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TV 7842264 viewsSydney Amazing Coach Tours Scania K112TR/PMCSA Apollo at Central 3/5/2015. It is ex Busway Pty Ltd t/a Gemini Tours, Campbellfield, VIC 1583 AC; ex AJ Quoyle t/a Coffs Harbour Day Tours Pty Ltd, Boambee TV 3549; ex AL Taskin t/a Bosfor Travel, Guildford BOS 404 (refronted to NCBC "Protege" body designs by Bosfor); ex Truemelt Pty Ltd t/a Roadcoach, Moss Vale TV 2796; ex TV 874 mid-2002; ex Neville's Bus Service Pty Ltd t/a Coachway, Casula TV 874.
m/o 1071 and m/o 1184678 viewsTwo ex Sydney Buses Leyland Atlantean/PMCs on the Atlanteans 25th Anniversary Tour on 16th May 2006.
m/o 1071 and m/o 1184579 viewsTwo ex Sydney Buses Leyland Atlantean/PMCs on the Atlanteans 25th Anniversary Tour on 16th May 2006.
m/o 1071 and m/o 1184601 viewsTwo ex Sydney Buses Leyland Atlanteans on the Atlanteans 25th Anniversary Tour on 16th May 2006.
21867H 89 viewsLeyland Atlantean ex Margins Bus Service, Denman MO 9577, ex UTA (1071) at Motorfest January 2009. Turning in the background is 3752, Leyland Leopard Mk I.
VXZ 565261 viewsTorrens Transit (1332) MAN NL202/PMCA 160 ex (222) VXZ 565 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A, in Hutt St 14/1/205.
WJM 986267 viewsTorrens Transit (1347) MAN NL202/PMCA 160 on the Anzac Highway 29/6/2011. It has since become (1347) with Light City Buses.
WJP 573257 viewsTorrens Transit (1611) MAN SL202 CNG/PMCA ex (1611) TA 1611 TransAdelaide, Adelaide, S.A.-ex (1611) STA 611 State Transport Authority, at Adelaide Airport 10/11/2014.
WJP 575317 viewsTorrens Transit (1613) MAN SL202 CNG/PMCA ex (1613) TA 1613 TransAdelaide, Adelaide, S.A.-ex (1613) STA 613 State Transport Authority, in Wayville 8/5/2014.
WJP 579226 viewsTorrens Transit (1617) MAN SL202 CNG/PMCA at Light Square 13/1/2015.
WJP 583191 viewsTorrens Transit (1621) MAN SL202 CNG/PMCA in Currie St 13/1/2015.
WJP 506205 viewsTorrens Transit (1624) MAN SL202 CNG/PMCA in Hindmarsh Square 14/1/2015.
WJP 541246 viewsTorrens Transit (1705) MAN 11.190 HOCL-NL/PMCA 160 at Pultney Sy 14/1/2015.
WJI 676207 viewsTorrens Transit (430) MAN SL202/PMCA 160 in Pultney St 14/1/2015
WJP 620230 viewsTorrens Transit (858) MAN SL202 CNG/PMCA ex (858) WJP 620 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.-ex (1658) TA 1658 TransAdelaide, Adelaide, S.A, in Pultney St, 14/1/205
WJP 626250 viewsTorrens Transit (864) MAN SL202 CNG/ PMCA ex (864) WJP 626 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.-ex (1664) TA 1664 TransAdelaide, At Adelaide Airport 10/11/2014.
WPE 429571 viewsLiverpool Catholic Club Hino BG100/PMC seen here near Bondi. It is ex MO 8955, Hilton, Dubbo, NSW.
TV 6670631 viewsTelford's Mercedes O405/PMCA "160" ex STA 3394 at Olympic Park.
TV 4541 721 viewsBankstown Coaches Volvo B58H/PMCSA ex Blue Mountains Explorer ex WJP 601 Torrens Transit, Adelaide seen herer at Olympic Park. Now including the name Bankstown Bus & Coach on the red livery.
MYTHOS728 viewsMythos Taverna Bar, Leichhardt Leyland Atlantean/PMC near Homebush Bay Wharf. It is ex YEY 922, ex Aussie Explorer - Internet Café, ex TV 2108 Kwans Motor Bus, Hoxton Park, ex MO 9304 Osbornes, Muswellbrook NSW, ex UTA 1047.
