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m/o 9079717 viewsLatest business venture for Hawkesfords, the takeover of Mosman Coaches now Mosman Charter Buses. Seen here is Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC ex Sydney Buses 2344 fitted with wheelchair lift in rear stairwell, operating shopping tours near Tempe 2/12/2006. Since reregd TV 5755Dec 02, 2006
m/o 1971346 viewsVoyager Coaches Leyland Leopard PSU3E/2R/PMC seen departing the Randwick races. It was ex Mosman Coaches m/o 197; ex Tezza & Co, Port Botany u/r; ex Connex (38) m/o 708; ex Crossley Bus Lines, Revesby m/o 708; ex m/o 8843; ex Punchbowl Bus Co m/o 4559. Deregd 27/11/07. Nov 30, 2006
m/o 29921115 views2992 is Waverley depot's second MkIV/PMC in Volgren livery. Seen departing the City on route 389.Nov 30, 2006
m/o 10572290 viewsHillsbus Toy Bus (84) Volvo B10BLE/Custom Coaches 'CB60'. A lot of toys can be seen at the front window.Nov 30, 2006
m/o 90801001 viewsForest Coach Lines Volvo B12BLE/CC "CB60" seen at the QVB terminus prior to operating a route 270 to Terrey Hills.Nov 30, 2006
m/o 23501418 viewsSydney Buses Leichhardt Mercedes/PMC MkII (2350) at the Millers Point terminus during the night before operating a route 431. Since sold to the Belfield Group Ltd, Rossmore Park NSWNov 30, 2006
m/o 89252002 viewsForest Coach Lines Mercedes O305G/PMC artic seen in the Killarney Heights loop on route 270 as it crosses a speed hump. Ex-STA 2573.Nov 30, 2006
m/o 440775 viewsBusabout Scania L113CRB/Nambucca ex NSW Department of Corrective Services, Sydney (B30F).Nov 20, 2006
m/o 14541746 viewsHillsbus Volvo B10MA/Custom Coaches Series CB50 at Northmead DepotNov 20, 2006
m/o 84761322 viewsFrom Daniella Bus & Coach is this Mercedes O305 / PMC ex Shorelink (53) ex Mt Kuringai ex Shorelink (8) ex UTA Mk1 1955. Dont know if this was on Charter or was operating the very hard to figure out Starbus shuttle services. Nov 18, 2006
m/o 7649950 viewsPremier Illawarra 7649 is a Scania L94IB with CC 510 bodywork, this bus is ex John J Hill and is on Route 34 which was diverted via Barnes St (see the fading street sign) due to constant vandalism of buses when they used to operate via the nearby Nannawilli Street. Amazingly this damage has ceased entirely, and also given me a bus service which is much closer to my house. Seen her 18/11/2006.Nov 18, 2006
m/o 9248684 viewsPremier Illawarra MAN 18.280/CC CB50 enters Oak Flats Station running 15 minutes late due to the daily heavy traffic through Albion Park Rail. Northbound was even worse which it took me 24 minutes to travel 2.5km's to get to the Freeway Entrance. Nov 18, 2006
MO 61271358 viewsPremier Illawarra ex Action Renault makes its way over a slight hill at Berkeley on Northcliffe Drive heading to Dapto. In the background is the Southern Section of the Southern Freeway which is an isolated section of Freeway. The Freeway is broken between Bulli Tops and Gwyneville where it becomes an Expressway due to having a few driveways on it, otherwise known as Mt Ousley Road. This is the only Renault with the centre door removed due to an accident. The front doors used to actually be the centre doors! Nov 18, 2006
MO 6611681 viewsMO 6611 is the latest bus delivered to Premier Illawarra, but not for long with another 4 of these due anyday now. This is a Volvo B7RLE with CC CB50HCL bodywork. Photographed in George Street, Berkeley. Since reregd 4753 MO.Nov 18, 2006
TV 17221095 viewsPremier Illawarra TV 1722 is a Mercedes OH1622 with Austral Bodywork, ex Nowra ex Great Lakes coaches. It used to have fluting upto the middle rub strip, when repainted/refurb'd Premier removed all of that. Since reregd 4749 MO. TV 946 (now 4779 MO) is another identical unit to this one. Seen here 18/11/2006.Nov 18, 2006
