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Adam Peters photos.
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Adam Stevens photos

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Colin Gray Photos

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Photos from the late Colin Gray.
Photos uploaded during 2012 and earlier and also 2 BCC photos uploaded in 2013 were from the Leon Batman collection.
Other photos uploaded during 2013 are from the Colin Gray collection and scanned by Leon Batman during 2013.
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GM Photos

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Random files - Gunzel Photos
PFT 37893 viewsBrisbane Transport (416) Leyland Panther/Hedges (not Denning as shown on the photo). Eric Walsh photo.
img817 - TNT Harbourlink Monorail c_1992.jpg
?51 viewsTNT Harbourlink Monorail c.1992.
MO 17143 viewsMurrays Bedford back in the days when they ran a few school services in the Queanbeyan area.
MET SL200 [Ansair] Lineup @ Footscray depot c_1989.jpg
Lineup.114 viewsLineup of Met, Melbourne) MAN SL200’s/Ansair at Footscray depot c July 1989.
m/o 540044 viewsSydney Coachlines Bedford BLP2/Custom Coaches repowered with a Leyland 400 engine. It is ex MO 8725; ex RH Ison, Wardell. Seen in January 2009.
m/o 7860217 viewsHawkesbury Valley Bus Service Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3R/Custom Coaches. Transferred -/00 to Surfside Bus Lines, Tweed Heads as (509) m/o 7860 - Converted to RSB70F and since withdrawn.
TV 59670 viewsPykes imported Bedford Vam70 with Van Hool 40 seater bodywork of 1969. Photo taken around 1973 or 1974. In the background is their TV550 which was an imported Vam70 with Duple Viceroy (relying on memory re body style name) of 1968 vintage. Pykes had 5 Vams with Van Hool bodywork. Centralian photo.
img647 - Ansair Scenicruiser FSL-954 @ Barratt Reserve, West Beach c_2001.jpg
FSL 954118 viewsAnsair Scenicruiser at Barratt Reserve, West Beach c.2001.

Last additions - Gunzel Photos
m/o 62155 viewsHill’s Highway Tours Leyland Royal Tiger Cub/Comair body of 1961 – New to Hill’s. Centralian photo.Sep 26, 2017
img078 - Ansair Mercedes Benz OH1316 Lovells Coaches [ED 4429] - [ex Metro 202] @ Snug c_2005.jpg
ED 44294 viewsLovell’s Coaches, Tasmania Mercedes OH1316/Ansair ex Metro (202), at Snug c 2005.Sep 26, 2017
img079 - Ansair Mercedes-Benz OH1316 Lovell's Coaches [EO 4635] @ Sandy Bay.jpg
EO 46354 viewsLovell’s Coaches, Tasmania Mercedes OH1316/Ansair at Sandy Bay.Sep 26, 2017
0624AC4 viewsCardwell’s, Numurkah Metrotec Delta/Express in 2003.Sep 26, 2017
m/o 62147 viewsHill’s Highway Tours Leyland Tiger Cub/Custom Coaches of around 1963. Centralian photo.Sep 25, 2017
img081 - Ansair Mercedes-Benz OH1316 Lovell's Coaches [FA 8854] @ North Hobart Oval.jpg
FA 88548 viewsLovell’s Coaches, Tasmania Mercedes OH1316/Ansair at North Hobart Oval.Sep 25, 2017
MO 23979 viewsStiff, Cowra Mercedes OH1418/MBS on a school service in 2003.Sep 25, 2017
Ex m/o 00214 viewsEx Cumberland Coaches, ex Stone Bros Commer/Stone Bros repowered by GM, abandoned on the side of the Great Western Highway at Mt Druitt in 2007 or earlier.Sep 24, 2017