TV 5751 & 5748 MO1286 viewsHawkesford's Mercedes-Benz O305s in Cremorne. TV5751 is PMC bodied ex m/o 1921 20/9/08; ex STA Mk II 2278 while 5748 MO is a Coachworks rebody. It is ex Busways 5748 MO 7/6/11; ex MO 4190; ex King Bros (31) MO 4190, rebody of PMC 157 4/78 (rego & fleet number same prior to rebody); ex Forest Coach Lines Pty Ltd, Terrey Hills m/o 8479; ex STA Mk I 1922.
5025 MO343 viewsAustralian Luxury Travel, Bonnyrigg MAN 16.240/PMC 160 ex Buslines Group Pty Ltd t/a Ballina Buslines, Ballina (107) 5025 MO 20/12/13 (withdrawn by 2/13); ex MO 1471; ex (236).
m/o 4228202 viewsVeolia Transport (39) Hino RG197K/PMCSA ex Transit First / Westway (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (60) m/o 4228; ex Argent Kempsey (unused), in Liverpool 11/2/2011.
1443 MO149 viewsWestern Road Liners, Parkes (7) Hino AK176K/PMCA Commuter ex MO 4037, returning to the depot after a school service 2/9/2016.
1444 MO142 viewsWestern Road Liners, Parkes (8) Hino BD186K/PMCA Cadet ex MO 4044, returning to the depot after a school service 2/9/2016.
SB28BY213 viewsYorke Peninsula Coaches Scania K93CR/PMCA Apollo ex (516) TV 1961-ex VDK 983 Murrays Coaches, Australia., in King William St, Adelaide 14/1/2015
SB28BY229 viewsYorke Peninsula Coaches Scania K93CR/PMCA 'Apollo' in King William St 14/6/2013.
m/o 434373 viewsLiverpool Transport Bedford VAM70/PMC in 1985.
m/o 7640365 viewsLiverpool Transport Co Isuzu ECR570/PMC in 1991. It was sold to Burnett Nominees Pty Ltd, Alstonville as MO 4367, reregd 4630 MO before withdrawal in 2012 & sold for non-PSV in NSW.
m/o 4323383 viewsLiverpool Transport Bedford YMT3/PMC in 1988.
CYU 200328 viewsWestrans Altona (20) Elwood HFA-GM/PMCSA in 1995. It was reregd 4907AO and then sold to Unknown Buyer (Possibly sold to Dick White Bus Sales, Alstonville, N.S.W.).
000 BHM329 viewsWide Bay Tours, Maryborough Scania K112TRB/PMCSA.
m/o 54191903 viewsSt Ives Bus Service operated an immaculate fleet of Leylands and Hinos up until 1998 when services were sold to Forest Coach Lines. (9) m/o 5419 Leyland Leopard/PMC is seen at Pymble Station, about to commence a 584 service to St Ives Chase. It became a part of Forest's fleet before being sold to Grennan, Qld as 742 EVE. It was for sale on EBay 1/2012.
FUN 6802207 viewsTezza Party Bus FUN 680 was a common sight on the harbour bridge, operating its daily school run from Maroubra to Gleneaon School at Castle Cove. This bus is the last ex UTA Leopard with original bodywork running in service in Sydney. It is Leyland Leopard PSU3A/2R/PMC ex West Bankstown Bus Service m/o 7227; ex UTA 3885. Transferred to Oberon for storage 26/7/11; Advertised for sale on Gumtree 6/13.
0655AC1558 viewsMt Hotham use several ex STA Mercedes O305/PMCs on shuttles around the ski resort. Fleet number 5, 0655AC ex STA 2103, is seen at the resort in the height of the snow season 2005.
MO 58791424 viewsA Mercedes Benz OH1622 with a 1987 PMC body, prepares for afternoon school duties in Brilliant St Bathurst in Nov 2005. Jones Bros acquired it with the business of Bathurst Coaches. It previously operated for Shorelink & Deanes Coaches
MO 25351410 viewsKirklands of Lismore have operated Lismore route and school services for many years. Whilst now they operate a generally standardised fleet of Mercedes, Nissan and MAN vehicles, they once had a great variety of vehicles acquired with the businesses of many local operators. Mercedes O305/PMC MO 2535 came into the fleet when Kirklands took over the Lismore town services of Simes Brothers, ex Smekel's, Gold Coast, QLD 864 PNS. Since transferred to Shorelink where it became (46) m/o 8509. Then sold 3/11 to Beachwheels Coaches Pty Ltd, Beacon Hill still as m/o 8509.
m/o 7705168 viewsGlenorie Coaches (57) MAN 16.240 HOCL/PMC ex Dural Busways Pty Ltd, Kenthurst m/o 7705 1/4/88. Traded to Volvo (dlr) by 1/99, later loaned back from Volvo pending the delivery of 10 Volvo B10BLEs 12/01; Sold to ABM Coaches, Regency Park, SA as (20) WPW 630; Subsequent disposal unknown. Hayram photo from Denair collection.
