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mo 8.114304 viewsDarwin Bus Service (107) MAN NL202/Volgren “CR221L” at Casuarina Interchange in Slow Down AOA.
TD 708 m-o 9125 copy.jpg
m/o 9125304 viewsTransdev NSW Sth (708) Volvo B10M Mk III/Volgren ex Grenda Corporation (Grenda's Bus Service, Dandenong VIC) (85) 4685AO 20/8/11; ex FJX504, on Rail at Sutherland 25/9/13.
4711AO303 viewsVentura Bus Lines (111) Volvo B10M/Volgren ex Grenda (14), is leading an exceptionally charmed life whereas most of its younger siblings have been sold or scrapped, seen here at Dandenong Depot on BCSV Tour on Sunday 28/05/2017.
2015-11-09 15_26_35.jpg
2435 MO302 viewsHunter Valley Buses Mercedes-Benz OH1830L/Volgren SC222 ex MO 7068, on the New England Highway, Singleton 9/11/2015.
4404AO302 viewsVentura/Pennisula (404) Volvo B10M/Volgren ex (4), ex NLO965, on emergency rail between Mordialloc & Cheltenham on the afternoon of 9/9/2013.
4811AO302 viewsWestrans Sunshine (52) a 1997 Volvo B10M MkIV/Volgren School/Charter Bus
TP 1898302 viewsPath Transit (1898) Mercedes Benz OC500LE CNG/ Volgren "CR228L" at Landsdale.

m/o 9120301 viewsVeolia Transport (709) Volvo B10M Mk III/Volgren ex Grenda Corporation (Grenda's Bus Service, Dandenong VIC) (88) 4688AO; ex FJX509, on emergency rail at Bankstown am 24/9/2012. In TNSW livery.

5177AO301 viewsSkybus (65) Scania L94UB 14.5m/Volgren CR227L ex 3766AO, ex 0290AO, seen on the BCSV Sunday tour 14/10/2012.
4913AO300 viewsKefford Corporation - Westrans, Sunshine (32) Volvo B10M MkII/Volgren which was included in the take over by CDC, was then transferred to Benders Buslines and then sold to Mansfield Mt Buller Bus Lines as (45) 0445AO.
?300 viewsBroadmeadows Bus Service (71) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren Optimus seen leaving Craigieburn Station on a local run July 2016.
BT2163VolvoBr7eevVolgrenOptimusChermside22 2 2015 (3).jpg
593 VFG300 viewsBrisbane Transport (2163) Volvo B7RLE eev/Volgren Optimus at Chermside 22 2 2015.
0492AO300 viewsGrenda (Ventura) (141) Volvo B12BLE/Volgren CR221L at Dandenong.
m/o 8634300 viewsVeolia Transport (315) Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Volgren "CR228L" ex Transit First (10) in Nullaburra Road, Caringbah 20/10/2011.
IMG_5512 - MET404 South Burnie Depot c_14May16.JPG
MET 404300 viewsMetro Tasmania (404) Scania L94UB/Volgren at South Burnie Depot 14 May 2016.
7389 MO299 viewsQCity Transit Volvo B7R/Volgren Endura in Canberra 24/9/2015.
4353AO299 viewsEastrans (104) Scania L94UB/Volgren CR221L
m/o 8.120299 viewsDarwin Bus Service (120) MAN NL202/Volgren “CR221L” in Casuarina.
BS02YJ299 viewsVentura, Dandenong (1297) Mercedes O500LE/Volgren Optimus. One of the 1st batch of new Mercedes route buses for Ventura since 2003 all allocated to Dandenong Depot in 2017.
6102AO297 viewsEastrans (118) Mercedes O500LE/Volgren CR228L in Smartbus livery
IMG_5505 - MET408 Cattley St_ Burnie c_13May16.JPG
MET 408297 viewsMetro Tasmania (408) Scania L94UB/Volgren in Catley St, Burnie 13 May 2016.
