o 9407162 viewsWestbus Scania L94UB/Volgren CR228L on rail replacement in 2011. It was transferred to Busways with region 1 and now in TNSW livery.
BQQ 056161 viewsGrenda (95) Volvo B58-61/Volgren in AOA for Samboys in 1992. It was later regd 4695AO and then SPK319.
m/o 9371161 viewsHillsbus Scania K94UB/Volgren 'CR228L' in the layover area at Gordon Station on rail August 2008.
4831AO161 viewsWestrans Werribee (60) Volvo B10M MkIII/Volgren on rail 4 July 2011.
IMG_5107 - Transperth 2290 Volgren 'Optimus' Volvo B7RLE [TP 2290] @ Fremantle R_S_ c_31Mar2016.JPG
TP 2290161 viewsTransperth (2290) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren Optimus at Fremantle R.S. c 31 March 2016.
SBS26161 viewsVeolia Transport (Bunbury) [PTA SBS] Mercedes Benz OH1830/Volgren SC222 doing a 68 school service to Balingup.
TP2026161 viewsSwan Transit (2026) Mercedes Benz OC500LE CNG/Volgren CR228L on a 445 to Warwick.
TP 2245161 viewsClose up shot of rear of Veolia Transport (Perth) (2245) Volvo B5RLEH/Volgren CRT228L Hybrid.
BS00OC160 viewsNuline Charter (10) Volvo B7R/Volgren Malaysia SC222 ex (23), at Port Melbourne 2/11/2016.
SB 47 GT160 viewsTorrens Transit (1355) MAN NL202/Volgren CR221L ex Darwin, owned by Torrens Transit, at Tonsley 15/9/2016.
BTI 839160 viewsGrenda Corporation (98) Volvo B10M/Volgren in 1997.
TV 828160 viewsBosnjak (Westbus) Volvo B10M tag axle/Volgren Q body of 1984. Centralian photo
m/o 9417160 viewsHillsbus Scania K94UB/Volgren CR228L on rail August 2008.
m/o 7413160 viewsTransdev NSW (413) Volvo B12BLE/Volgren "CR228L" ex m/o 9283 4/09, ordered by Transit First - Delivered to Veolia Transport - still branded Veolia Transport - turning into Jacobs St, Bankstown 15/1/2014.
m/o 9480160 viewsTransdev NSW (317) Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Volgren "CR228L" - still branded Veolia Transport - ordered by Transit First - delivered to Veolia Transport, in Kiora Road, Miranda 19/2/2014.
IMG_5012 - Transperth 2231 Volgren CR228L Volvo B7RLE [TP 2231] @ Mandurah R_S_ c_29Mar2016.JPG
TP 2231160 viewsTransperth (2231) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren Optimus at Mandurah R.S. c 29 March 2016.
TP 3020160 viewsSwan Transit (3020) Volvo B12BLEA / Volgren CR228L at Cannington.
4646AO160 viewsVentura Bus Lines (46) Volvo B10M/Volgren at Moorabbin Station on metro rail 27th June 2016.
5505AO160 viewsVentura Bus Lines, Dandenong (206) Volvo B12BLE/Volgren departing Westall Station on metro rail replacement 30th April 2016.
7502AO160 viewsVentura Bus Lines (293) Scania N310UA/Volgren at Moorabbin stn on a 812 service to Dandenong 27th June 2016.
6225AO160 viewsVictorian Touring Coaches (25) Volvo B7R/Volgren at Science Works Spotswood on a school charter 18th August 2016.
m/o 9487159 viewsAt the 2008 Easter Show. Veolia Transport (309) is a Mercedes Benz O500LE with a Volgren CR228L body. This unit is from a batch of Volgren bodied vehicles initially ordered by transitFirst before Veolia took them over, but delivered after the takeover.
6745AO159 viewsWestern Coach Services (109) Scania K13TR/Volgren C221TX ex (65) 3665AO, ex (65) NXX692 U.S. Bus Lines, on V/Line at Southern Cross 9 July 2011.
TC6230159 viewsVeolia Transport [TransBunbury] (6230) Mercedes Benz OC500LE/Volgren CR228L, ex-TC6230 Veolia Transport [Bunbury City Transit].
TP 1193159 viewsTransdev (1193) Mercedes-Benz O405NH / Volgren 'CR225L' at Whitfords Station.
TP 1323159 viewsSwan Transit (1323) Mercedes-Benz O405NH / Volgren CR225L in Cavalia AOA.
3603AO159 viewsVentura Group, Monbulk (1091) Scania K270IB/Volgren on a school charter at the Zoo 11th November 2016.
mo 2738158 viewsAsbus (Buslink), Alice Springs (556) Mercedes O500LE/Volgren CR228L in Alice Springs 5/6/2017.
mo 2781158 viewsAsbus (Buslink), Alice Springs (555) Mercedes O500LE/Volgren CR228L in Alice Springs 5/6/2017.
m/o 1994158 viewsTransdev NSW (469) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren "CR228L" still branded Veolia Transport, in Metrobus livery in the Sutherland Interchange 22/12/2013.
2242AO158 viewsRyans (42) Mercedes O405NH/Volgren CR221L has just turned into Buckley St. having left Essendon Station.
WSM 809157 viewsSouthlink (3201) Scania L94UB/Volgren CR221L ex Transitplus, owned by ATE, in Hindmarsh Square 26/7/2016.
COB 196157 viewsGrenda (73) Volvo B10M/Volgren in AOA for Tazos in 1996. It was reregd 4673AO, then TVP732, then sold to South Bundy Buses, Bundaberg, Qld.
m/o 1996157 viewsVeolia Transport (470) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren "CR228L", in Metrobus livery on the first day of Route M90 6/12/2010.
m/o 9371157 viewsHillsbus Hillsbus Scania K94UB/Volgren 'CR228L' on rail at St Leonards August 2008.
m/o 9556157 viewsHunter Valley Buses Scania K94UB/Volgren CR228L on rail at night at Newcastle June 2008. Since reregd 3605 MO.
img910 - Interior view MAN NL202 [Volgren] Torrens Transit 1642 [ex BCC 927] c_13May10.JPG
XNS 750157 viewsInterior view of Torrens Transit (1642) MAN NL202 CNG/Volgren ex BCC (927) c 13 May 2010.
m/o 8937157 viewsTransdev NSW Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Volgren "CR228L" ex (316) in Kiora Road, Miranda 13/10/2015 in AOA for Top Shop. It is ex Transit First (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (11) m/o 8937.
m/o 5345157 viewsTransdev NSW (485) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren CR228L - still branded Veolia Transport - in Metrobus livery in the Bankstown Interchange 31/12/2013.
0964AO157 viewsDysons Bus Service (415) Mercedes O405/Volgren ex (19) 0964AO, (19) EXP243 Northern Bus Lines, Glenroy, on rail 4 July 2011.
TP 1309157 viewsSwan Transit (1309) Mercedes-Benz O405NH/ Volgren `CR225L` on Mounts Bay Rd with the Swan River and Narrows Bridge behind.
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