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2544AO1605 viewsVentura (44) Scania L113CRB/Volgren seen at Box Hill Bus Interchange. It was later renumbered (318).
7630AO1543 viewsNew for Ventura is (124) 7630AO Coach Concepts Mercedes OH1830 School & Charter Coach. Seen here yet to receive fleet numbers Jan 2010.

5846AO1432 viewsVentura/National Bus Co (550) MAN 15.220/Custom Coaches Series CB30
7822AO1410 viewsTransdev Vic (937) Scania K230UB/Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" ex Ventura Bus Lines in Russell Street, Melbourne 12/2/2014 still in Ventura livery.
2536AO1372 viewsVentura (36) Leyland Tiger/PMC seen at Glen Waverley Bus Interchange in advertising livery
2690AO1338 viewsAustraliner Denning Landseer – GM ex Ventura # 101. Photo taken in Dandenong Road near Carnegie 4/2/2010.

2661AO1314 viewsVentura bus 20 Leyland Tiger/Centurion "Citizen" on rail replacements It is ex (46) PVG357, DWM462 Mount Dandenong Passenger Service, Croydon, Vic.
OJG 9871286 viewsNational Bus Co (Melbourne) sent a number of buses to Sydney - (503) OJG 987 is a 13.5m Mercedes-Benz O405 with Custom Coaches body. It is now (493) 1653AO with Ventura/National.
2003 Bus Show1183 viewsMercedes-Benz O500LE/NCBC for Ventura.
2666AO1159 viewsVentura 23 Centurion Leyland Tiger being used on a local school charter on Friday 5/3 still in the light blue Mount Dandy colours. It is ex (336), ex EFT212, ex (36) EFT212 Mount Dandenong Passenger Service, Croydon, Vic.
m/o 78811120 viewsFrom Crossley Bus Lines is this Mercedes O305/PMC, ex (63) FRW063, EWW063 Ventura Buslines, Oakleigh Vic.-ex STA Mark I 1796. It became Connex (145) and was withdrawn April 2004. Sold to the Parker family in 2006. Seen operating a rail bus service - obviously Fleet age wasn't a problem when Crossley's put this bus on Rail Replacement back in 2000.
0113AC1029 views(63) US Buslines Scania K113TR/ PMC(SA) "Apollo" which had previously moved between Australian Coach Travel and US Buslines as (113), is shown here receiving its Ventura decals after the takeover by Ventura, after sitting dormant in the US Monbulk depot for quite a while.

2003 Bus Show984 viewsMercedes-Benz O500LE/NCBC for Ventura and Volvo B12B/NCBC for Roadcoach - this vehicle won Coach of the Show award.
5942AO979 viewsNew for Ventura is (558) MAN 15.220 with Designline body. This is the first Designline bus to be imported into Australia and could be the start of many (which it was).
3616AO964 viewsUS Bus # 16 Volvo B6FA/Volgren seen at the Ventura Oakleigh depot shortly after the take over by Ventura, after being cleaned up in preparation for disposal.
2646AO952 viewsVentura (146) 2646AO Scania L94UB(Ethanol)/CC 'CB60' operating on former National Bus Co route 250.
m/o 8715859 viewsMosman Coaches Leyland Leopard PSU3E/2R/PMCSA at Allambie Heights. It was ex Connex (35) m/o 922; ex Crossley, Revesby; ex m/o 9200; ex Ventura, Melbourne (100) FRW100; ex BFI 100. Sold non-psv to Austral.
3890 MO852 viewsLBJ Tours 3890 MO Leyland Leopard/Smithfield Euro at Wollongong 3/2/10. It is ex MO 3101, ex Westway, Bankstown Airport m/o 8952; ex Crossley Bus Lines m/o 8952; ex Ventura Bus Lines, Melbourne, VIC (94) FRW 094; ex APG 794. It was deregd 17/1/2011.
8235AO823 viewsVentura/Grenda 669 Volvo B7RLE/ Volgren "CR228L" in new livery including Ventura stickers on route 843 to Mossgiel Park.
7408AO763 viewsVentura #200 Designline Hybrid, Designline. at Lonsdale St, City (Outside Myers) on route 251 to Garden City.
7263AO749 viewsVentura [640] 7263AO a 2008 Designline , MAN 16.240 in Smartbus livery taken in December 2009.