IMG_5514 - MET400 Strahan St_ South Burnie c_14May16.JPG
MET 400297 viewsMetro Tasmania (400) Scania L94UB/Volgren in Strahan St, South Burnie 14 May 2016.
1431AO296 viewsMoreland Bus Lines, Brunswick (99) a 2012, Scania K280UB/Volgren "CR228L" at Ivanhoe Station 13/4/2012.
5577AO296 viewsKefford Corporation – Davis, Ballarat (159) Scania L94UA/Volgren "CR228L" at Lara for the 2007 Air show. Included in the takeover by CDC.
IMG_6671 - MET401 Scania CR228L [Volgren] @ Upper Burnie c_1Nov16.JPG
MET 401296 viewsMetro Tasmania (401) Scania L94UB/Volgren CR228L at Upper Burnie c 1 Nov 2016.
TP 2417296 viewsInterior pic of Swan Transit (2417) Volvo B7RLE / Volgren Optimus.
3996AO295 viewsEastrans (109) Volvo B12RLE/Volgren CR228L
TP 2302295 viewsPath Transit (2302) Volvo B7RLE/ Volgren "CR228L" in Bayswater after completing a 41F.

CBS 556 Volvo volgren Loganholm 21 5 13.jpg
556 CBS294 viewsLogan City Bus Service (556) Volvo B12BLEA/Volgren "CR228L" in Translink Livery ex 978 RUH, ex 600 MVQ. Previously owned by the Queensland Government on a trial basis, until purchased by Logan City, at Loganholmebus interchange 21- 5- 2013. Received from Derek Orford.
1106AO294 viewsTullamarine Bus Lines (6) Mercedes Benz O405NH/Volgren “CR221L” ex PZZ927, seen on the BCSV Sunday tour 14/10/2012.
2539AO294 viewsVentura Bus Lines (1157) Scania L113CRL/Volgren at Moorabbin Station on Metro rail 9th July 2016.
2016-01-05 13_30_14.jpg
6639 MO293 viewsPremier Illawarra Mercedes-Benz OH1830L/Volgren SC222 at the Cronulla Leagues Club 5/1/2016 in the rain, after dropping off scouts at Kurnell for the Australian Scout Jamboree.
m/o 9544293 viewsHillsbus Scania K94UB/Volgren CR228L, on rail in December 2007 decked out in Christmas decorations.
8216AO293 viewsEastrans (129) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren CR228L Express Shuttle
059 GJT 293 viewsThompson Bus service (59) Volvo B9TL/ Volgren Malaysia "Optimus Decker" on rail replacement at Ipswich 22 Oct 2017. First reg 18/7/17, ex Stock.
4669AO292 viewsVentura (69) a 1991 Volvo B10M MkIII/Volgren ex Grenda (69).
m/o 1659292 viewsSydney Buses (1659) Volvo B12BLE/Volgren CR228L at Hurstville for emergency rail between Hurstville and Sutherland.
m/o 8833292 viewsTransdev NSW Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Volgren "CR228L" ex (310), ex Transit First (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (5) m/o 8833 1/2/07; ex Stock (B43DW), in Urunga Parade, Miranda 10/4/2018 with driver side ad for the movie I feel Pretty.
TP 1219 292 viewsFresh from refurb. Southern Coast Transit (1219) Mercedes Benz O405NH/Volgren "CR226L" seen on a short stint up in the Clarkson area.

m/o 8525291 viewsVeolia Transport (109) Volvo B10M Mk IV/Volgren CR221 ex m/o 8736; ex Southtrans (Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd) (109) m/o 8736, ex MO 3416, on rail standby at Padstow Station. Photo from Andrew MacGee.
m/o 5332291 viewsVeolia Transport (477) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren "CR228L" in Metrobus livery, entering the Centro Bankstown Interchange 11/1/2012
8215AO291 viewsEastrans (127) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren CR228L Express Shuttle
Osborns Muswellbrook Volvo B58 (Artic) MO-2316.jpg
MO 2316291 viewsOsborns Muswellbrook (146) Volvo B58/Volgren artic, ex Allways Bus & Coach, Kingsgrove m/o 732; ex South Western m/o 732 - Identical to Metro, Tasmania 701 class. It subsequently operated with Cumberland Coachlines, St Marys as AH06Un and then TV 5052.
