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MO 812756 viewsCooranbong Bus Service Isusu LT1/11P/Custom Coaches ex RR & JA Marks, Cooranbong (3) MO 8127, depot photo taken in 1998. Part of Morrisset Bus Service – withdrawn in 2000.
DQA 25462 viewsGrieves, Shepparton Isuzu LT1/11P/Volgren between school services in 1990.
DPL 10255 viewsFred Hall, Shepparton Isuzu LT1/11P/Volgren in Melbourne at the 1989 bus protest rally.
mo 45560 viewsShuker Bus Service, Humpty Doo NT Isuzu LT1-11P/ PMC on a school service in 1989.
u/r60 viewsShuker, Darwin Isuzu LT1/11P/PMCA 160 at the Sydney Bus and Coach show in 1990.
MO 080447 viewsWiseley’s Coaches, Wingham (15) Isuzu LT1/11P/Custom Coaches in 1989. Sold to Bay Bus & Coach, Harvey Bay, QLD as 153 HFF -/03 and then with business to Wide Bay Transit, QLD as 153 HFF. Withdrawn in 2013.
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