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m/o 8637851 viewsThis Baxters Csepel 613.05/Express is seen operating route 817 at Fairfield Station. This service passed (along with route 818) to Transit First on the 1st of January. And the bus which was displayed at 2001 Bus & Coach Show, was sold to Howard Murrurundi as MO 0999.
m/o 86751050 viewsBaxters Renault PR100.2/Ansair ex ACTION 753 is seen operating route 930 on the southern side Bankstown Station. This bus and Route passed to Transit First on the 1st of January and a couple of years later to Veolia Transport.
m/o 977718 viewsFrom Baxter's Bus Lines m/o 977 a Mercedes OH1416/CC is seen operating former Bustrans route 818. These services were with Baxter's for a relatively short period of time, before being passed to Transit First on 1/1/2005 where this bus became m/o 1050 and then to Veolia as (652) m/o 1050.
m/o 8258979 viewsOperating the last route 932 service from Bankstown for Baxter's Bus Lines is this Mercedes O305 Mk1/PMC ex STA (1899). This is one of the last Mk1 Mercedes operating route service in Sydney. This bus is ex Delwood and subsequently also operated with Westbus before going to Select Coaches.
AC15TQ926 viewsOn the Last day of Baxter's operations at Granville this Mercedes O400/CC ex m/o 132 is seen operating a route 902 service. This bus and Route passed to Connex on the 1st of January where the bus was reregd m/o 7421.
MO 53901070 viewsBusways have recently transferred these Mercedes O405/CC "510"'s from their North Coast operations. 529 a former Kings Bros Group bus, is seen at Wollongong Station about to commence an 890 service to Campbelltown.
322 GHK636 viewsConnex have acquired National Bus in Brisbane. Seen here is a Volvo B10BLE/CC CB60 crossing the Victoria Bridge, on a route 3 service, wearing Connex signwriting but still in National yellow livery. The operation was later renamed Veolia Transport where it became (319).
m/o 8276981 viewsFrom Forest Coachlines is this Volvo B12BLE/Bustech VST.
m/o 7529911 viewsFrom Glenorie Bus Company (Hillsbus) is this Volvo B10M/CC 516 seen operating a route 638 service from Carlingford High School.
m/o 6206756 viewsGreens own this Hino RG230/Autobus, photographed outside their depot at Helensburgh.
m/o 1010857 viewsFrom the Hillsbus/Glenorie Bus fleet, is this Volvo B10M/CC ex m/o 4401 operating a former Harris Park service. Despite showing 628 Epping Station, this bus was actually heading to North Carlingford.
m/o 7205953 viewsOperating an AM Peak service is this Hillsbus (still showing Westbus on the desto) Volvo B10M Mk1/CC in Ray Road at Epping on an ex Harris Park route.
m/o 7694804 viewsFrom Hillsbus is this Mercedes O405/CC 510 operating route 626 to Cherrybrook, on Purchase Road.
m/o 8199494 viewsConcluding over 70 years of service to the People of Sydney, Hino RG197K/CC makes the final departure for Harris Park Transport from Epping, before terminating at North Rocks Depot. Sold to Hughes, Mullumbimby as MO 6568.
m/o 8706792 viewsOn the Last Day of service Harris Park Transport m/o 8706 makes its final journey to Beecroft, terminating at Beecroft, before heading to the depot. This is a Hino RG197K/CC Mk 288. The bus was sold to Punchbowl Bus Co as m/o 9029 where it lost the bullbar
m/o 8708754 viewsHarris Park Transport ceased operating route service on the 21st of December 2004. Seen here in the final week of service is Hino RG197K/CC Mk288 operating a route 626 to Cherrybrook, at Pennant Hills. The bus was sold to Punchbowl Bus Co as m/o 9028 where it lost its bullbar
TV 1811408 viewsShadows Hunter region Wine Country Tours ex Kowloon AEC Regent 5 Double Decker. Still in the Hunter Valley unregd 6/2010. Believed to be one of only 3 left in the world.
m/o 8032873 viewsHillsbus Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches still in Glenorie lIvery on ex Harris Park route 626.
m/o 7004790 viewsHillsbus Volvo B10M Mk I/CC seen on ex Harris Park route 625. Bus since sold to Shannon's Bus & Motor Homes, Kenwick, WA for conversion to a motorhome
m/o 798792 viewsHillsbus Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches still in Glenorie lIvery on ex Harris Park route 629.
m/o 007653 viewsOperating the former Moores Tours route 954 is Punchbowl MAN 10.155/PMC at Hurstville Grove.
m/o 7658734 viewsUp until the 21st of December 2004 the Kyle Bay/Connells Point route, was the last remaining bus route in Sydney still with it's original route number. On the 22nd of December Punchbowl took over this former Harris Park Transport run, and renumbered it route 953. Seen here is a Scania L113CRL/CC CB60 operating an Inbound trip on Connells Point Road.
XCP 744958 viewsRecent deliveries to the Adelaide Metro system are these Scania L94UA's with Custom Coaches CB60 Combo bodies. This is a unit for Serco and later Torrens Transit, given fleet number 950.
m/o 1555683 viewsA very recent delivery to State Transit is this Volvo B12BLE/CC CB60. Photographed at Wynyard Park.
HOOKES1346 viewsThe First Scania L94UA/Custom Coaches 'CB60 Combo' Artic, number 1001 for Torrens Transit, also wears a special Livery for the David Hookes Foundation, with matching Rego Plates (HOOKES). Subsequently reregd SB85AS.
5561AO761 viewsNew for Ventura are these Scania L94UB/CC CB60"MAX". These buses are short wheel base (approx 11.7m) while achieving maximum seating capacity. Here shown is fleet no 55 which was later changed to 880.

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