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1135 6-10.jpg
m/o 99281067 viewsBusways - on it's way from Glendenning to Mulgrave, Scania K230UB/Volgren/CR228L (1135) stops to get some sun, with Riverstone township in the background, on the first day Busways operated the full region 1 services 6/10/2013.
1690 MO1036 viewsPremier Illawarra, a 2008 Mercedes Benz OH1830LE/Volgren "CR228L" on the clockwise free shuttle, at the corner of Burelli & Corrimal Sts, Wollongong.
Metro Volvo B58 [Volgren] No_701.JPG
MET 7011033 viewsMetro Tasmania Volvo B58 [Volgren] artic No.701 ex GT 0549, ex (737), ex (767) @ Channel Highway, Taroona. Recently sold to Kingstons Bus Service, Tas.
Metro Volvo B58 [Volgren] No_703.JPG
MET 7031028 viewsMetro Tasmania Volvo B58 [Volgren] artic No.703 ex GT 0550, ex (757) @ Cove Shopping Centre. Recently sold to Bushby, Campania, Tas.

XES 9411023 viewsNew for TransitPlus in the Adelaide Hills is this Scania L94UA with Volgren CR228 bodywork. Seen here at Crafer's Park n Ride during an Enthusiasts tour.

3616AO1018 viewsUS Bus # 16 Volvo B6FA/Volgren seen at the Ventura Oakleigh depot shortly after the take over by Ventura, after being cleaned up in preparation for disposal.
XAM 1841016 viewsFrom Southlink is 2801 Scania L94UB with Volgren CR224 body. This is the only Articulated Volgren vehicle in the Southlink Fleet. The bus features High Back Seats, and Television Monitors and is marketed as the Zone Cruiser by the South Australian Govt and Southlink, as a trial for future buses with similar specs in Adelaide.
Metro Volvo B58 [Volgren] No_702.JPG
MET 7021011 viewsMetro Tasmania Volvo B58 [Volgren] artic No.702 ex GT 0535, ex (747) @ Springfield depot. Recently sold to Kingstons Bus Service, Tas.

Metro Volvo B58 [Volgren] No_703a.JPG
MET 703997 viewsMetro Tasmania Volvo B58 [Volgren] artic No.703 ex GT 0550, ex (757) turns into MacQuarie Street, Hobart. Recently sold to Bushby, Campania, Tas.

m/o 9760992 viewsInterline’s Volvo B7RLE 2 m/o 9760 with Volgren body is seen here in Minto on route 870 to Liverpool.

TV 3750986 viewsOn Course Tours MAN/Volgren.
8154 AO975 viewsPeninsula Bus #979 (Volvo B10ML, Volgren Qld) on President's Cup Golf Shuttle at Sandringham Station to Royal Melbourne Golfcourse.
2240 ST963 viewsSydney Buses Volvo B12BLEA bendy 2240 in TNSW livery on route 333 seen from Circular Quay Station
m/o 5365961 viewsHillsbus Volvo B7RLE/Volgren CR228L Metrobus seen laying over between trips at Parramatta on a miserable day weatherwise.
DBL 126960 viewsDeane's Buslines (Queanbeyan) (2) Volvo B10M/Volgren Airliner at Canberra City Bus Interchange (Civic). The airliner service ceased in 2011.
022GJT, 024GJT and 023GJT959 viewsThompsons Bus Service. These are Volvo B10C's with Volgren double-deck bodies which previously operated interstate services for Greyhound.

