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m/o 6713 & 6712153 viewsTransdev new Bustech CDi double deckers at Sutherland Station on their first runs 7/8/17Aug 07, 2017
102 RXE619 viewsSurfside Buslines 338 Bustech XDI - Cummins ISC seen at Surfers ParadiseFeb 19, 2012
645 LQY544 viewsSurfside Buslines 310 Bustech XDI - CAT C7 seen at Surfers ParadiseFeb 19, 2012
2410 MO461 viewsNowra Coaches/Premier 2410 MO Daewoo BS120CN ULF/UBC Chiron seen at Bomaderry StationJan 14, 2012
m/o 9120386 viewsNew for Veolia Transport NSW is 709, an ex Grenda Volvo B10M MkIII/Volgren in TNSW Livery. Seen at Bankstown about to start a 909Dec 22, 2011
m/o 1272304 viewsSydney Buses 1272 Mercedes O405NH CNG/CC Citaro on a 333 at Bondi Junction. Rigids are very rarely seen on the 333Dec 08, 2011
m/o 7311397 viewsVeolia Transport 697 MAN SL252/HiCom ex Caringbah Bus Service seen on a 926 at BankstownNov 26, 2011
TV 5984298 viewsCumberland Coachlines 23 ex Baxters Asia Sprinter 16.210/CC seen on emergency rail replacement at Waterfall 25/11/11Nov 26, 2011
m/o 9795447 viewsCDC Hillsbus Scania K280UB 14.5m/CC CB60 Evo2 seen at the QVB on a 610Nov 26, 2011
m/o 8826441 viewsTransdev 10 Mercedes O405/CC 238 in TNSW livery on rail replacement on Clarence St. WynyardNov 26, 2011
m/o 1520394 viewsSydney Buses 1520 Volvo B12BLE/CC CB60 seen on Emergency Rail Replacement at Waterfall 25/11/11, this was its first day of service at Port Botany DepotNov 26, 2011
m/o 5434446 viewsNew for Punchbowl bus Co. is this Volvo B7RLE with Custom Coaches CB80 Body in Transport NSW livery. Seen at Bankstown on Standby rail bus duties.Oct 30, 2011
m/o 5428491 viewsNew for Busabout is this Volvo B7RLE with Bustech "VST" bodywork. Seen at Liverpool about to commence an 865. This is one of the first buses for Busabout in Transport NSW Livery.Oct 22, 2011
TV 6658347 viewsHopkinsons Higer Roadboss - Cummins ISBe seen on Western Line Rail Replacement at GranvilleOct 15, 2011
BM75KB314 viewsVeolia 599 Iveco Metro/CC CB80 demonstrator seen at Granville on Western Line Rail ReplacementOct 15, 2011
m/o 7239308 viewsVeolia 122 Mercedes O405NH/Volgren CR221L at Miranda, the first time I've seen a veolia bus with a large side ad, note that the desto is playing up. Removed from service after extensive fire damaga at Miranda 5/12/2011. Sold via auction to Busabout Group, Oakville 4/12.Oct 14, 2011
m/o 9109280 viewsMaianbar Bundeena Bus Service Hino RG197K/PMC Commuter ex Punchbowl Bus Co. Seen on rail bus duties at Sutherland still in PBC livery but that did not last long.Oct 14, 2011
6937 MO568 viewsSurfside Buslines 331, a Bustech XDi - Cummins ISL with the new Bustech front seen at CoolangattaOct 07, 2011
m/o 1474257 viewsVeolia 181 Mercedes O305/PMC seen laying up at Bankstown. Veolia's Mk2 Merc days are now certainly numbered. It was withdrawn mid November 2011,Oct 02, 2011
TV 5627447 viewsCharterplus Volvo B12BLE/Bustech VST in AOA for Woolworths seen on Rail Standby at GranvilleSep 13, 2011
m/o 9117287 viewsRecently purchased by Veolia is 703, a Volvo B10M/Volgren ex Grenda 81 seen on a school run at BankstownSep 06, 2011
2283 ST491 viewsSydney Buses 2283 (Mercedes O500LE/CC CB60 Evo2) seen at Railway Square on a 378 bound for BronteSep 04, 2011
m/o 9771234 viewsVeolia 430 (Volvo B12BLE/CC CB60 Evo2) seen at Bankstown Station on a 905 with an AOA for Prostate AwarenessAug 25, 2011
P7120378 copy.JPG
m/o 3384331 viewsSydney Buses Mercedes O405/PMC 160 seen on a 380 on Elizabeth St.Aug 04, 2011
P7080263 copy.JPG
m/o 2728312 viewsthe first Sydney Buses production Mk4 Mercedes O305, 2728 is seen at Circular Quay about to start a 436 to ChiswickJul 14, 2011
m/o 5092609 viewsA brand new bus and the first for Veolia in TNSW livery, 347 (Mercedes O500LE/Bustech VST) is seen on route 969 turning into Westfield MirandaJul 06, 2011
m/o 5060412 viewsVeolia Metrobus 340 (Mercedes O500LE/Bustech VST) seen operating an M92 at BankstownJul 06, 2011
2264 ST668 viewsWaverly TNSW B12BLEA Artic 2264 ST is seen at Circular Quay just about to start route 333 to Bondi BeachJun 20, 2011
2293 ST1073 viewsBrand New Mercedes O500LE for Sydney Buses Waverley depot is 2293 ST seen at Circular Quay after finishing a 389Jun 04, 2011
m/o 1474446 viewsVeolia Mercedes O305 Mk2/PMC (ex STA 2209) seen operating a 907 at Bankstown. It was withdrawn mid November 2011.May 29, 2011
m/o 1701677 viewsSydney Buses Metrobus B12BLEA/Custom Coaches CB60 artic 1701 seen on route M10 at Town Hall StationMay 15, 2011
2108 ST826 viewsSydney Buses Scania K310UB 14.5m Metrobus seen on route M10 on Elizabeth StMay 15, 2011
2135 ST537 viewsSydney Buses Metrobus B12BLEA Artic/Volgren 2135 seen operating an M52 at Circular QuayMay 15, 2011
m/o 2995476 viewsSydney Buses Mercedes O305 Mk IV 2995 seen operating a 380 at Circular QuayMay 15, 2011
2240 ST936 viewsSydney Buses Volvo B12BLEA bendy 2240 in TNSW livery on route 333 seen from Circular Quay StationMay 15, 2011
2164 ST502 viewsSTA Volvo B12BLEA/Volgren CR228L Bendy seen operating an M50 in the cityMay 05, 2011
m/o 9623699 viewsVeolia 322 O500LE/Bustech VST is seen operating on a 948 to Hurstville at Bankstown InterchangeMay 02, 2011
m/o 9661399 viewsVeolia B12BLE/CB60 421 is seen operating a school run at Bankstown InterchangeMay 02, 2011
2239 ST923 viewsNew Transport NSW liveried B12BLEA/Volgren Bendy 2239 ST is seen operating a route 333 on Elizabeth StMay 02, 2011
m/o 5246523 viewsVeolia Metrobus Volvo B7RLE/CC 458 is seen operating an M91 at Padstow - Kurt H PhotoMay 01, 2011
2192 ST582 viewsSydney Buses B12BLEA Volgren turns into Elizabeth street while operating on route M40 - Kurt H photoMay 01, 2011
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