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894 HHC1571 viewsHere we see Mk2 MAN SL200/Ansair seen with Youngs of Rockhampton as (42) in their colourful livery. Photo by Denair. It is ex (292) 0292AO, OVO329 Melbourne Bus Link, Footscray, Vic.-ex (292) MWE292 The MET/PTC, Melbourne.
128 JGI1554 viewsFrom Youngs of Rockhampton is this Mercedes Benz O500LE/Bustech VST. Photo by Denair
751 ETE963 viewsFrom Wide Bay Transit in Maryborough in Rural QLD is (53) Custom Coach bodied Scania L113CRB. It was photographed by Denair performing a service with trailer attached.
V 689-650bVentura.jpg
689 650352 viewsA Ventura Bus Co Reo from the 1930’s - photo taken at the 2011 BCSV Sandown rally.
u/r606 viewsKangaroo Bus Lines Denning Phoenix LF at the Melbourne Busvic Maintenance Conference July 2011.
Thompson`s Joyner QLD Leyland Leopard 040-AWO (ex P_T_C 1522).jpg
040 AWO240 viewsThompson’s Joyner, Strathpine Leyland Leopard/Smithfield ex UTA 1522.
01 PHX666 viewsBrand new for Stonestreets of Toowoomba is this Denning Manufacturing bodied Phoenix. Photographed by Denair in Stonestreets attractive livery.
St Ives bus service Sydney NSW Leyland Leopard (6) MO-5416.jpg
m/o 5416294 viewsSt Ives Bus Service (6) Leyland Leopard (6)/PMC in 1986. After operating with Forest Coach Lines and then m/o 103 with Manly Coaches it went to Fantastic Aussie Tours.
St Ives bus service  Sydney NSW Leyland Tiger (16) MO-939.jpg
m/o 939277 viewsSt Ives Bus Service (16) Leyland Tiger/PMC. After operating with Forest Coach Lines it ended up in Townsville with Hermit Park Bus Service as (34) 711 JPK..
singhs bus service MO9620.jpg
MO 962053 viewsSingh’s Bus Service, Lismore Renault/Austral Pacific "Starliner" in 2006. It was reregd 5428 MO before being sold to Quinn's Buses – Goolmangar.
scrivens kerang ARH843.jpg
ARH84342 viewsScrivens, Kerang Bedford SB3/PMCSA in 1988.
Saints Peakhurst coaches Mercedes OC1621 MO-8020.jpg
m/o 802033 viewsSaints Peakhurst Coaches Mercedes OC1621/Jakab which subsequently became (27) ER 4144 with Tasmanian Redline Coaches.
Saints coaches Peakhurst NSW Leyland Leopard MO-4941.jpg
m/o 4941119 viewsSaints Peakhurst Leyland Leopard/PMC Mark 1 ex Foleys ex UTA 3668 in 1996. That same side roof advertisement was on the bus with Foleys 12 years earlier.
Saints Coaches Bedford Vam70 MO-5561.jpg
m/o 5561166 viewsSaints, Peakhurst Bedford VAM70/Coachmaster in 1987.

Saints Coaches Bedford Vam70 MO-5410.jpg
m/o 5410163 viewsSaints, Peakhurst Bedford VAM70/Coachmaster in 1986.
Rover Motors 20 Leyland Leopard MO-899A.jpg
m/o 899117 viewsRover Motors (20) Leyland Leopard/PMC in 1990
102 CDV868 viewsFrom Rotherys of Rockhampton is this new Denning Phoenix. Photographed by Denair in Rotherys attractive livery.
Rockhampton City Council Leyland Atlantean  194-PRQ ex PTC 1169.jpg
194 PRQ127 viewsRockhampton City Council Leyland Atlantean/PMC ex UTA 1169 in 1987.
Roadcoach VWG969 MAN 24-420 Ansair Liverpool 100197x.jpg
VWG 969160 viewsRoadcoach MAN 24-420/Ansair at Liverpool 10/01/97.
IPC 100296 viewsRick Thege Ballarat Leyland Leopard/Freighter in 1988, ex Ventura (100) acquired 1971 and replaced by a new Leyland Leopard by 1981, ex Dept of Supply SA (Woomera Rocket Range) new in 1968.
