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MO 3284586 viewsBerrima Buslines (2) MO 3284 Volvo B7R / CC 'SB40' since reregd 1801 MO.Sep 29, 2006
MO 0121505 viewsBerrima Buslines (31) MO 0121 Nissan RB30R / CC since reregd 4831 MO.Sep 29, 2006
886 IWL1956 viewsMAN SL200 buses are a dying breed at Brisbane Transport. Currently (as at 2006) being disposed, these buses have served faithfully since 1982. These particular SL200 buses feature the Denning Series 1 bodywork. Image courtesy of D. Milne.Sep 29, 2006
MO 6365809 viewsFearnes MO 6365 Renault PR100.2 / Ansair ex Action, Canberra, ACT (698) BUS 698 departing Harden High School. Since with Busabout Wagga/Harden and reregd 3987 MO and then sold 6/10.Sep 29, 2006
MO 6366716 viewsFearnes MO 6366 Renault PR100.2 / Ansair ex Action, Canberra, ACT (761) BUS 761 12/05.Sep 29, 2006
MO 6367690 viewsFearnes MO 6367 is one of 4 Renault PR100.2/Ansairs based at Fearnes, Harden, the other 5 at Wagga. This is ex Action, Canberra, ACT (775) BUS 775.Sep 29, 2006
MO 6572813 viewsMO 6572 is one of 9 Renault/Ansairs acquired by Fearnes, Wagga from Action, Canberra, this one being ex (757) BUS 757. It has become 3984 MO with Busabout, Wagga and then sold to Betta Tours, Aldgate, SA 1/10.Sep 29, 2006
MO 95501176 viewsFearnes MO 9550 Mercedes LO814 / ABD ex Premier Illawarra BUS 976, new to STA where it was m/o 3976, at Harden depot. It has been withdrawn.Sep 29, 2006
MO 00581104 viewsFearnes MO 0058 Mercedes LO814 / AB Denning Ex Premier Illawarra BUS 975, ex STA 3975 departing Harden High School. It has since been reported for sale.Sep 29, 2006
MO 0265830 viewsFearnes MO 0265 MCA-GM / CC departing the depot for its school run. Now 3999 MO at Busabout Wagga/Harden.Sep 29, 2006
MO 0265825 viewsFearnes MO 0265 MCA-GM / CC at Harden High School. Now 3999 MO at Busabout Wagga.Sep 29, 2006
MO 02961014 viewsFearnes MO 0296 Mercedes LO814 / AB Denning ex Premier Illawarra BUS 974, ex STA 3974 departing Harden High School. It has since been reported for sale.Sep 29, 2006
MO 2031718 viewsFearnes MO 2031 IBC with Perkins Phaser motor and Jakab body which operates the Harden to Young Catholic School run. It was reregd 6080MO with Busabout Wagga and then sold to Manion's Coaches, Beaconsfield, TAS as A16WP 27/5/09.Sep 29, 2006
800 HUM1567 viewsBrisbane Transport's Scania L94UB bus 800 with Volgren body was the prototype unit of the L94UB chassis, and demonstrated around Australia. It was put in a shed for a few years before finally coming to Brisbane Transport. It still resides at Garden City depot, despite efforts from Garden City drivers to get it sent over to terrorise Virgina depot drivers, along with the rest of the 800-series L94UB buses. Image courtesy of D. Milne.Sep 28, 2006
624 FCE1503 viewsBrisbane Transport's pair of Volvo B6L[Volgren] midi buses are used for CitySights tour services. The Council's City Sights bus tours take you through the Brisbane CBD, Southbank area, Chinatown, Spring Hill and Milton, stopping at historical and cultural tourist attractions along the way. Sep 28, 2006
m/o 78871249 viewsWestbus Volvo B10M/CC ex Westway Bus and Coach Service seen here in advertising livery for the Parramatta Leagues Club shuttleSep 28, 2006