2607AO & 2445AO740 viewsNational Bus Co Fleet 456 & 445 Mercedes Benz LO812/CC at Westfield Doncaster. 456 being transferred from the Ventura side of the operations. 445 has since been withdrawn. Note the different destination arrangements.
2683AO736 viewsMountDandyBus (Ventura) (359) 2683 AO Scania L113/Volgren 'CR221L', operating tram replacement on route 1, seen here just off St Kilda Rd at Southbank. Later renumbered (825).

5561AO733 viewsNew for Ventura are these Scania L94UB/CC CB60"MAX". These buses are short wheel base (approx 11.7m) while achieving maximum seating capacity. Here shown is fleet no 55 which was later changed to 880.

2692AO729 viewsVentura Coaches (100) 2692AO Denning - GM/Denning "Landseer" at the Croydon Depot.
m/o 5140 715 viewsBusways (1048) Bustech CDI photoshopped into Ventura livery.
8426AO710 viewsVentura (993) a 2010 ex Stock, Scania K280UB/Custom Coaches "CB80", seen leaving Glen Waverley Station for Eastland.
m/o 9207689 viewsCanterbury Bus Lines Leyland Leopard/PMCSA ex Ventura Buslines(50) FRW 050 ex BDU 650. It was reregd m/o 020 and later became (?) 120-EJZ at Logan Coaches. It is seen besides the new m/o 018 Hino/CC.
7267AO689 viewsVentura Bus Lines (644) MAN 16.240/Designline in Smartbus livery operating a 903 service to Mordialloc 28/9/2011.
u/r689 viewsVentura Bus Lines (1001) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren "CR228L" at Volgren prior to delivery. It did not keep that fleet number for long with it going to a new Scania. It is possibly one of 855, 856 or 857 in the Invicta fleet - these buses were delivered in June 2012.
2695AO672 viewsPart of Ventura's charter fleet is (1124) Hino RG197K/PMCA '160'. It is ex (116) 2695AO, ex (212) 2695AO, ex (212) VC0212, ex (212) FJX572.

1663AO671 viewsVentura Bus Lines (303) 1663AO Mercedes Benz O405/PMC, is seen at Croydon Depot on a BCSV tour still in National Bus Co livery.
3648AO670 viewsU.S. Bus Lines (48) 3648 AO Scania K94IB/Volgren "SC222" at Royal Park on a charter to the Zoo. Still in the fleet when this operation became part of Ventura in Dec 2009.