Redbus 79 Isuzu LRT1-1I I MO-1066.jpg
MO 1066202 viewsThe Entrance Red Bus Service (79) Isuzu LT1/11P/CC in 1996.
Pye`s Bus Service Mitsubishi RXF-686.jpg
RXF 686107 viewsPye`s Bus Service, Gosford (10) Mitsubishi Canter, ex Victoria, in 1994.
Pye`s Bus Service Mitsubishi RXF-686 (2).jpg
RXF 686115 viewsPye`s Bus Service, Gosford (10) Mitsubishi Canter, ex Victoria, in 1998.
Pye`s Bus Service Mercedes MO-744.jpg
MO 744208 viewsPyes Coaches, Gosford Mercedes OC1621/CC in 1991
Pye`s Bus Service International MO-7645.jpg
MO 7645136 viewsPye’s Bus Service, Gosford International in 1998.
Pye`s Bus Service IBC MO-7695.jpg
MO 3695132 viewsPye’s Coach Service, Gosford (7) IBC/Nambucca in 1991.
Pye`s Bus Service Bedford Vam MO-120.jpg
MO 120144 viewsPye’s Bus Service, Gosford (10) Bedford VAM70/CC ex Glenorie, in 1998.
Pioneer Coaches Leyland Leopard MO-444.jpg
m/o 444324 viewsPioneer Coaches, Bexley Leyland Leopard/PMC in 1996.. It was ex Westbus, ex Calabro's. After Pioneer it was MO 4658 at Moruya , then sold for preservation in 2009.
MO 68451 viewsLachlan Coaches, Forbes (5) Bedford VAL/CC. This photo was entered in the Custom Coaches 2012 photo competition.
Osborns Muswellbrook Volvo B58 (Artic) MO-2316.jpg
MO 2316152 viewsOsborns Muswellbrook (146) Volvo B58/Volgren artic, ex Allways Bus & Coach, Kingsgrove m/o 732; ex South Western m/o 732 - Identical to Metro, Tasmania 701 class. It subsequently operated with Cumberland Coachlines, St Marys as AH06Un and then TV 5052.
AF65WL682 viewsThe latest Coach in the Ogdens of Wellington fleet is this Autobus/Autobus Countrylink coach photographed by Denair.
Neville`s Scania N113CRB.jpg
u/r141 viewsNeville’s Casula Scania N113CRB/Ansair Tasmania in 1992
Neville`s Scania N113CRB MO-8442.jpg
m/o 8442122 viewsNeville’s Casula Scania N113CRB/Ansair Tasmania in 1992 which subsequently became 613 DWO with Bus Queensland, Park Ridge..
Neville`s Scania N113CRB MO-8143.jpg
m/o 8143130 viewsNeville’s Casula Scania N113CRB/Ansair Tasmania in 1991.
Neville`s Scania N113CRB MO-440.jpg
m/o 440134 viewsNeville’s Casula Scania N113CRB/PMC in 1991.
TV 192137 viewsMurrays Coaches (507) Scania K93CRB/PMCA Apollo ex VJT 232. AOA for Rugby League - GO LIONS. Sold to Kanga Coachlines, Adelaide, SA in 2009. Seen here in JTB livery in 1995.
TV 192732 viewsMurrays Coaches (506) Scania K93CRB/PMCA Apollo ex VJK 589 in Mach Nippon Travel Agency livery in 1995. It was reregd 506 DEH and then TV 2527 before being sold to Victorian Touring Coaches.
TV 190135 viewsMurrays Coaches (505) Scania K93CRB/PMCA Apollo ex VJK 521, in JAL livery in 1997. It was reregd 606 RFN before being withdrawn in 2012.
TV 192630 viewsMurrays Coaches (503) Scania K93CRB/PMCA Apollo in Kintetsu International livery in 1995.It was withdrawn in 2011.
TV 192532 viewsMurrays Coaches (502) Scania K93CRB/PMCA Apollo in Mach Nippon Travel Agency livery in 1995. It became 5594AO before being withdrawn in 2009.
murphy macorna ASD053.jpg
ASD05347 viewsMurphy, Nacorna (via Kerang) Bedford SB3/PMCSA in 1988.
