Bus Australia Photo Gallery

0083SO248 viewsJimarnie Cricket Pty Ltd, Myrtleford Metrotec Delta 16.250 / Express ex PRL576; ex PRL576 Langdon, Myrtleford, in October 2007.
0648AO222 viewsWangaratta Coachlines (34) Scania K124EB/Coach Concepts seen in the back streets of Beechworth, en route to Bright, in October 2007.
1021AO505 viewsDriver / Gray Line (21) Denning Silver Phoenix.

1037 MO424 viewsBusways, Port Macquarie (176) MAN 16.240/Custom Coaches ex MO 5426, ex m/o 8188, seen here 7/2011. Sold to Kingsgrove Bus Service Pty Ltd t/a Casula Bus Service, Moorebank 9/8/14.
1145 MO148 viewsBilsborough, Bingara MAN 10.180/Austral Reg 5/8/10 ex JJ & KA Barton, Gympie, QLD 036 LEP; ex West's National Charter Coaches, Nambour, QLD 036 LEP; ex 08 WNC; ex SJ & TL Vella, Rosewood, QLD 272 HQZ; ex Brisbane City Council (BCC), Virginia, QLD (355) 355 BGH (B31D). Dereg 4/8/13 for sale.
1204 MO236 viewsBaldwin, Tocumwal MAN 10.155/Austral Pacific ex (1); ex MO 6264 1/10/08; ex McCormick, Mt Gambier, SA WZN 329; ex Torrens Transit, Adelaide, SA (1312) TA 1312.
1233 MO310 viewsEstens, Tooraweenah Volvo B6M/Custom Coaches ex MO 5963; ex BN & ME Cox, Gilgandra MO 5963; ex Busways Macarthur (152) MO 0067 by 2/95. Deregd 7/9/11 & sold to a driver for conversion to a motorhome (still stored at Crossroads, Tooraweenah 2/13).
1270 MO264 viewsNew England Coaches (Arandale) - Glen Innes Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 616CDI/Alan B. Denning ex TV 3564; ex Rover Motors Pty Ltd, Cessnock (M2) TV 3564 -/08; ex Carbridge Pty Ltd, Mascot 13/2/04. It was reregd 6955 MO before being sold to R Nolan, Glen Innes as 6955 MO 1/7/11. Shown here with a previous operating name By Bus.
1278 MO 198 viewsFlint's Bus Service - Glen Innes Mercedes-Benz Atego/Denning Manufacturing "Corsair" ex MO 6314.
1375 MO104 viewsLightning Ridge Outback Opal Tours MAN 18.280/King Long "6126AU". Sold to NRC Buses Pty Ltd, Lightning Ridge as 1375 MO 4/13.
1425 MO794 viewsWestern Road Liners, Parkes Hino RK260/CC "SB40" ex MO 6171 (reg 14/1/05) seen here in Forbes - Operated the CRA Copper Mine shuttle at Cobar from new until 6/09. It was replaced at Cobar by an ex LTD Rentals Rosa, Brisbane.

1461 MO170 viewsWestern Road Liners (2) Bedford BLP2 + Allison/Custom Coaches ex MO 7191; ex Harris Bus Lines (Pachuca Pty Ltd), Parkes MO 7191 1/5/06; ex MO 312, ex Harris Park Transport m/o 8295 - First reg 21/9/90. Dereg 4/6/12 for sale & sold for a motorhome at Nelligen 6/11/12.
1473 MO116 viewsDuncan’s Grawin Hino RG230/Volgren NZ ex MO 7296; ex Chris Perrin Pty Ltd, Walgett MO 7296 with Gingie Village & Namoi Village runs.
1552 MO109 viewsGlen Innes Bus Service Daewoo BH117L/ UBC-Chiron 3.
1670 MO160 viewsTinonee Bus Co (16) Mercedes-Benz OH1830L/Express.
1728 MO118 viewsMcMahon, Cobar & Moree Hino RN8J/ King Long "6126AU" x Warragul Bus Lines (Dineen Group), VIC 2044 AO
1794 MO249 viewsPenrith Bus Company, Werrington Hino CG277K (Allison)/Custom Coaches ex Harris Park m/o 8176. I believe this was the last bus Harris Park bus sold.
1820 MO261 viewsStill in the livery of its original owner, Stan Horrell of Wollongong, McLeod's Bus Service at Branxton operate this Volvo B6FA/Custom Coaches as a spare. It is ex MO 2064; ex John J.Hill, Wollongong m/o 6280; ex Horrell Wollongong.
1892 MO134 viewsLodge, Culcairn (18) Volvo B7RSA/Volgren SC222 ex (17).
1895 MO140 viewsMcInnes Bus Service, Albury Volvo B7R/Volgren SC221 ex MO 4324.
2042 MO114 viewsRobe, Coolah Hino BD190/Express ex MO 4855; ex AW & MC Hunter, Coolah MO 4855. It was sold to Grace, Coaches, Coolah with runs.
2092 MO237 viewsPrugger's of Coonabarabran operate one of the oldest Austral Tourmasters in NSW - it sees its way down to Sydney on charter only a few times a year. It is ex MO 8160; ex McWhirter, Coonabarabran MO 8160.
2099 MO106 viewsMcWhirter, Coonabarabran Hino CM277K/PMCA 160 ex MO 1990.
2221 MO388 viewsMarshall, Moruya. This Leyland Leopard/PMC rebody ex UTA Smithfield bodied 1614 started as m/o 7315 at Helensburgh Bus Service owned by Crossley, then became m/o 171 at Revesby Bus and Coach. It was reregd m/o 8674 before its sale to Moruya Bus Company where it operated under that rego before being reregd MO 3210, nicknamed Crossley. On 8/10/03 that was taken over by K & P Marshall – was reregd 2221 MO on 15/9/2008 and withdrawn by September 2009. For more detail see discussion board thread 59520.
2250 ST 803 viewsSydney Buses (2250) Alexander Dennis Enviro350H/CC CB80 which is on a Hybrid bus trial, on a route 440 trip to the City. First reported sighting of this bus in service. Photo by Ben O.
2359 MO322 viewsGerringong Buses Hino RG230/Custom Coaches "510" ex MO 4450
2385 MO506 viewsShoal Bus has the contract for local transfers to the Scout Jamboree. 2385 MO is a Mercedes-Benz OH1418 / Jakab ex MO 6617; ex MO 3198 ex Harrison's photographed at Cataract Park.

