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MO 4643268 viewsFearnes, Wagga Mercedes-Benz OH1418/Custom Coaches "228" ex Busways Blacktown Pty Ltd, Blacktown (282) m/o 8878, in 2008. It lost this colourful livery soon afterwards. It became 4013 MO with Busabout Wagga before being sold to Buses 'R' Us, Salisbury South, SA as (94) 4013 MO 3/7/11, rereg (SA) SB28AS.
m/o 5170398 viewsBusways (469) Scania L94IB/Custom Coaches 228 at Castle Hill.
m/o 5135358 viewsBusways (326) Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches 228 at Rouse Hill.
m/o 7827372 viewsBusways (484) Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches 228 at Campbelltown.
m/o 8703237 viewsTransdev/Shorelink (26) Mercedes O405/Custon Coaches 228 on rail at Sydenham.
m/o 7132298 viewsBusways (331) Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches 228 laying up at Blacktown.
m/o 5176326 viewsNot the greatest shot, but something that won't be around for much longer, Busways 467 (Scania L94IB/Custom Coaches 228 ex MO 4278) is seen at Rouse Hill still in original Livery. Sun angle would've been perfect if it wasn't for the rain.
m/o 8919330 viewsBusways, (287) Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches 228 is seen at Campbelltown just prior to Sunrise, not too long before Busabout take over in region 15.
m/o 8700247 viewsTransdev (24) Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches 228 at Gordon, now with new Transdev Logos applied.
m/o 8701162 viewsTransdev TSL (25) which is a Mercedes Benz O405 with Custom Coaches "Series 228" body. On Rail standby in August 2009.
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