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Howick and Eastern 237 Scania K280UB6x2LB 25th Nov 2010.JPG
FAW4643 viewsHowick and Eastern #237 Scania K280UB6x2LB with Kiwi Bus Builders bodywork seen at Commerce St. Auckland Nov 2010
ENU732545 viewsValley Flyer 1012 at Eastbourne
Yarra 2068154 viewsYarra Trams B2 (2068) in one of its Save Water AOA’s.
North Star 1879 Nissan Scorpian 22 Jan 2009.JPG
WR2862569 viewsNZ Bus 1879 Nissan Diesel SBR180 Scorpion with Fairfax Industries bodywork, photographed on 22nd Jan 2009 at Beaumont Street, Central Auckland. #1879 operates under the North Star brand.
Yarra 164170 viewsYarra Trams Z3 (164) in AOA livery.
Yarra 56199 viewsYarra Trams Z1 (56) in a fresh coat of white paint on St.Kilda Rd. University bound.
Ritchies 430 Mercedes Benz O 305 15th Jan 2010 (2).JPG
SG6786452 viewsRitchies #430 Mercedes Benz O 305 with New Zealand Motor Bodies bodywork, photographed on the 15th Jan 2010 at New Lynn Bus Station in West Auckland. This bus is on rail bus duties for the Western line.
Tranzit Coachlines 1106 Scania K113TRB AA 8th Mar 2010 (2).JPG
BLP203483 viewsTranzit Coachlines #1106 Scania K113TRB AA with Auto Coach bodywork, photographed on 8th Mar 2010 on Cameron Road, Tauranga. #1106 operates under the Pacific Tourways brand. This coach was imported into New Zealand in July 2003.

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BCZ82868 viewsSaint Coachlines of Albany Mercedes Benz O 303/Denning Majestic at Skycit Auckland Feb 2010. Ex Transit Regency Coaches 26, ex (22) TV 2301-ex 673 BUI-ex TV 044 Australian Pacific, Wangaratta, Vic.
Jan 25, 2018
Go Bus Transport 5036.jpg
KNM52174 viewsGo Bus Transport 5036 Volvo B7RLE/GBV NZ bodywork in Busit green livery at Hamilton Jan 2018.Jan 24, 2018
Go Bus Transport 3804 MAN 18_2907.JPG
KKT90775 views Go Bus Transport 3804 MAN 18.290/GBV NZ bodywork in Busit/blue livery at Hamilton Nov 2017Jan 24, 2018
Ritchies Murphy Transport Solutions 9032.jpg
KAZ33274 viewsRitchies Murphy Transport Solutions 9032 Scania K320UB6/BCI seen in AT Metro livery at Papakura Jan 2018.Jan 24, 2018
SkyBus Auckland 124.JPG
KTP2488 viewsSkybus Auckland #124 MAN ND323F with Bustech bodywork in Central Auckland Jan 2018Jan 24, 2018
?83 viewsAnd you thought you had seen everything.Aug 27, 2017
Yarra 211171 viewsYarra Trams (2111) B2 class on Grand Prix shuttles in advert livery for 7-11 Slurpee in 2005.Jun 12, 2017
MO 365?136 viewsBartlett’s, Narooma REO used on the run from Narooma to Bomaderry. They were bought out by Harrison in 1961. Photo from Greg Watts.Jan 14, 2016