2488 ST735 viewsBrand new STA Scania K280UB/Custom Coaches “CB80” operating a 207 on Eastern Valley Way near Middle Cove.
2914 MO165 viewsCells Bus Service, Leeton BCI JXK6127AT/BCI.
2992 MO416 viewsAustralian Luxury Travel have purchased two MAN 16.240s from Northern Rivers Buslines (one for parts). 2992 MO with PMC 160 body was photographed at Strathfield on rail replacement two days before being renumbered TV 5323. It is ex Northern Rivers Buslines (Buslines Group Pty Ltd), Lismore (2) 2992 MO; ex MO 1470; ex (237).
3123 MO359 viewsPort Stephens Coaches (Newcastle Coaches subdivision) Mercedes-Benz O305G/PMC ex STA 2576 photographed at Glendale Sports Centre.
3140 MO640 viewsOrange Buslines (27) 3140 MO, a Volvo B7R / NCBC "Protege", the last vehicle delivered new to Selwood's who Orange took over in December 2009.

3164 MO470 viewsSelwoods, Orange Hino BD186R/PMC ex MO 4038 -13/05/09 Canobolas High School. During December Selwood sold their coaches to Australia Wide Coaches and bus services to the Buslines Group (Orange Buslines) where this became (20).
3370 MO179 viewsJeffery Buses – Armidale Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC ex AI & LJ Francis, Armidale 3370 MO 1/5/09; ex MO 1392; ex STA Mk I 1839 7/8/91. Deregd by 10/13.
3389 MO 166 viewsGeorge, Guyra Denning Denair - GM 6v92tta ex MO 1394; ex State Rail Authority (C5.8093) MO 9766.
3513 MO186 viewsCowra Bus Service Volvo B10M-5600/PMCSA ex MO 6182 7/11/08; ex Bathurst Coaches Pty Ltd MO 6182 10/04; ex Southlink, SA (2401) WJP 440 -/04; ex Transadelaide, SA (1436) TA 1436. Sold to The Purple Party Bus, WA 11/11, but broke down at Balranald & advertised for sale on Ebay as at 1/12.
3517 MO279 viewsCowra Bus Service (Thompson) owns this immaculate Leyland Leopard/PMC Progress which has operated in this livery in Cowra since being new to Thomas Bus Service, Cowra.
3565 MO430 viewsThe last Leyland in the Hunter Valley Buses fleet is this Leyland Tiger / PMC photographed in Maitland. It was ex (121); ex Blue Ribbon Bus Co. Pty Ltd, Thornton; ex Blue Ribbon Holdings Pty Ltd, Thornton 2/02; ex (M22); ex DP49F; ex Hunter Valley Coaches (Fogg & Lewis), Maitland MO 5202. Withdrawn by 12/11 and advertised for sale at Omnibus (dlr) 6/12; Sold to Belrose Bus Lines (Pritchard Management Pty Ltd), Dee Why 16/8/12 and then Ocena View Coaches, Cromer as TV 505.
3797 MO127 viewsGoode’s Coaches, Tumut Hino RG230/Autobus ex MO 5155.
3850 MO226 viewsUlladulla Bus Lines (4) ex MO 0228, a 1985, Mercedes Benz OC1617/Custom Coaches. It was sold to Ryan & Ryan WA in August 2012.
3948 MO390 viewsMakeham's Mercedes-Benz OC1617/CC at Gundagai High School. Ex MO 0232; ex Newcombe Coachlines Pty Ltd, Gloucester MO 0232. Sold by 11/10.
3951 MO219 viewsBusabout, Wagga Mercedes Benz O405/PMC Metro 90 ex Moorabbin Transit Pty Ltd, Cheltenham, VIC (502) 4502 AO 12/08; ex (2), ex OOZ 312; ex Quince's Scenicruisers, Oakleigh DKA 106. Sold to Buses 'R' Us, Salisbury South, SA as 3952 MO by 16/9/11, rereg SB35AS by 3/13; Resold to Murton Staff Pty Ltd, Broken Hill as (97).
3984 MO804 viewsBusabout Renault PR100.2/Ansair in Harden. Ex MO 6572; ex Fearnes, ex Action, Canberra, ACT (757) BUS 757 12/05. Sold to Betta Tours, Aldgate, SA 1/10.