m/o 4222580 viewsWest Bankstown Bus Service Hino BX340E/Smithfield dating back to July 1978. Not included in takeover by Westway - sold to Noel Greer, Goolma for resale purposesSep 28, 2006
m/o 86631505 viewsBusabout Scania L113CRB/Ansair (Orana) at Liverpool Bus InterchangeSep 28, 2006
King Bros.1740 viewsAn unidentified Mercedes/Australian Bus Manufacturing bus.Sep 28, 2006
451 ERD1372 viewsBrisbane Transport's Volvo B10M mk3 buses with the QBB rigid bodies have been in service since 1989. Sixty-nine buses were built in total. Image courtesy of P. Jones.Sep 28, 2006
725 GWU1528 viewsBrisbane Transport's Scania L94UB with Volgren CR224L body bus 725 was the 100th Scania CNG bus put into service with BT. Image courtesy of P. Jones.Sep 28, 2006
210 JFJ2856 viewsBrisbane Transport's MAN 18.310HOCL-R-NL buses with the Volgren CR228L bodies are the latest gems in BT's fleet of CNG powered vehicles with 1210 being shown here at night. Image courtesy of P. Jones.Sep 28, 2006
MO 6605 and MO77701767 viewsFormer Harrison's Volvo B7R/Autobus now reg 2377MO and Domino DC113 in the Shoal Bus fleet. The latter was ex Pioneer Motor Service, Nowra MO 7770 -/90; ex Sonter, Laurieton MO 7770. and sold by 8/07Sep 25, 2006
MO 9078761 viewsShoal Bus. Recently withdrawn MO 9078 MAN SG192/Göppel ex Harrisons,ex Action, Canberra (532) BUS 532; ex ZIB 532 is seen here at the depotSep 25, 2006
Shoal Bus Lineup749 viewsRecent repaints in the Shoal Bus fleet to their yellow front livery.Sep 25, 2006
MO 6609745 viewsOne of the latest purchases for Premier Illawarra is this Volvo B7RLE/CC CB50 seen at Oak Flats. Since reregd 4750 MO.Sep 25, 2006
Kiama2613 viewsKiama Coachlines ex MO 9375 and ex MO 2146 MAN SG192sSep 25, 2006
MO 2146976 viewsKiama Coachlines The rear half of ex MO 2146 MAN SG192/Göppel, one of the first bendys into Australia. It was ex Greenline Coaches, SA VEU 784; ex Action, Canberra (510) BUS 510; ex ZIB 510. Withdrawn by 6/06 and sold to the Parker Family, Oakville by 4/08.Sep 25, 2006
MO 93751773 viewsKiama Coachlines ex MO 9375 MAN SG192/CAC ex Surfside Buslines, Tweed Heads (631) 631 BBC; ex Action, Canberra (535) BUS 535; ex ZIB 535 being used for parts.Sep 25, 2006
Shoal Bus631 viewsBuses recently taken over from Harrison's at the Shoal Bus depot in BomaderrySep 25, 2006
MO 6451 and MO 67201423 viewsTwo PMCSA bodied articulated buses at Nowra Coaches. MO 6451 MAN SG220 ex Darwin now regd 2427 MO and MO 6720 Volvo B58 ex Torrens Transit, Adelaide, SA (931); ex Serco (931); ex Trans Adelaide (1355). now regd 2402 MO. Sep 25, 2006
MO 6463857 viewsNowra Coaches MO 6463 MAN 18.280 / CC 'SB40' ex AH13HF which operates the Nowra to Bay & Basin service. It has since been transferred to Premier Illawarra where it has become 4778 MO.Sep 25, 2006
MO 6722 and MO 53681432 viewsNowra Coaches - Two ex Busways, Central Coast Scania K93s with PMCSA bodies.Sep 25, 2006
MO 6724892 viewsNowra Coaches MO 6724 is one of two Mercedes 1617/CCs ex Hawkesbury Valley Bus & Coach. 6724 has an Allison Automatic gearbox and its sister, MO 6723, has a 5 speed syncromesh gearbox and exhaust break. Ex m/o 4808 7/06; ex Hawkesbury Valley (B Calabro & Sons Pty Ltd) m/o 4808 by 3/97.
Sold to Casula Bus & Coach Pty Ltd as MO 6724 5/10/06 and later rereg m/o 7968.
