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BCI 25934 viewsM.V.E.T Swan Hill Bedford SB5/Freighter on a morning school service in 1988.
BS01VQ115 viewsSwan Hill Bus Lines Mercedes O500RFx3/Irizar i6 at the Victoria Market Melbourne on a charter in 18th August 2016.
m/o 391867 viewsSydney Buses (3918) Volvo B10BLE/Phoenix heading for Olympic Park Homebush Bay in 2006.
m/o 166977 viewsSydney Buses (1669) Volvo B12BLEA/Custom Coaches CB60 on a Palm Beach L90 service in 2006.
TA 111044 viewsTransadelaide (1110) Volvo B59/PMCSA on a 182 service in 1995.
TA 141843 viewsTrans Adelaide Buses (1418) Volvo B58 5300/PMCSA in 1995.
MO 213344 viewsTamworth Coaches (23) Nissan RB13S/Custom Coaches returning to the depot after a school service in 2003.
MO 568768 viewsTamworth Coaches (26) Volvo B7R/Bustech on a school service in 2003.
051 BEH11 viewsThompson, Strathpine (51) Hino RV730P/PMC in 1991.
Thompson`s Joyner QLD Leyland Leopard 040-AWO (ex P_T_C 1522).jpg
040 AWO385 viewsThompson’s Joyner, Strathpine Leyland Leopard/Smithfield ex UTA 1522.
TV 50358 viewsTiger Tours Denning Landseer – GM on a charter in the Sydney CBD in 1991. It was ex Casino Bus Service MO 8769. Sold to Toowoomba, QLD district.
DEW 98434 viewsTorance & McConnell, Tongala Mercedes OH1316/Newnham at the depot in 1992,
MO 148358 viewsToronto Bus Service (33) MAN 16.240/PMCA operating the Fassifern Toronto Train Bus in 1994.
m/o 400279 viewsToronto Bus Service (13) Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches 510 in Sydney for the Olympics in 2000. Reregd 4398 MO with Hunter Valley Buses.
m/o 416073 viewsToronto Bus Service Volvo B10M/P&D in Sydney for the Olympics in 2000, Became m/o 628 with Sugar Valley Coaches by 10/02 and then 4680 MO with Hunter Valley Buses.
m/o 756969 viewsToronto Bus Service MAN 16.240/PMC in 2000. It subsequently operated with Sugar Valley Coaches before the take over by Hunter Valley Buses where it was scrapped in in 2009.
MO 961545 viewsToronto Bus Service (18) Mercedes-Benz LO814/Custom Coaches , on the Train Service from Toronto to Fassifern in 2003. Replaced 8/05 & Sold to Hillcrest Christian College, Reedy Creek, QLD as (26) 468 JGN -/05.
TV 168486 viewsToronto Bus Service Volvo B12Rx3/Alan B Denning Galaxy at the depot in 2003. After the takeover by CDC it became TV 1684 with Charterplus, Sydney.
MO 16658 viewsTransborder Express, Yass & Act (32) Scania K113TRB 12.5m/Autobus at Homebus Bay, Sydney on a charter in 1999.
MO 2151 viewsTransborder Express Yass & ACT (21) Denning Landseer –GM on a commuter service in Yass in 1991.
MO 5254 viewsTransborder Express, Yass (52) Scania K92CR/Custom Coaches in 2002.
1749AO28 viewsTransdev Melbourne (749) Merceds O405NH/Custom Coaches ex National Bus Co (Ventura), at Box Hill 6th July 2016.
1750AO40 viewsTransdev Melbourne Mercedes O405NH/Custom Coaches ex Ventura, ex PZZ991, at Box Hill on a 279 service 6th July 2016.
1751AO27 viewsTransdev Melbourne (751) Mercedes O405NH/Custom Coaches arriving at Box Hill on a 370 service 6th July 2016.
4516AO18 viewsTransdev, Melbourne (5160) MAN SL202/Volgren ex Ventura, ex Moorabbin Transit, arriving at Box Hill on a 279 service 6th July 2016.
6128AO19 viewsTransdev, Melbourne (908) Scania L94UB/Custom Coaches on a 271 service to Ringwood 2nd July 2016.
6519AO19 viewsTransdev Melbourne (917) Scania K280UB/Custom Coaches heading for Box Hill Interchange 6th July 2016.
6524AO114 viewsTransdev Melbourne (922) Scania L94UB/Custom Coaches CB60 at Box Hill on a 279 service 6 July 2016.
7238AO20 viewsTransdev Melbourne (615) MAN 16.240/Desighline arriving at Box Hill on a 284 service 6th July 2016.
7239AO142 viewsTransdev Melbourne (616) MAN 16.240/Designline on a 270 service at Box Hill 2nd July 2016.
7251AO30 viewsTransdev Melbourne (628) MAN 16.240/Designline arriving at Box Hill on a 279 service 6th July 2016.