m/o 8833950 viewsVeolia Transport (310) Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Volgren "CR228L"
2239 ST950 viewsNew Transport NSW liveried B12BLEA/Volgren Bendy 2239 ST is seen operating a route 333 on Elizabeth St
m/o 1970950 viewsNew for Shorelink is (136) Iveco/Volgren CR228L in the new blue and white Transport NSW livery on Easter Show duties 24/4/2011. It was destroyed by fire December 2012.
5891AO947 views(114) of Eastrans a Volgren "CR228L", Scania L94UB at the Bent Ave. terminus of Route 630, in AOA for Industry – David Jones.
Brown Bomber Scania ATDB mastercopy.jpg
WSR 504946 viewsSouthlink (3352) Scania L94UB/Volgren CR224L photoshopped into Brown Bomber livery by operator541.
366 HRE945 viewsBrisbane Transport (366) Mercedes Benz O500LE [Volgren]
m/o 8643942 viewsShorelink / Transdev TSL (40) Volvo B10M Mk II/Volgren ex Driver Bus Lines, Mt Waverley, VIC (22) 1022AO; ex FZP 022. It was sold to Warrigal Charters as TV 5295.
4542AO933 viewsMoorabbin Transit (579) Mercedes Benz OH1725/Volgren
m/o 527930 viewsPort Stephens m/o 527 Volvo B10M/Volgren at Newcastle Stn 20/11/04.

364 HRE926 viewsBrisbane Transport 364 is a Volgren bodied Mercedes-Benz O500LE, photographed at Mt Omanney Shopping Centre.

m/o 8802924 viewsNew for Westbus is this Scania L94UB with Volgren CR228L bodywork. Based at their Penrith depot, there are 4 of these vehicles. In the past few days Westbus and the NSW Government has announced that the CDC group of which Westbus is a part will be receiving 160 new buses over the next 3 years.
622 HOE922 viewsFrom Brisbane Transport Toowong is this Mercedes O500LE / Volgren just after leaving Queen Street Bus Station for Mount Ommaney on the Busway crossing the Victoria Bridge.

MO 6889922 viewsHunter Valley Buses Mercedes-Benz OH1830L/Volgren 'SC222' since reregd 3540 MO
608 HFQ918 viewsBrisbane Transport (608) Mercedes Benz O500LE [Volgren]
908 HQA914 viewsWhen this photo was taken V808 was the newest Scania L94UB-CNG / Volgren CR224L for Brisbane Transport. Taken in Adelaide St, Brisbane.

977 EEN911 viewsBrisbane Transport 977 Volvo B10M/Volgren seen at Inala Terminus. On Saturday 21st June 2009 We Farewelled the Volgren Artics
XLG 092910 viewsAdmet Torrens Transit MAN SL202/volgren CNG #1641, (Torrens Transit owned) ex (926) 926 EBC Brisbane City Council, Qld.
8217AO903 viewsWestrans Werribee (126) a 2011 Volvo B7RLE/Volgren "CR228L" single door – not a regular route bus apparently - at Hoppers Crossing station.

8235AO896 viewsVentura/Grenda 669 Volvo B7RLE/ Volgren "CR228L" in new livery including Ventura stickers on route 843 to Mossgiel Park.
361 HRE871 viewsBrisbane Transport – 361 Mercedes Benz O500LE [Volgren] laying over before going to Suncorp Stadium for the Rugby Union on 13/2/2010.

