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MO 3715193 viewsThomas Coaches, Cowra Albion VK55/Domino Hedges in 1990.
m/o 331155 viewsCalabro’s was a Leyland- Albion Vk55 / CC (14/9/73) B50D bus. Later in life it was repowered with a Leyland 680 motor. Seen here in 1988.
m/o 063154 viewsCalabro’s Leyland- Albion Vk55 / CC (11/9/73) B50D in 1988.
BL 256374 viewsBankstown Coaches AlbionVK55Mbenz/Superior which was subsequently acquired by Allways.
m/o 180469 viewsBosnjak’s, Edensor Park Albion VK55/Smithfield.
Centralian Safaris Albion VK55 SIS-724.jpg
SIS 724267 viewsCentralian Safaris Albion VK55
Hickmott Albion VK55 719-PWL.jpg
719 PWL399 viewsHickmott, Prosperpine Albion VK55/Lewis ex Woomera Bus Service ROJ 930, in 1989.
m/o 732392 viewsIngleburn Bus Service Albion VK55/Custom Coaches in 1986.
MO 5654211 viewsKirklands Albion VK55/Hedges.
ILX 00297 viewsMees Bus Lines, West Heidelberg (6) Albion VK55/R.E.Mee seen on a charter to the Royal Melbourne Show in 1986.
MO 717291 viewsPriors, Batemans Bay Albion Viking VK55/PMC.
Woomera bus service Albion VK55 ROJ-930.jpg
ROJ 930313 viewsWoomera Bus Service Albion VK55/Lewis in 1974. It was later noted as 719 PWL with Hickmott, Properpine in 1989.
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