Sep 25, 2006
m/o 90091037 viewsShire Coaches MAN 16.240/CC ex Red & White (Coach Australia Pty Ltd), Sandgate, QLD (19) 097 EXI 28/1/06; ex Darling Downs Transit Pty Ltd, Wyreema, QLD; ex Westbus, Windsor, NSW MO 862; ex Macquarie Towns Coach Lines. The operation was taken over by Good Az Gold Tours and Transfers - Oakville.Sep 25, 2006
Forest Coach Lines818 viewsA lineup of three Mercedes O305/PMC units m/o 5441, m/o 848 and m/o 4192.Sep 25, 2006
m/o 1934723 viewsShorelink (98) Scania L94UB/Custom Coaches "CB60" at Gordon Station.Sep 25, 2006
m/o 1935803 viewsShorelink m/o 1935 Scania L94UB/Custom Coaches "CB60" at North Sydney StationSep 25, 2006
m/o 4151867 viewsForest Coachlines Mercedes O305 with PMC bodyworkSep 25, 2006
Kiama1633 viewsKiama Coachlines ex MO 9375 and ex MO 2146 MAN SG192sSep 25, 2006
Freshwater389 viewsSydney Ferries Freshwater taken from Georges HeightsSep 25, 2006
Freshwater-Narrabeen453 viewsSydney Ferries Narrabeen and Freshwater taken from Georges HeightsSep 25, 2006
Narrabeen436 viewsSydney Ferries Narrabeen taken from Georges HeightsSep 25, 2006
MO 49891170 viewsNowra Coaches' newest - Volvo B7R/CC "SB40" which was transferred to associated operator Premier Illawarra, Shellharbour as MO 4989 approx 2/07 and destroyed by fire 9/07, with the oldest ex MO 6465 Mercedes O305/PMC Mark II ex BUS 453 7/06; ex STA 2453. The latter was sold to D Jones & A Havilland for preservation 24/9/06 and then to Warrigal Charters (MJ Partridge) as TV 4797 12/06. Resold 25/2/07 for a motorhome in Victoria. Sep 25, 2006
AK65LP1001 viewsEx Premier Illawarra m/o 6415 Mercedes O305/PMC ex STA (2491) owned by a bowling centre in Wollongong in 2006. Since deregd.Sep 25, 2006
TV 2373937 viewsDaniela Charters, Wollongong TV 2373 Hino RV730P/Domino ex Keira Tours; ex Roadcoach; Rebuild by Austral Denning ex TV 725; ex Boronia Coaches (West Bankstown) TV 725, ex WB 2356 Sep 25, 2006
TV 37421091 viewsKillalea Tours, Wollongong TV 3742 Mercedes O305 ex Premier Illawarra, Figtree m/o 6354; ex STA Mk II 2047. Sold to a charter operator in the Windsor district 1/09.Sep 25, 2006
MO 71701723 viewsNowra Coaches deregd Volvo B10ML / Fuji ex Bathurst Coaches, NSW, ex (383) Brisbane City Council, Brisbane, Qld.Sep 25, 2006
MO 71701720 viewsNowra Coaches deregd Volvo B10ML / Fuji ex Bathurst Coaches, NSW, ex (383) Brisbane City Council, Brisbane, Qld.Sep 25, 2006
MO 66091009 viewsOne of Premier Illawarra's new Volvo B7RLE's with CC CB50HCL bodywork photographed in Oak Flats. Since reregd 4750 MO.Sep 25, 2006
m/o 92411240 viewsOne of Premier Illawarra's MAN 18.280/CC CB50's at Albion Park Station. Sep 25, 2006
DBL 126958 viewsDeane's Buslines (Queanbeyan) (2) Volvo B10M/Volgren Airliner at Canberra City Bus Interchange (Civic). The airliner service ceased in 2011.Sep 24, 2006
WEB 8021265 viewsSouthlink (2208) MAN NL202/Austral Pacific GroupSep 24, 2006
XCP 7432243 viewsTorrens Transit (951) Scania L94UA/Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' at Arndale Shopping CentreSep 24, 2006
WJP 4941184 viewsTorrens Transit (135) MAN SL200/PMCSA which had previoulsy operated with Serco as (135) and (913).Sep 24, 2006
WJM 9761195 viewsTorrens Transit (1952) MAN SG280H/PMCSA since used for parts.Sep 24, 2006
MO 5728815 viewsGundagai Buses Mercedes-Benz 1725/Custom Coaches Series SB40 since reregd 3929 MO.Sep 24, 2006
4542AO932 viewsMoorabbin Transit (579) Mercedes Benz OH1725/VolgrenSep 24, 2006
4692AO858 viewsGrenda(92) Scania K93CRB/Volgren "SC221" ex NXX692Sep 24, 2006
m/o 8643942 viewsShorelink / Transdev TSL (40) Volvo B10M Mk II/Volgren ex Driver Bus Lines, Mt Waverley, VIC (22) 1022AO; ex FZP 022. It was sold to Warrigal Charters as TV 5295.Sep 24, 2006
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