MO 21462023 viewsKiama Coachlines uses former STA 2563 Mercedes O305G/PMC on shift number 14, an am/pm school run from Kiama Downs into Kiama schools. It replaced former MO 2146, a MAN SG192 with Goppel bodywork.
m/o 5745 229 viewsMetro West Bedford VAM70/PMC in 1991. It was ex Cumberland Bus Co Pty Ltd, Rydalmere m/o 5745 31/8/81; ex Heron Bus Lines (K Bradley), Hurstville m/o 5745 9/77; ex CA Leach & Sons, Hurstville m/o 5745 11/74. Scrapped 10/97 by North & Western Bus Lines.
m/o 999 235 viewsNorth & Western Bus Lines Hino RG197K/PMCA "Commuter" in 1993. It was ex m/o 3530 (plate swap with Bedford early-1994) - Delivered new to Rydalmere depot.It became STA (3550) m/o 999 - Plates remade as Olympics ‘share the spirit' blue and white plates mid-2000. Withdrawn 11/00 & stored at Leichardt - used during the 2001 Easter Show 4/01. Loaned to ACTION, ACT as BUS 161 8/01-10/01. Sold to Surfside Bus Lines, Gold Coast, QLD as (585) MO 5481 12/01 (converted to B53F) & renumbered 5251 MO.
MO 1797247 viewsPort Macquarie Bus Service Volvo B10M / PMCSA "Apollo". It was sold to Brims, Murwillumbah; then Sunstate; then Valley of the Lakes Coaches, Esk, QLD; then Purple Coaches, Morley, WA.
076 FGL371 viewsThompsons Strathpine (76) Leyland Leopard/PMC in 2000.
053 BWD361 viewsThompsons Strathpine (53) Leyland Tiger/PMC in 2000.
m/o 7518494 viewsHadfield’s Engadine Leyland Pacesetter/PMCNSW.
m/o 7665456 viewsHadfield’s Engadine Leyland Pacesetter/PMCNSW.
m/o 7836188 viewsHarbour City Coaches ?/PMC in 1989.
m/o 7421259 viewsHarbour City Coaches Leyland Leopard/PMC ex UTA 3793 in 1988. It subsequently went to Westbus.
m/o 5583250 viewsHarbour City Coaches Leyland Leopard/PMC ex UTA 3899 in 1988. It subsequently went to Westbus.
m/o 7848207 viewsHarbour City Coaches Bedford BLP2/PMC in Barrack Street, Sydney in 1988.
AZK524485 viewsGrenda's (46) AZK524 Bedford SB3/PMCSA in 1992.
MO 9193166 viewsShepherd, Moree Nissan RB30/PMC in 1993.
MO 2673153 viewsRae, Moree Hino AK176K/PMCA in 2003.
MO 5083147 viewsRae, Moree Bedford VAM3/PMC in 1990.
MO 8485425 viewsKallacher, Moree Bedford SB5/PMC in 1990
MO 8441408 viewsRose, Moree Nissan PRX102D/PMC on the Foxes Lane school run in 1990.
MO 0011432 viewsMoree Bus Service Isuzu ECR570/PMC in 1990. It was ex Katoomba Woodford Bus Service.
MXL 166170 viewsTransit Patrol Denning Denflex/PMCSA in 1991.
MXL 163206 viewsMXL 163 Melbourne Bus Link (982) Ambulance Bus Leyland Tiger/PMCSA in 1991. It was reregd 2131AO. Ex route service unit for Melbourne-Brighton Bus Lines, Elwood, Vic. (65) CAL065. Donated May 2006 to Hesse Rural Health Service, Rokewood, Vic.
m/o 6395187 viewsJohn J Hill, Wollongong Leyland Tiger/PMC in 1985.
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