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m/o 82642269 viewsFrom Interline is (23) Volvo B7RLE/ABDenning low floor, photgraphed between trips on the Bow Bowing route at Minto Mall.
2393 MO615 viewsShoal Bus a 1996, Mercedes Benz LO814/Alan B.Denning "Vario", ex MO 6629; ex Hornibrook Bus Lines, Clontarf, QLD (10) 023 DJU.
607 7-10.jpg
m/o 9946764 viewsBusways (601) Mercedes-Benz LO814/A.B. Denning "Vario" ex 5584 MO by 4/10/13; ex MO 4550; ex King Bros (38), now in Sydney in region 1, seen outside its new depot Mulgrave.
5580 MO465 viewsBusways North Coast (652) Mercedes-Benz LO814/AB Denning Vario ex MO 4461; ex King Bros (37). at Port Macquarie in 2009. It has since come to Sydney at Mulgrave depot as m/o 5646.
SB29GT and WSS 053175 viewsAdelaide Coaches (52) Volvo B7R/Volgren Endura and (26) Volvo B12R/Alan B Denning Galaxy ex (23) TV 1408 Sunstate Coaches, Eagle Farm, at Mile End 10/9/2016.
WSS 053175 viewsAdelaide Coaches (26) Volvo B12R/Alan B Denning Galaxy ex (23) TV 1408 Sunstate Coaches, Eagle Farm, at Mile End 10/9/2016.
AB 001.JPG
3745 MO219 viewsBlue Mountains Bus Co (Transit) MAN 22.370/Alan B. Denning "Galaxy" ex MO 4910 10/08, in the Kingsway, Caringbah 22/3/2015.
2003 Bus Show826 viewsMAN 10.220/Alan B Denning. Low-floor entry/wheelchair accessible.
1270 MO209 viewsNew England Coaches (Arandale) - Glen Innes Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 616CDI/Alan B. Denning ex TV 3564; ex Rover Motors Pty Ltd, Cessnock (M2) TV 3564 -/08; ex Carbridge Pty Ltd, Mascot 13/2/04. It was reregd 6955 MO before being sold to R Nolan, Glen Innes as 6955 MO 1/7/11. Shown here with a previous operating name By Bus.
042 KKO408 viewsSunbus (3117) Mercedes Benz 815D/Alan B. Denning "Vario" ex (29) 042 KKO, Hermit Park Bus Service, Townsville, QLD, ex (42) 42 CBS, Logan City Bus Service, Loganlea, in Townsville 2/8/2014.
3974AO582 viewsWarrnambool Bus Lines (97) Mercedes 0404/ Alan B. Denning "Galaxy" at Mt Gambier 15/6/2013.
m/o 3979792 viewsSydney/Newcastle Buses (3979) Mercedes-Benz 0814 Vario/Alan B Denning Airport Express seen here on Olympic duties at the Sydney 2000 Olympics.After being withdrawn later in 2000 it became (415) 209 JRD, 415 GBU Surfside Buslines,Tweed Heads until 2008 when it was withdrawn.
m/o 3973735 viewsSydney/Newcastle Buses (3973) Mercedes-Benz 0814 Vario/Alan B Denning Airport Express seen here on Olympic duties at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. After being withdrawn later in 2000 it went to Premier Illawarra from where it was traded to Volvo dealer.
UUM 936444 viewsCarbridge Mercedes-Benz 814D/Alan B Denning "Vario". Painted for Star City Casino shuttles. Original owner shown as Interval Holiday Tours, Sydney. Sold to Koala Coaches, Burleigh Heads QLD as (39) 717 FBJ 6/99.
MO 3088284 viewsWaller’s Bus Co, Nimbin (2) Mercedes-Benz OH1418/Alan B. Denning "Galaxy" ex RH & CL Marsh (Bretdart Pty Ltd), Nimbin MO 3088 - First Alan B. Denning body produced. Since reregd 2969 MO – seen here in 2006.
5124AO364 viewsHawkesford's International (320) Mercedes-Benz O404-3/Alan B Denning ex Deluxe Coachlines, VIC (66) 5124 AO; ex Keetley's, Darwin, NT, in 2006. Sold with Hawkesford's Deluxe Coachlines, Melbourne to Executive Coach Travel 1/11/09.
Bayline 54 Mercedes Benz 814D 6th Mar 2010.JPG
CAW822818 viewsBayline Coaches Mercedes Benz 814D with A B Denning bodywork, photographed on 6th Mar 2010 at Mount Maunganui.