9102AO14 viewsTransdev Melbourne (996) Scania K280UB/Volgren at Box Hill on a 271 service 6th July 2016.
BS01GO50 viewsTransdev, Melbourne (11) Scania K280UB/Gemilang at Box Hill in a 271 service 6th July 2016.
BS02LK 73 viewsTransdev, Melbourne (380122) Scania K310UB/Volgren at Box Hill about to commence a 302 service 29/12/2016.
BWP 49949 viewsTrans Otway Mercedes O303x2/Ansair at the Melbourne Cup in 1985.
849 ADD35 viewsTropic Wings, Cairns (1) MAN 16.240/Austral on a day tour in 1989.
849 ADD37 viewsTropic Wings, Cairns (1) MAN 16.240/Austral on a day tour in 1989.
NDB 61029 viewsTrotter Group, Warracknabeal Mercedes OH1418/Custom Coaches in 1999.
0809AO128 viewsTrotters Coaches, Ballarat Scania K124EB/Autobus in Melbourne on V/Line replacement 8th October 2016.
4966AO103 viewsTrotters Coaches Group (69) Volvo B7R/Autobus on the Geelong Freeway on V/Line replacement 21 January 2017.
6503AO51 viewsTrotters Coaches, Ballarat (18) Mercedes O500RF x 3/Northcoast in Melbourne on V/Line replacement 3rd September 2016.
6681AO41 viewsTrotters Coaches Group (10) Mercedes O500RF x 2/Coach Design in Melbourne on V/Line replacement 8th October 2016.
7609AO59 viewsTrotters Coaches, Ballarat (5) Mercedes O404 x 3/Denning in Melbourne on V/Lline replacement 8th October 2016.
9325AO47 viewsTrotter’s Coaches Group (1) Scania K124EB/Autobus in Melbourne on V/Line replacement 3rd September 2016.
BUS 844 56 viewsTrotter’s Ocean Grove Coaches Denning Denair – GM at Trotter’s Warracknabeal depot in 1999.
troys luxury coachlines TV1308.jpg
TV 1308158 viewsTroy's Luxury Coachlines Scania/Neoplan ex VIP Express.
8467AO91 viewsTullamarine Bus Lines (30) Mercedes OH1830/Coach Concepts on the Monash Freeway 10th August 2016
TV 310.jpg
TV 310132 viewsKoala Coaches Denning Landseer in 1989
TV 327b.jpg
TV 327158 viewsHopkinsons Coaches Austral DC122 Ttourmaster in 1989.
TV 476.jpg
TV 476123 viewsNewman Bros Macksville MAN 22.280/Denning Majestic in 1992. It was ex MO 9814 -/88. Sold to Brumpton Bros Transport Pty Ltd, Coffs Harbour as (15) TV 797 between 1994 & 1997; then to Goldrush Touirs, Kargoorlie, WA as (34) TC 3912; Noted for sale on Gumtree as a motorhome at Mackay, QLD as (WA) KBC 6884.
TV 883.jpg
TV 883102 viewsCalabros Denning Landseer in 1988.
TV 919a.jpg
TV 91996 viewsStuarts Coaches, Nowra Austral Tourmaster in 1989
TV 1195120 viewsThomas Coaches, Cowra Denning Landseer ex NWF 678 which saw subsequent service with Cowra Bus Service, Bilpin Coaches and Chapmans Bus and Coach Service - Gulgong. Seen here at the 1990 Melbourne Cup.
TV 1204134 viewsWestbus Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches which saw subsequent service with Coachlink, Molendiner, Qld as 812 GKL, Calow, Scamander, Tas as ER 8117 and Betta Tours SA as SB 22 BY.
TV 1370133 viewsDohertys Coaches Scania K113TRB/PMCSA "Apollo Hi-Deck" sold to Seal Rocks Shuttle, Cowes, VIC as OOZ 258 & later rereg 0538 NC; then to Phillip Island Bus Lines, Cowes as (10) 3710 AO; Disposed of by 7/09.
MO 343756 viewsTweed Valley Buses, Murwillumbah Bedford VAM3/PMC between school services in 1987.
UEV 295138 viewsKey Tours Mercedes-Benz O303-3/PMCSA. It saw subsequent service with Summerland Coaches - Byron Bay as TV 1791 and then Paradise Tours - South Strathfield with the same rego. There is a photo of it with Paradise Tours in the photo gallery without the bullbar.
u/r841 viewsKangaroo Bus Lines Denning Phoenix LF at the Melbourne Busvic Maintenance Conference July 2011.
3248AO55 viewsUS Bus Lines, Monbulk Scania K94IB/Volgren on a charter at Sovereign Hill Ballarat in 2004.
3651AO40 viewsUS Buslines, Monbulk (51) Volvo B6FA/Newnham ex (21) 3621AO, ex CIN859, seen at Duncan Mackinnon Reserve Murrumbeena on a sports charter in 2004.
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