m/o 8934667 viewsCanterbury Bus Lines Leyland Leopard/Ansair 3/76 B38D ex Ventura (98) IKP 898 which after a short time became m/o 541. It became a mobile home.
m/o 3401606 viewsCanterbury Bus Lines Leyland Worldmaster/Newnham ex Ventura Buslines(151) BBY 123, ex Hawthorn B.S, ex Rennie's B.S., rebody ex MTT. It later became (13) 190 EMC at Glasshouse Country Coaches Qld.
Interline 10_mo5416.jpg
m/o 5416604 viewsInterline Bus Services Scania L113CRB/Volgren ex Ventura Bus Lines, South Oakleigh, VIC (316) 2543 AO by 3/12; ex (43); ex FRW 743; ex FFM 743, in TNSW livery at the depot 25/5/2012 together with a so far unregd Volvo also acquired from Ventura. Photo from Leopard_071.
8257AO602 viewsNational Bus (Ventura) (975) Scania K230UB/Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" seen 5/9/2011 at Garden City.
m/o 248600 viewsCanterbury Bus Lines Leyland Leopard, PMCSA, ex m/o 7118 ex Ventura Buslines (19) FRW 019 - seen here before its initial registration. It became (?) 053 EJZ at Logan Coaches Qld.
u/r594 viewsVentura Bus Lines (995) Scania K280UB/Volgren "CR228L" at Volgren prior to delivery.
u/r592 viewsVentura Bus Lines (998) Scania K280UB/Volgren CR228 at the Bus Vic Expo at Mooney Valley.
2681AO592 viewsVentura Bus Lines (823) 2681AO Scaina L113CRL/Volgren "CR221L"
1162AO591 viewsVentura - Croydon (262) a 1988, MAN SL200/ Ansair MkII, ex FKX263 in National Yellow & Red livery leaving Croydon Station for Boronia.
1163AO574 viewsVentura Group (264) 1163AO MAN SL200/Ansair "MK2" is seen at Croydon Depot during an BCSV tour in 2011.
m/o 9281568 viewsVeolia Transport (411) Volvo B12BLE/Bustech VST photoshopped into Ventura livery
2657AO568 views Ventura (22) Leyland Tiger/Centurion ex (325), ex EFT202; ex (25) EFT202 Mount Dandenong Passenger Service, on Darling to Burley rail replacement 14/11/2011 still in the light blue Mount Dandy colours.
m/o 333564 viewsCanterbury Bus Lines Leyland Leopard, PMCSA, ex m/o 9209 ex Ventura Buslines (51) FRW 051. It went to Crossley Queensland.
Interline 8_mo5416.jpg
m/o 5416560 viewsInterline Bus Services Scania L113CRB/Volgren ex Ventura Bus Lines, South Oakleigh, VIC (316) 2543 AO by 3/12; ex (43); ex FRW 743; ex FFM 743, in TNSW livery on a school run 25/5/2012. Photo from Leopard_071.
7257AO558 viewsVentura (634) a 2008, MAN16.240/Desginline in Smartbus livery. Seen in the depot just before heading off to Altona.
7422AO550 viewsVentura Coach #122 (Scania K310IB, Irizar "Century 3500") parked at St Kilda Rd (Oppersites The Art Centre).
u/r550 viewsVentura Bus Lines (994) Scania K280UB/Volgren "CR228L" at Volgren prior to delivery.
V 689-650bVentura.jpg
689 650550 viewsA Ventura Bus Co Reo from the 1930’s - photo taken at the 2011 BCSV Sandown rally.
5566AO549 viewsVentura Bus Lines (872) 5566AO Scania L94UB/Custom Coaches "CB60 C-Max" seen at Croydon Depot during a BCSV tour in 2011
m/o 3401537 viewsCanterbury Bus Lines Leyland Worldmaster, Newnham ex Ventura Buslines (151), ex Hawthorn Bus service, ex Rennie's Bus lines rebody of Adelaide Worldmaster. It later became (13) 190 EMC at Glasshouse Country Coaches Qld.
2689AO533 viewsVentura Bus lines (105) 2689AO Scania K93CR/Volgren "SC221" is seen at Croydon depot during a BCSV tour in 2011
2631AO530 viewsVentura (335) Scania L113CRB/Volgren on Darling to Burley rail replacement 14/11/2011.
m/o 8555 522 viewsCanterbury Bus Lines Leyland Leopard ,Smithfield ex m/o 3420 ex Ventura Buslines (82) rebody ex Hammersley Iron.
m/o 9207 then m/o 020.515 viewsCanterbury Bus Lines, Leyland Leopard, PMCSA ex Ventura Buslines (50) FRW 050. It became (?) 120 EJZ at Logan Coaches Qld.
u/r513 viewsSita Bus Lines (234) Scania L113CRB/Volgren acquired from Ventra Bus Lines in accident damaged form and repaired, awaiting registration. Ex Ventura (333) 2598AO, ex (98), ex FRW098, ex FOM398.
6521AO508 viewsNational Bus Co (919) Scania K230UB/Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" in Ventura livery on Darling to Burley rail replacement 14/11/2011.
Interline 3mo5416rear.jpg
m/o 5416 504 viewsRear view of Interline Bus Services Scania L113CRB/Volgren ex Ventura Bus Lines, South Oakleigh, VIC (316) 2543 AO by 3/12; ex (43); ex FRW 743; ex FFM 743, in TNSW livery at the depot. Photo from Leopard_071
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