m/o 6170863 viewsWhat was supposed to be the last refurb Canberra Mercedes (see comments on 6190) is Premier Illawarra m/o 6170 at Albion Park Rail East on route 51. Route 51 is a new route from Wollongong to Albion Park via Warrawong. Bit of a roundabout route to take to get from Albion Park to Wollongong, but routes 51 70 76 all connect to the Direct Lake Link service, but at least it provides a good link for people from Albion Park to the Warrawong shopping centres (which is one of the big retail precincts in Wollongong)Nov 18, 2006
m/o 61901002 viewsAfter I thought that Premier Illawarra were going to get onto withdrawing these old bangers (Mercedes O035/Ansairs) they went and refurbished another one, I must say they look great when refurbished, it's just ashame that Ansair Built these with easy rusting steel. This bus was only completed with Refurbishment in September 2006. It'll probably last another 12-18 months before withdrawal. Withdrawn and sold in 2009. Seen here 18/11/2006.Nov 18, 2006
m/o 63131030 viewsSoon to be retired Premier Illawarra Volvo B10M/CC Euro Mk II ex John J Hill, on Northcliffe Drive at Berkeley about to pass a police speed trap, and then pick up some school kids from Berkeley High. This seems to be the most used of the 4 1982 B10M's. I rarely see 6360, even when JJH were still about 6313 was always out in service, yet the other 3 only seemed to turn up on short shifts. m/o 6305 has already been sold to Casula Bus & Coach, and this one followed shortly afterwards. Nov 18, 2006
m/o 7235799 viewsPremier Illawarra ex John J Hill Mercedes O405 / CC on Route 51 at Lake Illawarra (the suburb not the actual lake) going through a dish gutter. Seen here 18/11/2006.Nov 18, 2006
m/o 7448751 viewsPremier Illawarra ex John J Hill Leyland Tiger/PMC m/o 7448 which has finally been repainted, at Farmborough Hts on a school run. Seen here 18/11/2006.Nov 18, 2006
m/o 37491108 viewsSydney Buses (3749) Scania L113CRL/Ansair. Rear view showing the preparations being made for application of full rear advertisements.Nov 15, 2006
m/o 8824510 viewsBaxters Bus Lines Mercedes-Benz OC1621/CC for U2 Concert - seen at Glebe Point. Since reregd TV 5092.Nov 14, 2006
MO 8888677 viewsBaxters Bus Lines Bedford YMT3/CC for U2 Concert - seen at Olympic Park. Ex Orange Coaches (6). Sold to Stressless Tours, Lawson.Nov 14, 2006
m/o 9073639 viewsBaxters Bus Lines Mercedes-Benz OC1621/CC for U2 Concert - seen at Glebe Point. Ex Sauer, Gympie, QLD 067 DZN (RC49F) 6/06; ex Pye, Gosford (5) MO 744. Since reregd TV 5102.Nov 14, 2006
m/o 1533603 viewsSydney Buses (1533) Volvo B12BLE/CC CB60 in Avenue Road, Mosman 25/10/2006.Nov 14, 2006
m/o 2576679 viewsSydney Buses 2576 Mercedes O305G/PMC at a U2 ConcertNov 14, 2006
m/o 318649 viewsBaxters Bus Lines Volvo B6FA/CC at a U2 Concert - Olympic Park, ex m/o 7301 - Sold to Coffs Harbour Day Tours (Qoyle), Boambee as TV 4399Nov 14, 2006
m/o 422593 viewsBaxters (22) Volvo B10M/CC ex Harris Park Transport m/o 7491 2/05. Reregd TV 5098 but those plates are now on another coach. Seen at U2 concert at Olympic Park.Nov 14, 2006
m/o 4009602 viewsBaxters Bus Lines (69) Asia Sprinter 16.210/CC for U2 Concert - seen at Olympic Park. Ex MO 2095; ex King Bros, ex Joyce's Valley Link, Urunga (6) MO 2095. It has since become (11) TV 5099. Then sold to Cumberland Coaches as TV 5052.Nov 14, 2006
m/o 8445610 viewsBaxters Bus Lines Leyland Tiger/CC for U2 Concert - seen at Glebe Point. Ex TV 995; ex Delwood Coaches, Villawood. Since reregd TV 5101.Nov 14, 2006
m/o 440628 viewsBusabout Scania L113CRB/Nambucca ex NSW Department of Corrective Services, Sydney (B30F).Nov 14, 2006
01 PHX794 viewsBrand new for Stonestreets of Toowoomba is this Denning Manufacturing bodied Phoenix. Photographed by Denair in Stonestreets attractive livery.Nov 12, 2006
AF65WL871 viewsThe latest Coach in the Ogdens of Wellington fleet is this Autobus/Autobus Countrylink coach photographed by Denair.Nov 12, 2006