3999 MO 772 viewsBusabout MCA - Cat 3208t / CC at Harden depot still in Fearnes livery. It is ex MO 0265 and was deregd 27/2/10 and transferred to Hawkesbury Valley Bus & Coach, Oakville for storage and sale 6/10. Sold for a motorhome on the Central Coast 5/11.
4000 MO948 viewsBusabout Mercedes-Benz O305/mca at Wagga depot. Rebody ex STA Mark II 2499, withdrawn 13/12/88 after an accident.
4019MO693 viewsBusabout Volvo B7R / Volgren at Wagga depot.
4047 MO962 viewsOne of two Mercedes-Benz 815DL/Custom Coaches CB20's at Hawkesbury Valley that have been repainted into TNSW colours. Believed to be the only two wheelchair accessible mini buses in service in Sydney. It is ex Murton Staff Pty Ltd, Broken Hill (MO10) 4047 MO 10/09; ex MO 5626.
4047 MO and m/o 750654 viewsHawkesbury Valley 4047 MO Mercedes-Benz 815DL ex Murton's, Broken Hill in TNSW livery & m/o 750 Mitsubishi FK41 at Wisemans Ferry on the Glenorie/Hawkesbury Valley Tour 30/10/2011.
4147 MO103 viewsForbes Buslines Hino RN8J/UBC-Chiron "CS120" ex 6389 MO; First reg 15/10/09 - 2009 Sydney Bus Show. Sold to Merv Hennock & Sons Pty Ltd, Forbes as 4147 MO c1/13.
4159 MO724 viewsNew for Hennock & Son, Forbes is this Hino RN8J with the new P&D front.

4162 MO173 viewsHaire – Boggabri Mercedes-Benz LO812/Custom Coaches ex MO 6223 by 2/09; ex GA & DP Golding, Boggabri MO 6223; ex Westbus m/o 8863.
4323 MO134 viewsEtheridge, Narrabri Hino AK176K/PMC Commuter ex MO 7931 9/08; ex Cobar Bus Service SDU 562 11/07. Sold to KA & VK Stubbs Pty Ltd, West Narrabri with Middle Creek run 10/09.
4340 MO134 viewsLowder & Sons Wee Waa & Narrabri Mercedes Benz 815D/Custom Coaches CB20 ex AF21WM. It was sold to Wolters Bus & Coach.
4343 MO114 viewsRoy, Narrabri Hino BD190/Express ex MO 4858; ex PA & JM Dwyer Bus Services Pty Ltd, Hay MO 4858 2/04; ex SJ Porter, Hay MO 4858.
4462 MO780 viewsYoung Hills replaced an ex Dineen Hino RG197K last year with this new Hino RN8J. It was photographed along with the other two Hinos in the fleet on the street outside their depot.

4494 MO and 4495 MO138 viewsLoader, Grenfell Mercedes-Benz OC1617/Custom Coaches. 4494 was sold by April 2013 while 4495 was sold locally for a motorhome by April 2012.
4720 MO109 viewsChegwyn, Manilla Mercedes-Benz 814D/MBS ex MO 4752; ex Yarrabah Coaches (G Crichton), Cairns, QLD 734 DGH.
4767 MO539 viewsPremier Illawarra Gong Shuttle BCI, ex MO 7941 at Wollongong University 15/11/2011.
4778 MO561 viewsPremier Illawarra MAN 18.280/Custom Coaches SB40, ex Nowra, ex ASH13HF seen here 15/11/2011, has signage for the University of Wollongong - Gwynneville / Keiraville shuttle service. It commenced in early 2010 as a trial service and successfully became a permanent route as of July 2010.
4807 MO120 viewsHogden Dunedoo Isuzu FSR/MBS Cityliner ex MO 9140; ex AP & PJ King, King Bros Bus Service Pty Ltd (302) MO 9140; ex Bulahdelah Bus Co Pty Ltd t/a Great Lakes Coaches, Bulahdelah MO 9140 1/02; ex BHP Steelworks, Port Kembla - First reg 5/96. Sold for a motorhome in Townsville, QLD late-2011. Seen here still with Great Lakes signwriting.
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