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180 LYOveolia loganholme.jpg
180 LYO380 viewsVeolia Transdev (Capalaba) (622) Mercedes Benz O500LE/Bustech VST with AOA for Star Community Transport at Loganholme bus interchange 16 July 2013. Received from Derek Orford.
2006-02-15 10-51-09_0534.JPG
410 ITX877 viewsConnex Qld – now Veolia Transport as (310), is a Volvo B12BLE with Bustech VST body, photographed at Capalaba Interchange. Operators in Queensland are encouraged by the state government to purchase locally completed buses, as part of the Government's partial funding of new bus purchases.
233 IRC966 viewsConnex Qld Mercedes Benz OH1728L/Express which became (516) with Veolia.
193 ITX464 viewsSeen at Capalaba Bus Station, is this Connex Bustech bodied Volvo B12BLE then (312) with Veolia.
338 IVL588 viewsConnex Brisbane are taking delivery of a number of Volvo B12BLE/Bustech VST's. One of them is 338 IVL. It became (311) with Veolia.
322 GHK567 viewsConnex have acquired National Bus in Brisbane. Seen here is a Volvo B10BLE/CC CB60 crossing the Victoria Bridge, on a route 3 service, wearing Connex signwriting but still in National yellow livery. The operation was later renamed Veolia Transport where it became (319).
108 GUQ451 viewsConnex Brisbane 108GUQ is a Volvo B7RLE/CC 'CB60' acquired with the purchase of National Bus Co. It became (307) with Veolia.
593 ESV528 viewsConnex Brisbane 593ESV is a Volvo B10M/Autobus in gold paintwork - it previously operated services to Brisbane and Gold Coast casinos and had stickers and signwriting promoting such. It became (507) with Veolia.
595 ESV503 viewsConnex 595ESV is a Volvo B10M/Autobus in the National Bus Co red/yellow livery. It became (509) with Veolia.
268 LCW689 viewsVeolia Transport (350) Mercedes Benz O500LE/Bustech "VST" in Translink livery is doing a 250 service into the Brisbane CBD and is just leaving Cultural Center
546 CGO489 viewsNational 546 CGO is a PMC Commuter Hino RG197, seen entering Capalaba Bus Interchange, operating a Route 5 trip from Cleveland & Ormiston to Capalaba. It became (604) with Veolia Queensland.
579 ENA453 viewsNational 579 ENA MAN 16.290/Ansair returning to Capalaba Depot after operating a Route 1 City Service. Subsequently with Veolia Q as 613.

579 ENA864 viewsNational Bus Co Qld MAN 16.290/Ansair ex Defence Force at Redland Bay Road, Capalaba. Included in take over by Connex/Veolia Qld. It became (613) with the latter.
594 ESV1034 viewsNational Bus Co, Brisbane Volvo B10M/Autobus which has since become (522) at Veolia Transport, Brisbane.
190 ITX749 viewsVeolia Transport (formerly Connex) has begun rebranding its Brisbane fleet. 190.ITX is a Bustech VST bodied Volvo B12BLE and has lost its yellow front as part of the new corporate image.

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