6111AO270 viewsBeechworth Bus (11) MAN 10.160/ABD "Frontrunner or Corsair" which was sold to Yackandandah Bus Lines, Yackandandah as (11) 6111AO. Seen here 10/6/2007.
3444AO90 viewsKefford’s Bender’s, Geelong (39) Mercedes 814D/Alan B Denning at the MCG coach park for a Richmond football match in 2004.
MO 4382683 viewsBlinman, Yass MO 4382 Mercedes LO814 / AB Denning Vario ex LA & LH Symons, Narooma MO 4382; ex Jamieson. Central Tilba MO 4382. Since reregd 4447 MO
MO 5933252 viewsBusways (488) Irisbus Eurorider/AB Denning ex Yarramalong Bus Lines (AR & JP Palmer), Wyong 30/01/08 (2) MO 5933, on night rail in March 2008. Since reregd 6494 MO and transferred to Port Macquarie.
MO 5441878 viewsFrom Bega Valley Coaches is this Volvo B12 with Alan B Denning body work. This bus seats 80 people and is used on one of their many long distance school services. Since reregd 1101 MO.

m/o 92231329 viewsConnex NSW Mercedes-Benz LO814/AB Denning "Vario". It has since been sold.
TC 6130578 viewsVeolia/South West Coachlines Mercedes Benz O303-3/ABDenning "Majestic" turns for its final approach to Bunbury B/S. It is ex XLF 112 Roxby Coach Service; ex-745 IMV Surf City Coaches (Southport QLD); ex (27) mo 1289 AAT-Kings.
MO 5933337 viewsBusways (488) Irisbus FRH/Alan B. Denning ex Yarramalong Bus Lines (AR & JP Palmer) - Wyong on rail at Hornsby 9/3/2008 - this was a commitment from before Palmer was taken over. Bus since transferred to Port Macquarie from the Central Coast, where it is 6494 MO.
6299AO180 viewsDysons (373) is a Mercedes Benz 616CDI/Alan B. Denning, acquired from Young at Heart for which it still does Tours. Seen here in August 2007.
0070AO99 viewsFalls Creek Coaches/Fallons Group Mercedes Sprinter 616CDI/Alan B Denning arriving at Southern Cross Station 3rd September 2016.
MO 00581041 viewsFearnes MO 0058 Mercedes LO814 / AB Denning Ex Premier Illawarra BUS 975, ex STA 3975 departing Harden High School. It has since been reported for sale.
MO 0296953 viewsFearnes MO 0296 Mercedes LO814 / AB Denning ex Premier Illawarra BUS 974, ex STA 3974 departing Harden High School. It has since been reported for sale.
MO 95501108 viewsFearnes MO 9550 Mercedes LO814 / ABD ex Premier Illawarra BUS 976, new to STA where it was m/o 3976, at Harden depot. It has been withdrawn.
m/o 8596, m/o 9492 and m/o 9493. 894 viewsHawkesbury m/o 8596 ex Army Volvo B10M/Centurion (just withdrawn from service), ex Rotnest Island m/o 9492 Mercedes-Benz LO814/AB Denning and ex Liverpool Transport m/o 9493 Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches ex m/o 7006, in a back street at Oakville on the Glenorie/Hawkesbury Valley Tour 30/10/2011.
m/o 9197209 viewsHawkesbury Valley Leyland Le Dart/AB Denning seen at the depot November 2007. Ex Busabout (Neville's Bus Service Pty Ltd), Casula m/o 9197. Sold to Koumala Motors, Koumala, QLD as 783 KWU 4/08.
TV 912185 viewsMoores Tours, Blakehurst Mercedes 815D/Alan B Denning Vario ex Westside Christian College, Goodna, QLD (6)0 405 IKP; ex I Johnstone, Calen 505 EYL, signwritten for St George Christian School, in Bellingara Road, Miranda 28/4/2017.
MO 2 ACT95 viewsHorizon Coach Charter, Canberra AB Denning bodied coach in a coach parking area near the Australian War Memorial 20/9/2017.
3439AO261 viewsBenders (34) Mercedes Benz 814D/Alan B. Denning "Vario" ex NXX634, around Melbourne 26/3/2011.
m/o 5233 498 viewsAn unusual bus - Westbus Mercedes OH1418 with AB Denning bodywork, at Windsor.
SSJ 000198 viewsSouth Sydney Juniors Club Volvo B12/Alan B Denning Galaxy Coach at Shark Park 11/6/2013. Not much different from the ABP photo in 2007.