IMG_5511 - MET401 Strahan St_ Sth Burnie c_14May16.JPG
MET 401290 viewsMetro Tasmania (401) Scania L94UB/Volgren in Strahan St, South Burnie 14 May 2016.
2411AO290 viewsVentura/Peninsula (311) Volvo B10B/Volgren ex (11) 2411AO, NHM311 Frankston Passenger Service, Frankston, Victoria, on rail replacement at Mordialloc Sat 4th Aug,
556 CBS289 viewsLogan City (556) Volvo B12BLEA/ Volgren "CR228L" leaving Browns Plains Bus Station 26 Nov 2013. It is ex 978 RUH, ex 600 MVQ. Previously owned by the Queensland Government on a trial basis, until purchased by Logan City. Received from Derek Orford,
BT2168 758 VGM Sandgate10 2 2015.jpg
758 VGM289 viewsBrisbane Transport (2168) Volvo B7RLE eev/volgren Optimus at Sandgate 310 terminus 10 2 2015.
m/o 7493289 viewsHillsbus Volvo B10MSE/Volgren CR221 at Castle Hill.
TV 7567288 viewsGlenorie Coaches MAN NL202/Volgren CR221L ex (SA) SB82FZ 23/9/13; ex B36DW; ex Kanga Coachlines Pty Ltd, Mawson Lakes, SA SB82FZ 6/13; ex Darwin Bus Service, Winellie, NT (103) m/o 8.103 via Auction by 3/13. Advertised for sale 9/1/2014.
4684AO288 viewsVentura/Grenda (84) Volvo B10M MkIII/Volgren ex EXP249, on rail replacement at Mordialloc Sat 4th Aug,
IMG_6725 - MET406 Scania CR228L [Volgren] @ Devonport c_2Nov16.JPG
MET 406288 viewsMetro Tasmania (406) Scania L94UB/Volgren CR228L at Devonport c 2 Nov 2016.
TP 2417288 viewsInterior pic of Swan Transit (2417) Volvo B7RLE / Volgren Optimus.
3538AO288 viewsVentura Bus Lines (732) Scania L94UA/Volgren CR224L ex Grenda (32), on Tram replacement near Domain Interchange on Saturday 08/07/2017.
716 TCS287 viewsBrisbane Transport (2062) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren coming across from the Island stop in Fortitude Valley. 17-11-2014. Colhad75 photo
6154AO287 viewsMelbourne Airport Corporation (C44) Scania L94UB/Volgren CR228L seen on the BCSV Sunday tour 14/10/2012.
IMG_6630 - MET408 Scania CR228L [Volgren] @ Cooee c_31Oct16.JPG
MET 408287 viewsMetro Tasmania (408) Scania L94UB/Volgren CR228L ex (C49) 6149AO Melbourne Airport Corporation, VIC., at Cooee c 31 October 2016 – in advertising livery.
1198AO287 viewsNational Bus Co/Ventura (700) MAN 10.150/Volgren ex (101) VTS818 (SA) Serco, Adelaide, SA; ex (313) TA1313 (SA) Trans Adelaide, Adelaide, SA which was transferred to Transdev, Melbourne. Seen here still in National livery 24/5/2007.
SB66AL286 viewsDysons (399) Volvo B7R/ Volgren Malaysia "SC222" in 2008. It was later reregd 6957AO
115 SBU285 viewsBrisbane Transport (1974) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren at Garden City June 2014.
953 XFF285 viewsMt Gravatt Bus Service Underwood Scania K310UB/Bustech "VST" ( Rod) in TransLink livery at Capalaba 31 Oct 2017.
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