Bayline Coaches 71 MAN 10_160 6th Mar 2010.JPG
BUK337860 viewsBayline Coaches #71 MAN 10.160 with Volgren CR221L bodywork ex Hong Kong. Seen in Tauranga on 6th Mar 2010
NXX650860 viewsMoorabbin Transit (Melbourne) (15) NXX 650 is a Volgren bodied Volvo B10M. Later regd 4515AO.
4692AO859 viewsGrenda(92) Scania K93CRB/Volgren "SC221" ex NXX692
7509AO856 viewsThe 3rd of 3 new ones for Eastrans is [124] a Volgren "CR228L", Scania K230UB taken in December 2009
6920 MO850 viewsPremier Illawarra, a 2011 Mercedes Benz 0500LE/Volgren CR228L" in Transport NSW livery, at the corner of Burelli & Corrimal Sts, Wollongong.
2108 ST843 viewsSydney Buses Scania K310UB 14.5m Metrobus seen on route M10 on Elizabeth St
Volvo Artic831 viewsNew Sydney Buses Volvo B12BLEA (Voith)/Volgren CR228L artic at Chullora.
350 KFT829 viewsBrisbane Transport (1350) Man 18.310/Volgren 'CR228L' Entering Garden City Depot
9326 11-11.jpg
m/o 9326828 views9 to 11/11/2009 saw a small night rail closure between St Marys and Penrith which was covered by Charterplus. Seen here is m/o 9326 which was on loan from from Hillsbus , Northmead, a Scania L94UB/Volgren "CR228L", which was on standby duties.
m/o 9333828 viewsHillsbus Scania K940UB/Volgren "CR228L" in AOA for the Simpsons, operating on Metrobus route M61 16/12/2012 at Railway Square.
5831 MO796 viewsPBC Goulburn Scania K230UB/Volgren "CR228L". Delivered 3/09 ex Demonstrator (NSW) AT15VR.
TV5937 3-7CDC.jpg
TV 5937786 viewsCharterplus Volvo B10M Mk II/Volgren ex (76) 4935 AO, CZU 476 Eastrans, Oakleigh, Vic - transferred from CDC, Vic 6/09, in a newer advertising livery for Moove With Us and shortened horns. De-regd by 4/14 & sold to General Busfleet Mangement / Purple Coaches, Bayswater, WA 8/7/14.
m/o 9333775 viewsHillsbus Scania K940UB/Volgren "CR228L" in AOA for the Simpsons, operating on Metrobus route M61 16/12/2012 at Railway Square.
969 LHI772 viewsBrisbane Transport (1025) MAN 18.310 (Diesel)/Volgren at the Direct Factory Outlet (DFO).
0355AO771 viewsMelbourne Bus Link (355) Volvo B10BLE/Volgren "CR222L" ex PLQ076
2320 ST 770 viewsSydney Buses (2320) Volvo B12BLEA/Volgren "CR228L" in Transport NSW livery at Ryde Depot 27/11/11.
SB26ED765 viewsTorrens Transit (1303) a 1999 Volvo B10BLE/Volgren "CR222L" ex Melbourne Buslink (363) 0363 AO-ex PLQ 081.
1040AO758 viewsHere is a photo of Driver # 40 Volvo B01M/Volgren taken from the Atkinson Street bridge over the Monash freeway Feb 2010

2683AO756 viewsMountDandyBus (Ventura) (359) 2683 AO Scania L113/Volgren 'CR221L', operating tram replacement on route 1, seen here just off St Kilda Rd at Southbank. Later renumbered (825).

TV 5177755 viewsCarbridge (31) Mercedes O500LE Volgren "CR228L" in P-Bus Livery shown on 16/2/10.
TV 5937750 viewsCharterplus Volvo B10M Mk II/Volgren ex (76) 4935 AO, CZU 476 Eastrans, Oakleigh, Vic - transferred from CDC, Vic 6/09, in advertising livery for Moove With Us. De-regd by 4/14 & sold to General Busfleet Mangement / Purple Coaches, Bayswater, WA 8/7/14.
BCC Toombul 3 aug 12.jpg
602 FDL740 viewsBrisbane Transport (602) Volvo B10L/Volgren CR222L at Toombul on 3 Aug 2012. 1 of only 6 completed at BT workshops due to Austral Pacific closing down. Received from Derek Orford.
601 FKG740 viewsBrisbane Transport's 601 is a Volgren CR222L bodied Volvo B10L. It is pictured in Queen St, Brisbane operating the Spring Hill Loop.
u/r738 viewsVentura Bus Lines (1001) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren "CR228L" at Volgren prior to delivery. It did not keep that fleet number for long with it going to a new Scania. It is possibly one of 855, 856 or 857 in the Invicta fleet - these buses were delivered in June 2012.
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