7561AO221 viewsPegasus Coach Tours Volvo B12B/Alan B. Denning "Galaxy" ex TV 3505 by 29/3/11; ex KL & DJ Selwood, Orange TV 3505 by 7/10, in the main street of Kiama 19/7/2013 with a Probus group having morning tea before heading to Gabby's at Berry for a Christmas in July.
TV 2733218 viewsBaxters Coach Lines (20) Volvo B12R/Alan B. Denning "Galaxy" ex KL & DJ Selwood, Orange TV 2733, in Mitchell Road near Elouera Beach 27/2/2015.
m/o 82641449 viewsInterline Bus Service Volvo B7RLE/AB Denning at the 2002 Bus and Coach Show before being registered. It was initially regd (QLD) 837 GWW.
Johnstons Coachlines 510 Scania K124EB 18th Jan 2010.JPG
JCL 10516 viewsJohnstons Coachlines #510 Scania K124EB with A B Denning bodywork, photographed on the 18th Aug 2010 at Federal St, Auckland.
Johnstons Coachlines 513 Scania K124EB 18th Jan 2010.JPG
JCL 13785 viewsJohnstons Coachlines #513 Scania K124EB with A B Denning bodywork, photographed on the 18th Jan 2010 at Sky City, Auckland.
Johnstons Coachlines 527 Scania K124 17th Jan 2010 (2).JPG
JCL 27520 viewsJohnstons Coachlines #527 Mercedes Benz O 404 with A B Denning bodywork photographed on the 17th Aug 2010 at lower Queen Street.
KBL 32864 viewsKangaroo Bus Lines Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 616CDI with Alan B Denning body.

357 DOV93 viewsMackay Transit Coaches (35) Mercedes LO814/Alan B Denning in 2002.
2003 Bus Show752 viewsMAN 13.220/Alan B Denning 'Corsair'.
696 IUO464 viewsMt Gravatt Bus Service “Tassie” MAN 18.310/Alan B. Denning "Galaxy" ex (74) EE 5877, Tigerline Coaches, Hobart, TAS, ex Invicta Bus Service, Croydon, VIC. has just returned from the paintshop in new two tone green colours in 2007.
BS00NL95 viewsNorth East Coachlines Scania K123EB Allan B Denning on V/Line replacement 3rd September 2016.
BS00NL96 viewsNorth East Coachlines Scania K123EB Allan B Denning on V/Line replacement 3rd September 2016.
PCT 07760 viewsPeters Coaches Toowoomba Mercedes Benz O404-3/Alan B. Denning "Galaxy" currently for sale. It is ex TV 2501 Jungs Coaches, (In Sung Jong) Sydney.
PCT 07713 viewsPeters Coaches Mercedes Benz O404-3/Alan B. Denning "Galaxy" ex TV 2501, Jungs Coaches, (In Sung Jong) Sydney.
MO 9073545 viewsOperating Prior Batemans Bay's Scenic Express service is this Volvo B7R / Alan B Denning at Fitzroy Falls on a rest break en route to Narooma. Since reregd 5196 MO
MO 91051065 viewsPrior's Bus Service - Batemans Bay Volvo B7R/Alan B Denning (Galaxy)
601 CVQ220 viewsGatton and Minden Bus Services (5) Mercedes Benz OH1418/Alan B. Denning "Galaxy" at Lowood 31 5 2015.
781 FGK109 viewsQuick Silver Connection, Port Douglas (5) Scania L94IB/Alan B Denning in 2000.
781 FGK95 viewsQuicxk Silver Connections, Port Douglas (5) Scania L94IB/Alan B Denning in 2000.
Reesby Coachlines 74 Mercedes Benz O 404 18th Jan 2010.JPG
AGE700445 viewsReesby's #74 Mercedes Benz O404 with A B Denning bodywork, photographed on the 18th Jan 2010 at Customs Street West.
m/o 78301346 viewsRelaxaway Tours (Interline Bus Services) Volvo B7R/Alan B Denning (Galaxy) ex Kooralbyn Coaches, Kooralbyn, Qld 172.EFX - Since transferred to Southern Cross Transit, Karalee, QLD as (24) BUS 24.
5224AO202 viewsRockleigh Tours/Hithambus/Fallsbus, Diggersrest Scania K124IB. AB Denning on the BCSV tour 20 August 2016.
BS00GM87 viewsRockleigh Tours, Diggers Rest Scania K124IB/Alan B Denning on a charter to the Melbourne Cup 1st November 2016.
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