MTT 701 Volvo B10M GT-0549.jpg
GT 0549220 viewsMetro Tasmania Volvo B58 [Volgren] artic No.701 ex (737), ex (767) which was reregd MET 701 and later sold to Kingstons Bus Service, Tas.

MTT 615 Leyland National GT-7687.jpg
GT 7687334 views Metro Tasmania (625) Leyland National which finished its days as a caravan at Primrose Sands, Tas.
MO 310128 viewsLever Coaches Queanbeyan White All American Bus ex Quodling Bros. This fully imported White 798 44 passenger bus went into regular service between Queanbeyan and Canberra on March 4 1953 after having been trialled by the DGT in Sydney as m/o 2500.
MO 9alever.jpg
MO 932 viewsLever Coaches Queanbeyan Leyland Panther/Denning ex Quinces KVV 718.
m/o 219407 viewsMidshore Busways MAN SL200/CAC ex ACTION 502.
MO 185167 viewsMacphersons Walcha (10) Albion Viking AVK43-505/Denning photographed at Walcha depot in 1994.It was new to Border Coaches, Yeerongpilly, QLD as (18) PQR 586 (C45F). Sold.
MO 173056 viewsMacphersons Tamworth Denning Denair - GM 6v92tta photographed at Tamworth depot in 1994. It was ex Wollongong Coaches TV 594 via Auction 7/8/90; ex LLM 914 by 7/89. Sold to Alpine Allover Adventure Tours, Cooma as MO 1730; Subsequent disposal unknown.
Lyons Leeton N_S_W Bedford MO-7745.jpg
MO 7745177 viewsLyons, Leeton (2) Bedford in 1989, ex (29) Roberts Brisbane Water Coaches, Gosford NSW. Next went to somewhere in Victoria
MO 109217 viewsLorenz, South Grafton Scania F92HR-CKD/Nambucca ex N & C Kane, Casino MO 1092 with Grafton - Casino run. Sold to Northlander Pty Ltd 1/11 after having been reregd 5511MO.
MO 140617 viewsLindsay's Coach Service - Coffs Harbour Denning Landseer ex CB Skennar t/a Skennars Coachlines, Newstead, QLD CB 501. Sold to Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd t/a Pioneer Motor Service, South Nowra as MO 1406 27/10/96; then to B & K Coaches, Somersby as TV 2098, renumbered TV 526; then to Jonathans Coaches (Nathan King), Somersby as TV 526 -/07; then to Marulan Truck & Bus Pty Ltd, Marulan as TV 1529.
leopard QTD891.jpg
QTD891260 viewsEx St Ives Bus Service Leyland Leopard/CC m/o 5412 seen as a motor home in Korumburra 23/2/2012.
JJ Hill Wollongong N_S_W Leyland Lynx MO-7936.jpg
m/o 7936336 viewsJohn J Hill Leyland Lynx/PMC "Metro 90". Was built as a trial bus for the UTA in Sydney with Mercedes Mark V style body but after lengthy delays during the building stage, it never operated for the UTA/STA. Subsequently also carried this rego with Premier Illawarra..
CH0150246 viewsJohn Phillips ex MMTB (592) AT092 AEC Regal III at the end of the BCSV Sunday tour 14/10/2012.
9041AO236 viewsMelbourne Bus Link (441) Scania K280UB/Volgren CR228L seen on the BCSV Sunday tour 14/10/2012.

7959AO221 viewsSkybus (82) King Long/King Long "6900AU" seen on the BCSV Sunday tour 14/10/2012.
9026AO97 viewsSkybus (85) MAN 28.360/King Long "6180AU" seen on the BCSV Sunday tour 14/10/2012.
Various104 viewsA lineup of a Melbourne Airport Corporation bus with four Skybus units seen on the BCSV Sunday tour 14/10/2012.
8048AO100 viewsSkybus (83) MAN 18.280/King Long "6126AU" seen on the BCSV Sunday tour 14/10/2012.
5177AO121 viewsSkybus (65) Scania L94UB 14.5m/Volgren CR227L ex 3766AO, ex 0290AO, seen on the BCSV Sunday tour 14/10/2012.
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