751 ETE1149 viewsFrom Wide Bay Transit in Maryborough in Rural QLD is (53) Custom Coach bodied Scania L113CRB. It was photographed by Denair performing a service with trailer attached.Nov 12, 2006
m/o 4142793 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Hino RM197K/PMCA "Commuter" on rail duties at Belmore.Nov 10, 2006
m/o 0452874 viewsVeolia Transport (54) Mercedes/PMC ex-STA Mark II 2234 at Bankstown. The trail blazer for the yellow fronts when that livery was adopted by Connex.Nov 10, 2006
m/o 54221099 viewsMetroLink (27) Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3Rsp/PMC"160" ex Forest Coach Lines, Terrey Hills m/o 5422; ex St Ives Bus Service (12) m/o 5422Nov 10, 2006
m/o 14542141 viewsHillsbus Volvo B10MA/Custom Coaches 'CB50' artic at Parra on Sunday departing on route 601 from Parramatta.Nov 10, 2006
m/o 8040780 viewsVeolia Transport Volvo B10M Mk II/PMC "Metro 90" laying up at Parramatta. It is ex Southtrans (Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd) (92) m/o 8040 9/99.Nov 10, 2006
m/o 92011047 viewsVeolia Transport (401) Volvo B12BLE/Bustech VST heading to Campsie Station, operating a rail bus.Nov 10, 2006
m/o 14021641 viewsA Sydney Buses Ryde Mercedes O405NH/CC gassie in heavy rain at Parramatta.Nov 10, 2006
m/o 7623978 viewsInterline Bus Services (15) Csepel 633.05/Volgren "SC221"Nov 09, 2006
MO 5895565 viewsJunee Buses Bedford BLP2/Domino seen at Junee Buses Depot, Junee, ex MO 5895; ex Port Macquarie Bus Service (1) MO 5895. Sold for a motorhome 6/09.Nov 09, 2006
BUS 982935 viewsAction (Canberra) (982) Renault PR100.2/Ansair at Woden Bus Interchange in advertising livery.Nov 09, 2006
VTO 7191074 viewsSerco (186) and since then Southlink (2357) MAN SG280H/PMCSA Commuter.Nov 09, 2006
WJP 6781113 viewsSerco Adelaide (116) MAN 11.190 HOCL-NL/PMCA seen here in Serco livery. It retained this rego when the Serco contract was taken over by Torrens Transit.Nov 09, 2006
UQB 040916 viewsTransperth (Path Transit) (40) MAN SG292H/JWBoltonNov 09, 2006
UQB 476676 viewsTransperth (476) Mercedes O305G/Bolton.Nov 09, 2006
m/o 88481036 viewsVeolia Transport ex Baxters (137) Mercedes O400/CC "515" at Sydenham, with Centrepoint Tower and the City in the background on Rail Replacement. Nov 09, 2006
m/o 82621320 viewsVeolia Transport (210) Scania L94UB/Bustech from Villawood at Bankstown between trips on route 910. Nov 09, 2006
m/o 91621307 viewsVeolia Transport Brand new (404) Volvo B12BLE Bustech VST for Veolia Menai at Bankstown on Rail Replacement. Nov 09, 2006
m/o 8982440 viewsWestbus Mercedes-Benz O405NH/ ABM 'CB60' ex Baxters 898 at Merrylands on route 815, in Westbus colours in November 2006. Nov 09, 2006
m/o 71561621 viewsWestbus Mercedes-Benz O405 Mk II/Custom Coaches '510' in advertising livery for Western Sydney Razorbacks. Nov 09, 2006
m/o 0451348 views(54) Veolia Transport Mercedes O305/PMC at Bankstown ex Crossleys ex STA 2234Nov 09, 2006
m/o 9198874 viewsVeoliaTransport (75) Volvo B6R/CC "510" at Sydenham. Nov 09, 2006
m/o 80401001 viewsVeolia Transport Volvo B10M/PMC 92 now at Villawood depot, photo taken at Parramatta. Note bus has Bankstown on desto roll but driver is using supplementary sign. Nov 09, 2006
m/o 83521085 views(108) VeoliaTransport Volvo B10M/Volgren at Sydenham November 2006. Nov 09, 2006
m/o 88951272 viewsVeolia Transport (116) Volvo B10M/CC ex Baxters at Campsie. Nov 09, 2006
005 FIB752 viewsWestside Bus Co MAN NL232/Hicom. It has since become (60) 60 WBC.Nov 08, 2006
m/o 71891197 viewsSugar Valley Coachlines Leyland Worlmaster/Alnor ex m/o 628, ex Kerr MO 1045, ex ABC m/o 001, ex South Western Revesby m/o 312, ex South Western Alexandria m/o 7378, rebuild ex STA Adelaide 7121. Pictured at the Sugar Valley depot.Nov 08, 2006
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